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Description : Electric guitar, bass guitar and Superior Drummer. I'm going D.I. for all guitars, giving the multi-effects pedal a breather, and to do some exercises in tone shaping. Lepou amps and Impulse Responses give a rather authentic rig sound. This track gives the heavy, the melodic, the chunky, the brittle and the rockin. I painstakingly used zero additive EQ. That was the hardest part. I would love to hear your thoughts, good and bad, including mix ideas or problems.

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  1. StaticNomad
    StaticNomad on Fri 17th Feb 2017 - 4 days ago
    Hey, heinous harasser of high class haemophiliac hookers.

    It's true that I like my handsaws. Especially those with the herring handles. They're my pride and joy.

    "Fantastic movie ideas."

    Oh yeah - I'm a movie genius. I don't know why the Hollywood guys don't come to me more often for cool ideas. Maybe cos I'd put them out of a job. We just need some hot puppet ass in your Team Evisma movie and it would be such an awesome, alternative Bible epic. Something like a cross between Python's Life Of Brian (quite possibly the best comedy movie ever made) and Team America. With added Nomadgic.

    "I have not, but surely it's under Tools."

    You need a special code to unlock the Assive option. A bit like cheat codes in computer games. One particular code and you get Lars Ulrich sitting at the kit, blasting away. If you're nice to me, I'll let you know what it is.

    Sometime, you're going to have to give me so detailed explanation of how you manage to use 30 tracks for guitar! I totally don't get it. My cello teacher was surprised when I told her recently that I'd used as many as 9 tracks in one of my most layered cello tracks (Start With A Kiss). She didn't think that was very many so I must work in quite a different way from other people. But I work alone so don't see what other people do.

    "Mr. V mentioned having the next Bastard File"

    I don't remember that! Do not rely on Mr V to offer up a new Bastard File. I remain the only one to have done so (and it turned out pretty good). I'm only not offering more because I'm waiting for you fools to offer something so that you can be the conductor of your own track and receive contributions from the other two bastards. Get on that shit right now!

    Static MovieMad, vanishing like a cyan sunday...
  2. Discipline
    Discipline on Sun 12th Feb 2017 - 1 week ago
    Blimey - looking at some of the extensive chapter and verse comments this has generated I feel guilty about such a short post. I am a man of few words, so suffice it to say - I think this demonstrates some considerable skills both on the level of production and playing. Good stuff!
  3. Planetjazzbass
    Planetjazzbass on Wed 8th Feb 2017 - 1 week ago
    Ok listening now at a fairly cranked level, guitars and drums sound great!..the bass is quite boomy though, rolling off a tad at 70/80Hz should fix it...I have my sub set at about -20db which I find is perfect, no doubt urban producers crank theirs until the bowel shakes (but then it's indecipherable noise)...a very cool track indeed and I'm left with the fading image of some trainee landscaper applying gauze to his damaged hands....ps I had a similar experience with a 120lb jackhammer, though I wasn't acting cocky at the time, the boss of the ski lift building company was an ex mercenary and really liked to put us through the mill.
    Reply by Evisma My jackhammer issues were odd. Body and hands were fine, but something happened to my jaw throughout a few days. I'm sure you've experience the effects of vibrations when mowing for long periods or running heavy equipment, the resonating chirping tone produced in the head by teeth touching or any impact at all. Something with the inner ear and the fluid vibrating all day, but every sound, movement, sniff, twitch and breeze sounded like someone in my head hit a metal streetlight pole with a box-wrench. DING! Strangest thing, lasted about 12 hours, went away overnight. I was demolishing a front and back porch that were 2 concrete slabs, one poured on top of the other, (yeah), and an in-ground pool. My stints are usually short. I have more issues building decks and setting retaining walls. Tendonitis is a bitch. A week straight of pounding with a sledge on a bottom course of wall-blocks takes it's toll. Ice pack, ice pack. 15 minutes on, 45 off. Works wonders when done religiously.

