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Description : discoguitarloop
Description : 3 dirty guitars.. fpunk
Description : Delayed Guitars in C-Am
Description : Dave Fielding Tribute !
Description : smell the smoke ... guitar in C B F
Description : small riff in B(A)
Description : Bass Loop from the Reverend Ebhard and the Followers of Funk Sessions
Description : A - D Delayed Guitar ( key might be F# )
Description : I think it's my first loop with my acoustic guitar... strange
Description : rock riff in E - A#
Description : Trance Synth Loop
Description : I quickly played a guitar for the synth loop.
Description : bassy synth loop in E - F#
Description : played with some different kind of delays
Description : I tried to do a second part ... but the result isn't very jimisch. Uploaded anyway.
Description : Happy New Year... my plan for 2014 - less cigaretts more loops
Description : funky Double Bass Guitar. Now I used 'cut Remainders' Setting :(
Description : short Guitar loop.. no idea regarding genre. fixed
Description : Solo for the other loop
Description : I need to install the fuse block in our music room. Maybe this will be my last loop :)
Description : Here's the simple Version
Description : Last one for today ...
Description : heavy delayed Guitars... key is B.
Description : Standard Megapaul Loop
Description : xmas loop. A A B C.
Loops 1 - 25 of 162
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