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Tags : | Electro | 9.08 MB | Featured
Description : New Electro Dance Track ! Hope u like it and enjoy !
Tags : | Weird | 5.32 MB | Featured
Description : kinda soundtrack song
Description : Migos,Lil Uzi Vert Type Track,please link me to track if used all i ask is to be credited under ze3.... SUB https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa-8P77uQjSrXHnJ4V8PkrQ FOLLOW https://soundcloud.com/ze3-beatz
Description : We been grindin... suicidin'
Description : I'm back at once again. Will be deleting more of my older tracks to make room for new material . Enjoy your Eazy listening :)
Tags : | Rock | 13.15 MB | Featured
Description : Lost all my stems a year ago due to PC crash. Drums could have been more prominent, guitars could have been less brittle, and I could have added my vocals in the mix. Oh well, you live and learn. I might redo this song with vocals added down the road. Mix only, nor mastered. Hope ya like :) Pete Pete
Tags : | House | 9.73 MB | Featured
Description : 1st song completed in over a year ... took time of from the grind to work on other productions. Tapping into the despair button to bring out this hopefully catchy tune... post comments if you like and I will return the goodness Currently unmastered - just testing the overall mix levels thru many talented ears before this gets final tweeks or adjustments.
Tags : | Hip Hop | 9.19 MB | Featured
Description : We have been seeking an artist for this old fashioned remixed beat ..careless whispers , in collabs with the Hexx Crew from rochester new york. we tried several artist but none would make the cut. reggaetonkingz once again has made it real . we dont play with musc .. we seek real artist . for that young canadian lady whom i tried to help this is what i dooo .. i hope you guys like it leave a comment .
Tags : | Weird | 6.37 MB | Featured
Description : inspired by art of Susana Boettner which reminds me of the three kings story of this time of year. three motives in the track vaguely allude to three characters, sometimes in monologue, sometimes dialogue. http://www.susanaboettner.com/losvisitantes/05.jpg Genre is always tricky and I don't know genres very well so I usually go with weird. But I think I write in an orchestral style, albeit I have mostly abandoned traditional orchestral instruments. The track is loosely cinematic, insofar as it describes a journey, with mystery, adventure, celebration along the way.
Tags : | Breakbeat | 17.12 MB | Featured
Description : So This is Melodic Dreamers Big House tune "The Aftershow" www.looperman.com/tracks/detail/182519 Turned on it's head in a retro breakbeat style. He was kind enough to provide the stems and I decided I don't like Big house, but I do like Break beat. So let me know did I make it better or did I ruin a good thing?
Description : My latest track! I hope you enjoy, Inspired by Martin Jensen. I wanted to use vocals for this track, but I couldn't find any to fit the song. If you want, you can make some vocals for me and you'll get ft. on my track :) Please send them to workwithenzo@gmail.com!
Tags : | Pop | 8.79 MB | Featured
Description : magix and ableton loops and lyrics NOT TO SURE WHAT GENRE I SHOULD REALLY PUT THIS UNDER ???
Tags : | Electronic | 3.82 MB | Featured
Description : Guys,Dreams have always been one of the prevailing enigmas of humanity.This track is a journey of a dream.This is track 4 of Dream album. I hope everyone to a beautiful Dream.
Description : Mashup of Adele's "Hello" and gnash's "i hate u, i love u" https://soundcloud.com/chefandthc/hello-ihu
Description : If rhymes were drugs. Download the full EP: https://nepaul.bandcamp.com/album/rmnp
Tags : | Pop | 10.08 MB | Featured
Description : I'm not a madonna fan at all, but I can appreciate a well written song and I always had a soft spot for this track. So I tuned everything down half a step (so I can try to sing it). Then I cut out part of the second verse ("love is a bird and she needs to fly...") because a shorter refrain before the next chorus works in my arrangement. Then I just went mad with it. Enjoy and let me know what you think.
Tags : | Folk | 2.21 MB | Featured
Description : 3 string electric cigar box guitar. Quick improv jam for Upwelling of melted ice pic https://www.midisparksartsales.com/project/melted-ice/ Don't forget to join the fun with your own music and vote for your fav :D
Tags : | Electronic | 5.21 MB | Featured
Description : Here's my latest track, big room style. Hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think, especially about the chord progression. If you want to take a shot at mixing and mastering this song, remixing it, or if you want the flp to see how I made it, you can check this link where I posted the stems and flp. http://www.looperman.com/forum/thread/185872/rermix-stems-for-the-aftershow-by-melodic-dreamer Also, it would mean the world to me if you supported me on youtube, thanks! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gm8JVVm4XSo
Tags : | House | 4.02 MB | Featured
Description : I stumbled upon these amazing vocals provided by Foulds (sung by Thomas Daniel, nice voice) and decided to make a sort of mainstream house remix out of it. I really cranked up the automations for this one, not sure if I overdid it. Please let me know in the comments, any form of feedback is appreciated.
Description : This is the first track of my quickie track training (making a track as fast as possible with quality standards). Hope you guys enjoy this dubstep remix! I enjoyed making this because it made me think a lot of patterns and other rhythmic arps. I love the vocals btw Cheers!
Tracks 1 - 20 of 45
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