    Hey, sorry about the prank phone calls your country has been getting from over here. The guy has his own phone and can afford to put minutes on it, so there's not a lot we can do.

    You guys should block his number.

  4. StaticNomad
    StaticNomad on Tue 7th Feb 2017 - 2 weeks ago
    Consider yourself regreeted in a smart, witty manner. I can never come up with that sort of greeting so you'll have to make up your own.

    Excellent greeting in your last reply.

    Yes, good idea about the Bible-based Team Evisma puppet movie. Your team could scape the shit out of the Garden of Eden. Just watch out for the annoying snake. And perhaps then move on to The Hanging Gardens of Babylon (even if they don't feature in the good book).

    Jesus will be the head of the team and the greatest landscaper on the planet, with carpentry as just a casual hobby. No one can seed slit quite like he can. For breaking local zoning and environmental laws, the Romans will attempt to crucify him on a cross made of spades.

    But then modern day Evisma (that's you) will borrow Skynet's time portal, make some modifications and send back some brush hoggers and lawnmowers. Your ancient team will use them to stomp some Roman ass and rescue Jesus from the cross. A religion is then created around the heroic exploits of Team Evisma and world history is altered forever. Jesus lives!

    Not too much more to say about this well made track. It's enjoyable to listen to each time. No problem with the EQ or mix. Everything's clear and well balanced. I use additive EQ all the time and not much subtractive.

    1:54 nice fill!

    An "assive crash" is one played by the ass. Gives a different tone to one hit by a stick. Maybe you haven't yet found the Assive option in Superior.

    nd section is triumphantly cool. Maybe I'm wrong about it needing more hat or crash. That's just my heavy preference.

    The Nomad, part vampire, part warrior, carnivore and voyeur.
    Reply by Evisma Howdy, habitual handler of hefty hand-hewn herring-handled handsaws.

    Fantastic movie ideas. If a lot of money was put behind it and it was done right, it would be a totally badass movie. Better than 99 percent of the shit coming out anymore.

    "Maybe you haven't yet found the Assive option in Superior."

    I have not, but surely it's under Tools.

    "Maybe I'm wrong about it needing more hat or crash."

    NO, I went in and turned them up a bit. I automated a bit of a cut in the lows of the overheads so there wouldn't be any ducking from compression. I was having an issue with that. Even light compression on the Master was giving me issues. Lots of automation.

    Almost 2:00 in on another track. Bass and drums right now. I'm trying to write in a more linear fashion, instead of chunk by chunk. I may drop a mixdown in Dropbox. Mr. V mentioned having the next Bastard File, so I'll just keep going till it's my go at it, or I write something that seems fitting for it. So much bass in the one I'm on now, it may be a good contender as well. We'll see.

    Evan, vanishing like a sigh, and slowly disappears.
  5. crucethus
    crucethus on Mon 6th Feb 2017 - 2 weeks ago
    Murica...F@#K Yeah!!

    Giving the middle finger to Mango Mussolini!

    All Politics aside, what an awesome tune you have created. but I really love the fact you took all that energy and stopped it with a killer breakdown. Evan you are truly growing as a composer and a musician and a producer. I truly enjoyed that 5:31 and it flew bye.
    Steve.. (fav)

    Reply by Evisma Greetings, Steve.

    Ah, yes. Murica. Where over half the population helplessly watch the dismantling of everything, while the rest wait in silence, watching the upheaval, gauging whether or not they can publicly support this shit. Misdirection and subterfuge abound!. There is some hideous shit going on in the background, I'm sure.

    What blows my mind is this; How can one defend the removal of all press from the White House? Doesn't that clearly show that the administration is doing shit that they can't even let their supporters know about? If they were doing the will of the "majority" of voters, the press is the top tool for communicating these achievements to the public.

    Anyfuckinway......... man, it all pisses me off. Fuck!!!!

    .....sorry. Let this be the end of our discussing Murica's 4 year parade of shame. Music is supposed to be the distraction and relief from it all.

