Description : Latest Spivkurl track here, containing many different recent themes. A little bit of psychedelic organostep, maybe? Has the first released recordings from my latest instrument Bias Machine, which is a manual magnetic tape based performance sampler. Also some data bending, Suzuki Omnichord, Korg Montribe, and Yamaha YS-200 in here. Even my cat had her influence... Please enjoy the listen and download!

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  1. jamid
    jamid on Thu 16th Feb 2017 - 6 days ago
    Wow wow
    Hello Spiv,
    I think you've done a wonderful job here.
    Your voice is really captivating and fit well within the composition.
    Really a great job my friend.
    Well done.
    Reply by Spivkurl Jamid, I must thank you for consistently being there to listen and support my continued work! You also seem to be an integral part of Looperman in recent times, and that is something else to be proud of! There are a few people on here whom I like to think of as "Spivkurl fans," and you are definitely one of them. The more I listen to this, the more I hear some bipolar tendencies... I guess that's okay, I'll just add it to the list! Thank you my friend!
  2. toastedavalanche
    toastedavalanche on Thu 16th Feb 2017 - 1 week ago
    Wow. This track is impressive. Sounds insane the first time you listen to it, but it's complexity shines on repeated listens. I especially love your vocal performance. Like the composition it shifts and slides around (through it's pitch and through panning). It's quite easy to believe that the narrator is lost again, because everything keeps changing, even himself. Obviously that is just my interpretation. But it's cool that the track made me engage with it.

    Reply by Spivkurl Thank you my friend! "Sounds insane the first time you listen to it, but it's complexity shines on repeated listens." This part of your comment made me think deeper on how people interact with me in my "everyday" life. As if only those who have interacted with me regularly in the past can understand how I react to things. Possibly this is part of my recent legal issue. The vocals took a bit of practice, and with the tempo of them it was difficult to give the song a good length. There was definitely a bunch of different influences to the vocal/lyrical aspect. Getting "lost again" was a primarily external issue, and is a very positive aspect of the idea. It was celebratory, in a way, as I have been charged with three crimes in the past four years, and have avoided trial or real punishment in all cases. I always appreciate hearing other people's interpretations, especially in my lyrical work... this is part of what is so valuable about the looperman community! I'm happy that you listened and enjoyed! Thank you!
  3. kingmadi
    kingmadi on Thu 16th Feb 2017 - 1 week ago
    Woah this is so fun to listen to. Sooo abstract. I could listen to this a billion times and find something new each time! Nice work. :)
    Reply by Spivkurl Thank you for listening to this, and for leaving your equally fun comment! It's interesting, I never really thought of this as abstract... possibly it is a reaction to the lyrics, maybe not. Happy that you feel that it merits further listening. Thank you so much!
  4. ladyinred
    ladyinred on Tue 14th Feb 2017 - 1 week ago
    by the way , is it you singing ?!
    Reply by Spivkurl Oh yes, it surely is. Thank you for the comments! I will get back to the other one soon, and then return the favor!
  5. ladyinred
    ladyinred on Mon 13th Feb 2017 - 1 week ago
    Hey spiv it's uinque and creative as usual of your works .

    I like the way you think about music .

