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Tags : | Hip Hop | 7.96 MB | Featured
Description : Rhymes In All Seasons Demo Ft Khlasickbeats and Doomgotbeats - Here's something I just started messing around. There are two different beats on this one and they are from Khlasickbeats http://www.looperman.com/users/profile/317381 - and Doomgotbeats http://www.looperman.com/users/profile/203625 - The track is a demo of what's to come. I recorded this in my Shure 58 mic. So I don't if I'm going to keep this recording or redo it on my better mic. I did make a video for this one too. Here's the link if you wanted to check it out - https://youtu.be/_fp_C7XShYE - Check out Striking Daggers at https://strikingdaggers.bandcamp.com for more Underground Hip-Hop!
Tags : | Rock | 4.34 MB | Featured
Description : Having fun singing one of my favorite songs of all time. (When The Smoke Is Going Down) By The Scorpions Thanks for taking the time to listen to it. =)
Description : Appreciate any comment especially on vocals and recording itself - thanks
Tags : | Blues | 8.15 MB | Featured
Description : Blues Rock!!!! It is time for a change around this place!
Tags : | Country | 3.89 MB | Featured
Description : Instrumental by Brado Sanz. Vocals by AustinMusic. This is my first upload here, and its a pleasure to present a merging of two great talents. All I did was transpose, sync the vocals and do a quick mixdown. Sorry, no downloads until both give permission.
Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.17 MB | Featured
Description : I took a rap acapella from Steel City Red and spliced and cut it and created this hip hop track to go with it. Credit to lankframpard for his loop. Great loop man! :)
Description : Greetings my funkadelic beat junkies. Its been Quite awhile since i've posted a track..i've been travelling all round this great big world trying to spread the word of the resistance to as many DnB loving bassheads i could find. This new track is one thats gone over really well in a large venue but i've held off putting it online until i could get home and post it here first, Looperman is after-all my first online fam and will always be. This track isnt as aggressive as my last few BUT i do think its one of my best so far. I hope you like it and i'm looking forward to see your reactions as well as any feedback you might have, so PLEASE comment. I have one more track ready for you but we'll see what you think of this one first. Peace DJ Swindla aka Mike
Tags : | Acoustic | 2.58 MB | Featured
Description : (The undefeated Evisma the great, unlocks yet another seal Goblin) (But can he win the final round) (Whoever defeats Evisma in this round, will unlock a bonus round. A fight to the death, winner takes all. (No clues given) (Riddle) When set freely It flies away, unsuspectingly destructive depending on the person. What Am I?
Tags : | Blues | 11.59 MB | Featured
Description : This is my talented friend Pat`s music...I just added the guitar..PDMuzak is here if you want to hear some more. http://www.looperman.com/tracks?page=1&;mid=PDMuzak&dir=d This wasn`t a sad funeral...the old boy was way past due and cashed it in while doing the limbo with some Jamaican girls on the beach..He did leave enough rum for all of us to party him off into the sunset.... My thanks to Pat....we have done several "Just for fun" collabs this past Winter but not posted any till this one...This is an unmastered version and all the tracks were played/recorded in real time...
Tags : | Dance | 5.09 MB | Featured
Description : A change of direction for me. Although I have always made lots of different genre tracks over my 10-11 year arranging career I have predominantly become known for Funk. This is a dance track and I've used the vocals of a very talented singer called Leanne Brown. Her vocal pack is available from Loopmasters.
Tags : | Dance | 7.44 MB | Featured
Description : Another collab work with maestro Tumbleweed is here. It's a bit special this time in multiple ways. I guess this is the very first time when I didn't use any of my usual instrumentation when collabs are in question. As you probably know I'm talking about strings and piano. No matter how you prick up your ears you won't find them here. Instead , you will be witnessing the bold move of mine, which was simply joining Ed in his otherwise "untouchable" teritory....playing guitars, Yes you got that right..:) By untouchable I mean his most high standards he sets with playing his tour de force instruments. I'm just a humble servant here, playing mostly melody lines (plus some embelishments) which I composed for this piece. It's also the first time when music comes very close to a dancing style of music....this time in classical spanish/latino fashion, but not exclusively...there will be always mixed ingredients when a naughty lad like me is on board. In spite of phletora of acoustic guitars this might sound pretty minimalistic and I hope it's for the better. My sincere and special thanks to Ed for letting me contribute this way on yet another exciting journey.
Tags : | Electronic | 8.72 MB | Featured
Description : UPDATE: removed some percussion ala Static nomads advice, Some small tweakings of the mix. So this songs chorus is from 30 years ago. It has a huge eighties feel and was fun to re-arrange.
Tags : | Cinematic | 9.58 MB | Featured
Description : feat Esthera loredana . any type of comment is wellcome .
Description : My first track here and first trip into trip-hop. I hope you enjoy, it's unfinished, they always are! The piano was played by myself using Edirol's Orchestral, same with trinky synth. I programmed the drums & sub.
Description : Little mix of Can i have it like that from Pharrell ... thanks for listening and let me know what you think ;-)
Description : 96bpm.. Got high, made this... My god... I've tried a lot of new methods with this... I've put my sounds through a DBX 1231 EQ and Behringer Composer Pro (A dual channel compressor), vsts cannot compare, I'm hooked. I've also applied what I've learned in recording & mixing live instuments to my production process.. I want bigger, harder hitting lows.. I think this one is on it's way to achieving that.
Description : 8 bit SYNTH vs VOCALOID. It took me a while before uploading this, hope you like.
Description : First half of my new track. The more I listen to it, the more I hate it... I feel like I can get this track where I want to if I keep working at it though... Oh well! Enjoy what I have so far! Help in identifying the genre of this track would be appreciated. =)
Description : donnieOzone
Tracks 21 - 39 of 39
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