    I'm glad you liked the track. It likes you back.

    Take care.

  6. Balance21
    Balance21 on Sun 5th Feb 2017 - 2 weeks ago
    looking at your profile pic and listening creates a magical synergy::D(:
    Reply by Evisma Keep both hands where we can see them, buddy.(joke)

    I'm glad you liked it, and I'm glad a picture of my face is not TOO objectionable. Though it's going downhill fast!

  7. srob1234
    srob1234 on Sun 5th Feb 2017 - 2 weeks ago
    Awesome!!! Just simply awesome!!! Some of the guitar riffs actually made me think of the song "schism" by Tool! Sweet!!! Well done man!!!
    Reply by Evisma Great to hear! I actually learned to play bass by learning Tool songs, so it makes sense. I just hope it doesn't sound too much like them. I don't want that.

    Thanks for giving it a listen!

  8. Planetjazzbass
    Planetjazzbass on Fri 3rd Feb 2017 - 2 weeks ago
    Welcome to blisterland!...any guitarist who hadn't kept his calluses in good shape would have found himself in the emergency department after this, Evan this is epic! The first part of the arrangement is like a tidal bore coming down a narrowing river, most spectators were washed away, I don't think I've heard a better confluence of Superior drummer with guitar their hand in glove, the second part of the arrangement is quite sublime and creates a very intuitive release both from an emotive and production standpoint. Heavily driven guitars are notoriously difficult to mix and can easily overburden, mask and in some cases totally defeat adjoining instrument frequencies, absolutely no sign of that! There is only one slight caveat that I will mention here, I'm listening to this track through my headphones and it sounds great, however I want to give it what it really deserves some proper volume through my monitors with a sub engaged...so after "she" who must be obeyed goes out I will crank this bad boy up a tad and continue this review....cheers Dave
    Reply by Evisma Greetings, Dave.

    It's been a while since I got blisters, but I remember them well. I do have the permanent dents in the fingertip calluses that have very little feeling anymore. Doing landscaping for over a decade, I keep some pretty healthy calluses. It's always been a true joy of mine to see a kid spend his very first 8 hour shift with a post-hole digger. Hands peel apart without leather-palmed gloves, though they think they can handle it, and shoulders burn within 10 minutes. The look of defeat on the face of a cocky, phonegazing douche bag is a beautiful thing.

    This is my second track using Superior. This is from the Progressive EZX, though I really want the $150 SDX. I'm really happy that it works well with the guitars. I spent a few days just assembling drum sets and saving them as user presets. This track really tapped my CPU, also. There were several things I had to always shut off before this thing would even play. Toward the end, I didn't know what the fixes in a mixdown would sound like till I listened to the mixdown. Playback in the DAW was not possible with all the buses and reverbs activated. 8 year old PC.

    Now, I am not a master at mixing the low end, so be careful if you crank it. If there is a part that makes the door hinge pins rattle a bit TOO much, let me know.

    "She Who Must Be Obeyed" would be an awesome track title.

    Take care, and thanks again.

  9. CitizenMofo
    CitizenMofo on Thu 2nd Feb 2017 - 2 weeks ago
    Really enjoyed this epic trek through badass guitar land. The playing is super great. This is not a criticism but the one thing I would do if this were my track is to try silencing the drums, possibly throughout but at least in the middle part after the break. The beat is in the guitars and, without the drum, you could hear every nuance a little bit better, and to me the guitar is like tangerine juice - you want every drop. Great work.
    Reply by Evisma I really appreciate your feedback!

    "...in the middle part after the break"

    Are you saying no drums in the quiet section, before the distorted guitars come back in? And possibly after? Surely the ending drums have to stay, but I'll listen to it with the break percussion free and keep an open mind.

    Thanks again.