    Elena :)
    Reply by Spivkurl Thank you Elena for the nice comment! It seems that a lot of people only notice the strangeness, as opposed to the extreme levels of contemplation and research which lead to my songs. I'm happy that you can see through that a bit! Often I get a lot of resistance when trying to explain my musical thought process, or I get retorts such as "you obviously don't know anything about synthesizers," or "this is intentional due to this or that genre." It seems silly, but people can think what they want. I appreciate you listening a couple times!
  6. promenade2239
    promenade2239 on Sun 12th Feb 2017 - 1 week ago
    I love female sounding sample you incorporated to those first beats of a song - at least this is how it sounds to me: serious and real. Politics and stuff discussed - a real song! At 0:47 I can recognize wonderfully ringing Omnichord in the backgroud when melodic treated voice is in foreground. High - Low, Dense - Transparent - a kind of extraposition happening. Cool. 1:40 is more breathy. Fine mixing of sound. 1:54 there is an apparently simple melody, I like it a lot.
    Reply by Spivkurl Thank you for visiting my page again in recent days! You are right, this is serious and real - as are most things going on within and without lately. Then again, things are getting to the point where nothing is okay, no matter what choices I make. It's hard feeling this way, but at least music can help me keep going. The omnichord fit in really well to make that section happen, and I'm glad that you could "pick it out." The term "melodic treated voice" had me wondering - to me it suggested some sort of use of pitch shifting or correction on the vocals. There definitely was none of that. Possibly you mean something very different from this though. The idea of extraposition was one which I had to look up, and I found it very interesting and appropriate for the lyrics. The "breathy" aspect of that last vocal section was most likely due to sheer exhaustion... performing this many words in such a short song was a bit trying. The simple melody was played on the Yamaha YS200, in an effort to make a short solo phrase which would give a contrast to what had come before. Seemed to work okay, especially with the odd modulation which trails of on the last note. Thank you very much for listening my friend!
  7. starpyro
    starpyro on Sun 12th Feb 2017 - 1 week ago
    Reply by Spivkurl You are correct, it is. However, from this comment, I cannot tell if you simply do not have a grasp of language, or if you are simply using my track to bump yours. Either way, try to put a bit more thought into things in the future. Thank you.
  8. CitizenMofo
    CitizenMofo on Sun 12th Feb 2017 - 1 week ago
    I love this strange weird track. I love the strange weird singing. I love the strange weird music. I love your strange weird style. Please keep being strange and weird.
    Reply by Spivkurl I don't think that I can avoid the traits which you speak of, and yet, I can't help but feel that it is others who are strange and weird (music aside). Can these things truly be a "majority rules" attribute? I look around at the people I see, and I think "how can you live like this?" In a similar fashion, I look at much of the recent popular music, and think "why bother?" Maybe these things on their own make me strange or weird. Either way, I appreciate your listen, and the feedback! Thanks!
  9. Orlando51
    Orlando51 on Sat 11th Feb 2017 - 1 week ago
    Oh, no no my friend...who will believe you? You obviously didn't get lost
    as title would suggest. You're still more than well on the track with your usual inventiveness and creativity! I'm a huge admirer of your "a bit off the wall" style and thank god you're always true to it. Faving this is a must !:)

    With admiration_____Orlando
    Reply by Spivkurl Hey Orlando! Thank you for having a listen to this one! Your reaction to the title is entertaining to me, due to the underlying idea behind those words... I did in fact get lost again, but maybe not in the way that it could be assumed. Mostly it refers to being "lost" by the court system again. A third citation, in a period of four years, from which I could avoid trial or serious consequences. Luck of the Irie strikes again, I suppose. I'm always found in more pure form when the satisfaction is present, or the lack thereof. Thanks for the kindness... I'd rather be "off the wall" than hanging ON IT. Appreciate the fave my friend!
  10. KometBeing
    KometBeing on Sat 11th Feb 2017 - 1 week ago
    fun stuff!
    thanks for keeping on w/yer music
    Reply by Spivkurl Thank you for taking a listen! I have no choice in the matter it seems. Have to keep expressing myself in ways that are still legal. Appreciate it!

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Corporate recovery means
Demons in the government
The crops they are a hoverin
The families are sufferin
Everyone is sufferin
Everyone is sufferin
Everyone is nothing
Everyone is government

Seperate from these things
Tired of all the pain it brings
It penetrates and it stings

I got lost again
I got lost again

I just don't know you any more
Don't know you any more
Never hope for what's in store
Just a mouse amongst your hoard
I'm left hanging from this cord
On your towers in the sky
Towers in the sky
Inside your powers that deny
Can't keep living in disguise
I will cut you down to size

If only love wasn't filed
Underneath the underwear
We'd be discoverin
We wouldn't be sufferin
We'd be lovin
and discoverin
And we wouldn't
need eachother

I can't control you anymore
Control you anymore
Didn't know you were this poor
and your disappointing score
I'm a storm without a port
I'm your shower in the night
shower in the night
To the lovers in the fight
And the brothers in the right
I will push you out of sight ;;'[///////////////////////////////////////////////;'..........................................................



