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Description : Brand new track made week of 23rd June 2011. Played this track as part of my first Matteblak Live Set on 29th June before anybody else had heard it. Went down really well and sticks to my minimal electro theme. I was heavily influenced by Deadmau5 on this one and I'm very pleased with the loops I have managed to create and the mix all round sounds good. Hope you enjoy!

Ahhh , at the moment this track has no comments ! Not one, zero, zilch.

If you have time take a listen and give Matteblak some feedback.

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tosinfocus2014-04-21 17:06:39
Nefaronix2014-04-16 17:54:13
AnalogDisc2014-04-07 19:07:47
jamesero2014-04-03 17:28:56
jamesero2014-03-31 17:12:31
jamesero2014-03-27 18:48:21
mrb12014-03-24 17:33:54
Electroboy152014-03-24 03:06:03
Nenko2014-03-21 17:18:14
JShiem2014-03-16 23:42:02
mrb12014-03-14 17:45:56
JShiem2014-03-07 00:39:57
Chong1002014-03-06 22:16:01
mccartney2014-02-20 03:12:30
mccartney2014-02-14 16:10:58
alexsabatino2014-01-26 03:20:52
djarkadus2014-01-15 22:47:51
DJinFinite2014-01-12 09:13:02
risingsun92014-01-10 00:12:04
DjM1X3R2014-01-02 06:09:29
Th4tfella2013-12-17 15:53:26
neveragain2013-12-02 22:59:36
namir992013-10-21 03:41:33
666cosma2013-07-08 04:29:37
OlegioS2013-06-05 23:16:10

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