  10. weinerbob
    weinerbob on Wed 1st Feb 2017 - 2 weeks ago
    This track is straight fire!Like jesus dude, this is amazing!I felt like I was watching an epic fight scene listening to this.10/10
    Reply by Evisma Your comment made my day. Much appreciated!

    Fantastic name, by the way.
    Have a good one!

  11. EYEDYE
    EYEDYE on Wed 1st Feb 2017 - 2 weeks ago
    Amazing work Evan. Everything flows very smoothly in my opinion. Not a sound or melody unfitting. Bangin track
    Reply by Evisma Bangin seems to be the theme I'm hearing. I'll take it!

    Thanks for the listen and the feedback.

  12. StaticNomad
    StaticNomad on Wed 1st Feb 2017 - 2 weeks ago
    Fuck yeah!
    Uploading another nice track
    To save the mothafuckin' day yeah!

    I'd like to see a puppet-based Team Evisma movie. It would feature a team of genuine landscapers whose covert role is to scape the land of suspected Islamic terrorists living in America. And then, when the time is right, call in the drone strike, with The DTrump pressing the buttons himself. Along the way, the team would have to deal with various other issues, such as guys trying to marry the team's female family members in order to take advantage of the sweet family discount.

    Now let's get down to some wave-based business:

    Bangin' riffage intro. Just a fat, fat sound and good, somewhat complex riffs.

    0:40 of course there just has to be a reverse in there. And others not long after.

    0:41 clean palm muting and good interplay between the widdly bass and guitar parts.

    Now another lead with a good but controlled bit of delay.

    1:46 that's a good, simple banging riff. Nice space with the drum hits.

    2:05 chill grooving progressive stuff. All the guitar and bass so far is recognisable your style, which might be a way of saying it's nothing very new to my ears. Not sure if that's a criticism.

    2:41 is a good transition. The kind of delicate but purposeful chilling I like.

    3:02 return of an earlier guitar part, I think. I guess this section is slightly Toolish. Not necessarily their riffs but more the progressive, melodic vibe and obvious rock feel. Sounds like a good, cohesive band, not just one Bass Bro doing it all.

    4:49 cool lead. Meshes nicely with the underlying riff. Only complaint is that there should be a fatter open hat or assive crash to really propel the section forward. The kind of thing I do a lot in final, "how heavy can I go?" endings.

    Excellent ending, with nice tom rolls. So much better than a fadeout!

    Static BoatMad, being rowed gently by his trusty butler between ship and shore. Final port of call: Springfield.
    Reply by Evisma Greetings, gangly gunt groping giver of gallons of guy gravy.

    My puppet movie will not be of landscapers helping take out terrorists. I'd have to do the bible. No getting around it. Genesis alone would be great. Nobody knows where the people from Nod came from, but not has wifi and broadband, so Eve is totally pissed off. Job would be a good one, as well. Hilarious if it was done right. Anyway....

    Not a lot to answer, seeing that you seem to mostly say you like it, which is awesome. I spent a long time shuffling stuff and doing EQ. I plan to do more heavy stuff for a while, since I have the drum capabilities now.

    "3:02 return of an earlier guitar part, I think."

    No. Nothing repeats outside of it's original section. I tried to make a constantly progressing tumultuous first half, with a calm, floating section full of harmonics, sliding and hammering/pulling, that went into a "fuck yeah" riff for a finish.

    "....there should be a fatter open hat or assive ((hehe)) crash to really propel the section forward."

    I did. It was really cutting into the high-mids that the guitars are taking and I found nothing that worked well. There is the constant crash, and others in fills, but I'll bring it up more and see it I can help that.

    Spent the last few nights making presets in my DAW for different distorted rig setups. 10 or 12 amp sims, 4 or 6 I really like. Lepou's Lecto amp through Catharsis impulses have been the best combo I've found so far. Not sure if you looked into the amp and cab sims, but I've really enjoying it. It has definitely helping with the rut I was in.

