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Description : Just a quicky. Dubstep beat with reverb and percussion GO NUTS ! Thanks (LF)
Description : This is a pretty simple beat, but it has a lot of punch! I use it a lot in my own music, but I didn't want to keep it to myself! Use away, and let me know if you make a song with it!
Description : Finally! Take it take it take it! Just link me THANKS (LF)
Description : Build up! Could have been better but wanted to upload just the drums! Add bass and swells for impact, do what you wish LINK ME enjoy! (LF)
Description : Beat from a song that I may use, but more just for me to use in live sets and mess around with. Going to upload a few loops from it just for people to do whatever with! Enjoy (LF)
Description : Beat from a song of mine, just uploaded it to the tracks page. Please take a listen and give me some feedback! Thanks (LF)
Description : Good for fillers, especially drops.
Description : Good for fillers, especially drops.
Description : Good for fillers, especially drops.
Description : Good for fillers, especially drops.
Description : Good for fillers, especially in drops.
Description : Good for fillers, especially in drops.
Description : Here are a few loops from my new song, which is on soundclound and looperman. If you have time please check it out and leave me your thoughts (good or bad). Please credit and link me, only cos I put alot of time into this one ! Thanks (LF)
Description : Group of loops I guess, simple melodic dubstep song with some heavy bits. Link me if used ! FYI these drums were made from an old looperman loop so credit whoever made them ! I always rename the ones I download so I'm afraid I don't know who orginally made this kit.. (LF)
Description : So, i tried doing the bass from Virtual Riots "Warm Ups" with some tweakable old presets and i think it turned out fine. It sounds scarily similar, actually. I hope you like it.
Description : aaahhahaa
Description : A drum loop named after Bacon because it's popping. (Get the joke? It's a lame joke.) Useful for Dubstep or really any kind of EDM.
Description : simple drums
Description : Just some random drums I did
Description : Just a group of loops for some dubstep soup.. Drums, Synth, Bass, Lead, enjoy ! (LF)
Description : Punchy glitch hop beat X Made on Ableton and using a Skeiz snare so big up to him! Leave me a comment if you use it ! Experimenting with slower tempos for groovier dubstep. If anyone raps over this please contact me cos I need bars for tracks ! (Lank Frampard)
Description : Punchy glitch hop beat, 97bpm use it to kick some ass (Sorry about the levels still working that out) Use this for whatever could even spit some bars over it and use for hiphop comment me if you use ! (Lank Frampard)
Description : 97bpm for slower glitch hop, still loadza groove tho ! Punchy drums made with Ableton, there are a few loops around this tempo and style enjoy ! (Lank Frampard)
Description : Safe? hmmm
Description : Dmmmms
Loops 1 - 25 of 1437
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