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Tags : | Psychedelic | 17.90 MB
Description : I may have mentioned to a few people that I had recorded an EP to cassette tape in November. The thirty minute, seven track tape was recorded on 14th and 15th November (during that excellent full moon). My process, this time, involved choosing a group of instruments from my main studio, and then interfacing them in a way that allowed me to perform a spontaneous track live. There was no planning, and each track was only given attention until the previous was lain on tape. All in all, it was a very rewarding experience to create "on a whim" like this. No DAW was used to create the sounds, or to perform/arrange them. All instruments were mixed in real time, and the output was forever dedicated to the magnetic medium. All of these songs were instrumental, and not traditional in their performance. This is a digital capture of two songs from the EP - "Agonist Moon" and "Faultline" - They are the last track of Side A and the first track of Side B. If you are not familiar with those terms... they indicate the direct physical and psychological experience of interacting with recorded media in order to play it in it's entirety. "Agonist Moon" was described by my wife as an "Icaro," which is a tribal shamans healing song in certain cultures. "Faultline" is more of a peak minimal technological shift into the rest of the EP. UPDATE - The entire Agonist Moon EP digital re-master is now available here...
Description : UPDATE 3/31/2016 - Did some work on the mix and master thanks to the advice of Crucethus and promenade2239. I knew something needed work, and it turned out I need some shifting in the time-space continuum. Thanks to everyone who commented so far! Original DESC - Yes, I admit it... I fall down. Different circumstances and results each time, but it does happen. Got some inspiration in the last week or two, and left behind some other responsibilities for a while to make this track. Did a considerable amount of multisampling of a Realistic C1000 to add to the song. This is the first song I've finished which uses my modified Korg Monotribe. Also contains Microkorg (on glitch percussion and vocoder use), Yamaha ys-200, Zoom RT-123, and my modular synth doing circuit bent voice synth duties. Psychedelic, dark cold wave. EDIT: Now that I think about it, there were no virtual synths involved in this composition, but only virtual samplers and effects. Everything else was MIDI and hardware sound source. Thank you for listening! Please leave a comment and I will return the favor!
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Description : OK, I finally managed to find a song name, so here it is. But the genre is still open. WTF is it? World? Trip? Trance? Rock? psychedelic? . I started this song with the wahwah background track, I think I wanted to go in the triphop direction but when I played with it and tried out things I added some Tabla sounds from the available sound library of the cubase software to it, just to get a feel for it. It sounded right somehow, and so it developed from there. As before, we did the work on wikiloops band section: bhunt1 (Brian) on Bass added his track, and rp3drums (Raymond) on drums (one straight drum track, and one para-diddle track). I then added several more guitar tracks. So I would be happy to listen to your comments and advice, and if I get a good suggestion for name and genre I will change it. Cheers, TG :D
Description : The results of six hours in a psychotropic environment which was novel to my experience. Only fixed some minor mistakes and mastered the song after I left the environment (or after it left me). It tugs at passion as a dog biting a dress. Resentment and discontent are its language. Slice of life tragic comedy, with a psychedelic edge.
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Description : I'm so excited to reveal to you my new sound. So nervous man. Making these sounds was different. I felt strange. It feels like I've opened a door to something, I don't know how to explain it, but It feels like something beyond music. I've been exploring the sound design world consistently, and there's no end. Imaginable discovery, that will leave you in an "uhh!" Such a remarkable fantasy world I found man. The art for this vision is here on (Youtube)