    Right now, I'm looking into a better way to monitor from headphones, crap computer speakers and my bass amp combo, without wearing out the one headphone jack on my interface from switching between the three. Thinking of 2 Y-splitters daisy-chained, giving 1 male and 3 female 1/4 inputs. The adapters are under $5 each. Interface is $200. I'd rather wear out and replace the adapters.

    I hope it's going well on your end.

    Evan, devours tacos to survive. So it is,... So it's always been.
  13. Tumbleweed
    Tumbleweed on Wed 1st Feb 2017 - 2 weeks ago
    Wow....you got that big arena rock thing...but you have laid some really fine melodic rock in there...This is rock composed with a lot of thought and delivered with a big pile of talent...fabulous track my friend...perhaps your best..sounds.tone totally on the money and the production is top class..so whats left to say...the whole thing is just an excellent piece of rock music that as far as I am concerned would blow away a lot of the so-called pros...you are a pro......
    I haven`t mic`d an amp for years Evan...just through my preamp or processor into the mixer...Standing ovation.....Ed
    Reply by Evisma Greetings, Ed.

    I appreciate the kind words. I spent about a month with it in various forms and with a lot of problems. I'm trying to remove the crutch of effects I've always leaned on and focusing on fundamentals. Everything I don't like about my playing is in the hands. No other factors matter. Gotta keep a guitar in my hands if I want to get better. I'm not a fast player, or really very technical, but I like the feeling of what I write. Executing it is usually my downfall.

    I appreciate you stopping by. I hope all is well with you.

    Take care.

  14. danke
    danke on Tue 31st Jan 2017 - 2 weeks ago
    Dear Evan!

    That's powerful, innovative and unique. When I hear your creatures I always wanna go back to my younghood when we wanted to play music like this but we weren't able...:-) that was 30 years before...noone knew about guitar low tuning and stg like hat...this magical piece is giving me a mirror how looser we were at that time...:-)
    the opening and the last parts are like a southern rock/metal themes...and the middle parts the jammy tunes...as your bests...no idea for the mix cause I donno mix but I doncare mix cause it's good on it's being...aewsome guitars over the number...and the drum tone is cool too...
    thanx for the upload, long live your creativity, handshake, Danke
    Reply by Evisma Greetings, Danke.

    Good to hear from you! I'm glad you liked it.

    I'm not seriously detuned, like you hear in modern Djent and everything. I'm down a half-step, with my low E down another full step. So my tuning is C# G# C# F# A# D#. Basically drop-D with everything down one fret. My strings are 11s.

    I hope you are doing well! Take care.

  15. Modnex
    Modnex on Tue 31st Jan 2017 - 2 weeks ago
    Great work here Evisma! Those guitars are sounding great and very heavy. Normally I think music is required a little EQ here and there, but this track does a terrific job without the use of it. The mixing sounds great on my end, but then again my monitor setup isn't the best setup to hear all of the frequencies properly. Maybe others could be of better to help you there. Overall I think you've done a pretty good job at delivering a great rock track. The only thing missing is a nice of vocals.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Reply by Evisma Glad you liked it! Now, I did use EQ in this track, but only subtractive. I did no boosting, only cutting. With a super tight Q, I boost a parameter's gain 12db or more, then starting in the highs, I slowly move the boosted parameter through the frequencies till I get a "singing" or "whistling" frequency that cuts out other instruments, then I drop the parameter's gain to about -5db, eliminating that bad frequency with a 5db cut. A tight Q keeps me from cutting out the good stuff. Doing this has helped immensely when it comes to phase and odd frequency cancellations.

    I appreciate the feedback, and yes, when I find a nice vocal, I shall apply it. Thank you, good sir.

    Take care.


