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Description : swing drums cut up
Description : Metronome was set at 160 BPM.
Description : Live drum
Description : Jazz oriented samba live drum played by my friend Peter.
Description : Jazz oriented samba live drum played by my friend Peter.
Description : Some more Nu Jazz... maybe a track coming soon. Enjoy and let me know if you use it!
Description : Inspired by modern Hip Hop and old time-y Jazz. I'll probably be making more loops similar to this. Anyways, enjoy and if you use it, let me know! :D
Description : Live drum
Description : Live drum
Description : Standard pattern 2
Description : Standard pattern
Description : Pattern for my song "Wrote for you"
Description : Live drum pattern. Follow me on:
Description : Simple jazzy feel drum loop, with reverb and small amount of phase. Used Reason and Independence (great VST)
Description : funky jazzy vibe made using EasyBeats on iPhone
Description : Yeargh. Drums, Jazz, Fast. Weird Cymbals.
Description : Rarrrrr, more Jazz Freakout. Drums, Weird Cymbals. Fast. Weirder. Faster.
Description : The main drum loop. Actual BPM: 90.3
Description : A hi-hat. Actual BPM: 90.3
Description : Another Fill. Actual BPM: 90.3
Description : A fill. Actual BPM: 90.3
Description : Some brushes from a Jazz kit.
Description : Not sure about the category.. but heres a drum loop lol
Description : A simple look with hihat on every beat, ride every 8th and quite simple snareand bass pattern. A total of 2 bars.
Description : Made in FL Studio 8, this loop is pretty cool, but quite difficult to fit into the regular song. It has an irregular 3/4 time signature although, with a skilled musician it is possible to fit into a 4/4 signature. See what you can do :D It's a complex
Loops 1 - 25 of 63
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