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Description : My actual track for X-mas. Too late again, as usual... But now just with a few days only instead months. :D It's enough stodgy, need some mood for enjoy, that's sure. Dunno where to put it. Fusion? Cinematic? Weird? Trash? :) Like evrytime, the track contains only free loops from several Looperman artists. Merry Xmas, and Happy new year for everybody! Applied loops (fully or partially): LEOSMG: 0826182-0084977 (Pizzicato part1 - month of june), 0826182-0084976 (Pizzicato part2 - month of june), DJ4REAL: 0102056-0018219 (oboelation), 0102056-0018220 (oboelation 2), MIDISPARKS: 0479957-0053239 (underwater abstract harp 1), LOOPFREAK: 0531700-0051978 (minor strings and harp), FLONUT7: 1133675-0079482 (Happy Harpy 777), DEEPKODE: 0862877-0067790 (Trance Pluck), CENTRIST: 0079105-0053514 (Dark Hero Apocalyptic Drums 2), PSYCHOTROPIC_CIRCLE: 0071878-0006976 (Clarinet Ensemble 124), BLUEESKIES: 0907685-0067264 (Dreams), ALIVIDLIFE: 0158799-0050009 (alividlife nonsufficient timpani orchestra C 133), PLANETJAZZBASS: 0111346-0047909 (Epic 4), DANKE: 0671112-0088234 (Drums of Mordor), STERIXX: 0243518-0019002 (Rage Simple Bassdrum Loop), BANANNAZ: 0298699-0041844 (Luv Choir 1), WILOBOWSKI: 0321170-0027201 (piano phrase 4 bars), DIGITALSKYY: 0562523-0046490 (Never Fall For a Romantic Heart Pt 6), RASPUTIN1963 : 1564425-0088883 (deleted loop: Harp Arpeggios 1)
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Description : Psychedelic, Eastern, dark dance/jazz/fusion based around my cello playing with only minimal other instrumentation. There are two sections of electric guitar, one section of Fender Rhodes, one synth pad, some swirling female vocal samples and one sub synth bass. Apart from multiple drum loops and programmed acoustic drumkits, everything else is cello, including most of the weird sounds. If something sounds weird, it's probably bowed cello. Lots of layers of overlapping cello parts here, including a proper bassline 0:19-1:17 (that's the cello going through an octave pedal) and some 'beyond the fingerboard' alien harmonics in the fast swing jazz sections. The drums keep changing, moving through at least 4 or 5 styles to keep things interesting, concluding on a slow, shuffle blues style. This isn't perfect but I'm not sure what else I can do to improve it. Interesting and hopefully intelligent thoughts and reactions are, as always, much appreciated. Get ready for a dark, psychedelic journey...
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Description : Hit the fave button so I know who you are, you guys contribute a lot to my improvement. Not only just music, but on a personal level. I remember when I was insecure about my bald head, you guys wrote me valuable comments. I will never forget you.
Description : This is a song about standing up for what you love! Keep growing! All parts were composed and/or played by me, including guitar. All lyrics and vocal recordings are Spivkurl.
Description : Hey! Enjoy my (unmastered) Morning-Progressive-trance-music. :) I'm searching for VOCALS for the Intro. I would also use them in the beat parts but in my own creative style. I can't say what I'll do with the vocals because I know that only when I hear them. If U're a singer please contact me until thirsday. Please write your text by yourself cause vocals are accually none of my issues ;) Greatz, Squennix
Description : Searching For VOCALS! Hey u guys on looperman, I'm doing a track with Virtual Desire and I'm searching for some vocals for the intro and the break (the part shortely before the end. This track is NOT finished yet. It may'll be more or less 7 minutes long and pls DON'T be disturbet about the empty parts, I don't have the patterns of virtual desire yet. I'm not a songwriter but the title name "lightning water" should be a part of it, may as a comparison or literarely. We'll try to let the vocals be in the intro and break as clean as possible and may we'll play around with them in the other parts of the Track. If u're interested, contact me here ore via Thanks for listening and reading ;) Greatz, Squennix
Description : psy trance made with fl
Description : Song written by my son and me. Originally piano and strings I turned it into this rev.
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Description : trying some new stuff
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Description : Hi guys i will be away for a bit, i have English exams and want the highest grade possible. I will be sitting on the 17th of this month ^-^
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