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Description : This is my newest creation, at a stage very near to completion. No third-party mastering or mixing, as with all my tracks. Just have to fix a few tiny things. I FINALLY WAS ABLE TO MIX EVERYTHING IN THE SAME SESSION. This song has all human-played instruments - no quantization or MIDI! My brother does all the vocals except for the interlude part, which I do. My other brother plays the rhythm guitar (a Gibson Les Paul Custom - only one of 12 in the world!!) and I play the accompanying guitar (a Johnny Mar Jag and PRS). He has a lot of guitars :P A good friend of ours, Ronnie, plays the bass and another friend, Freddie, plays the drums. The drum track was done in one take (had to use an electric drum set due to time constraints - but acoustic kits are so much better). Overall, pretty satisfied with the result. Let me know your thoughts.
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Description : Mega epic psychedelic uplifting rock journey you can dance to as it contains house drum loops, fat beats and massive funky synth bass. Shitloads of varied guitar playing using regular electric, sitar electric, acoustic resonator, slow attack style, screaming lead metal as well as other fun effects such as big, feedbacking delays. Also features a pair of different beautiful, strange, filtered, soaring violin instruments and a few other far out synths and pizzicato strings. Lots of programmed acoustic drums - from funk to dance to metal. I'd love to see a band play this live. There's loads going on here even though there aren't that many instruments so I hope it's not too cluttered, long or boring. Also probably is too loud, intense and lacking in dynamic range. Full track is 12 mins 50 (link is in the first track reply). The end metal solo is huge so stick around for that if you can spare the time in your busy, exciting and dynamic life. Interesting comments welcomed - extra Looppoints and virtual biscuits for the more detailed ones.
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Description : Real electric/bass guitars, Guinness bottles and loads of distortion, delay and aggression. Drums are 4 programmed midi kits, a few loops and many individual samples. Vocal intro has been on repeat in my head for a month, along with the main riff. Guitars are a mile thick and in your face(hehe). A middle section serves as a patch of calm waters. A space for breathing before a last "movement" that is aggressive and my favorite. I'm spending more time writing and recording the guitars, and would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.
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Description : BIG UPDATE 26/02/2014 - So, this was an 18 min track that I have now successfully split in two. 2nd half I uploaded a few weeks ago (Things That Should Always Be, with the bouncy 2 min reggae intro). This is the first half, which has a new mix, a mega chill, meditative ending and a little jazz thrown in for good measure. Takes a few minutes for beat to really kick in. Constantly evolving electric guitar, bass guitar, acoustic drums and lead banjo driven by fat, busy 80BPM grooves with a bit of a reggae and shuffle feel. Also: synth choir voices, dulcimer, violin, cello, shimmering pads. Builds up gradually to nice and rocking and then gets taken back down for the big comedown chill. I really don't know what sort of genre this is except 'far out'. I think it sounds more like a live band than one guy playing instruments and manipulating a DAW. Not my best track but a bit of blissful, sunny island fun. Real positive vibe here so I hope you give it a chance to unfold and unfurl. Sit back, clear your schedule and immerse yourself in these trippy sonic experiments cooked up deep in my off-planet underground laboratory. I have to send the MP3 to Earth via space courier (not cheap).
Tags : | Rock | 13.15 MB
Description : Lost all my stems a year ago due to PC crash. Drums could have been more prominent, guitars could have been less brittle, and I could have added my vocals in the mix. Oh well, you live and learn. I might redo this song with vocals added down the road. Mix only, nor mastered. Hope ya like :) Pete Pete
Tags : | Rock | 4.95 MB | Colab Request
Description : Unfinished track I'm working on, based off of Danke's "Black Roses" piano loop. Looking for a collab! I'm looking to go in a Rock meets Electronic or Dubstep direction, but I'm open to ideas. I have lyrics for a bridge, but it doesn't sound right with just a piano. I need amped up instrumentals. I really want to bring the pre-chorus ("everybody, c'mon, everybody") back at the end, but up an octave up in a belt with some heavy guitars possibly? I really want to amp up this song. Please excuse the piano in the chorus. It's not as beautiful as Danke's arrangement but I needed a change in chords. The song is in E minor by the way. Tempo=
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Description : kinda chill rock song...hope you'll like it...vocs please?...
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