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Description : Drum for dubstep and hardstyle projects...i use 2 kicks with 3 snares and many hits with percussions
Description : It's been a while since my last upload. Oh well. Enjoy this nice tribal-sounding drum loop for use in EDM, dubstep, trap and dance. Let me know what you come up with, I love hearing your guys' creations!
Description : I LOVE listening to figure. If you guys don't know who Figure is, you are missing out! Go listen to some of his tracks and tell me if these loops sound like his sounds! :D *Note: This is a Drum Loop that has an over compressed kick and snare with a heavy style hi-hat fill. Goes with Figure Bass Sidechained NO Sub and Figure Bass NO Sub. Enjoy!
Description : tell me what you think of it! I just messed around with some dubstep samples and found out how to make a cool snare ;-)
Description : I tried to improve them a bit from last time because they seemed a bit quiet. This should go well with the dubstep chords,melody and arp loops I uploaded and anything else at 140bpm. Enjoy!
Description : a kick and snare with another snare chopped up to sound like hats or shakers
Description : Prolly the most high quality drum loop I've ever made. Enjoy!
Description : Got a nice little drum loop with some hats for you Dubstep dudes out there! Enjoy! ;P
Description : Working on dubstep around the 100-115 BPM area, here are some drums I cut up and re used ENJOI (LF)
Description : wiess!
Description : the cymbal and some of the snares have a filter on them to bend a bit and theres reverb
Description : Made in Ableton Live 9. Just sounded like pots and pans (kinda) so I decided to upload it. Can be used for dubstep.
Description : Made in fl studio!
Description : Mario drums? Who knew. Enjoi Let's hear it ;)
Description : Mmmm. Dotcom
Description : Weed and beats brutha (LF)
Description : just a random drum loop for u guys :D THX FOR ALL THE NICE FEEDBACKS
Description : Tis my bday so why not upload! These are some parts of a song I am currently working on, you may find them useful (LF)
Description : The hats from the previous drum loop i uploaded. Next is the Kick and Snare part. We are doing this for freedom and customization.
Description : GENERIC, WOOO! Use this in trap, electro and other forms of EDM, and let me know what you make with it! I love hearing your work!
Description : The drums track of the last loop we posted. We hope you enjoy!
Description : Like Looperman needs more of this, right? But whatever, use it in trap, electro and other subgenres of EDM. Make sure to let me know what you make with it.
Description : The main drums from my new track 'Hybrd' woulc very much like feedback on this THANKS (LF)
Description : More drums for ya (LF)
Description : Dubstep
Loops 1 - 25 of 1460
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