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Description : The drum is made up of the 'Falcon Punch' vocals (I got permission) and some kicks and snares I found. Hope you guys like this! Throwback Friday! This reminds me of Melee and Brawl. Drums replaced as they didn't loop.
Description : This is made by myself.Sorry for misleading.
Description : This is my first loop so i'm sorry if i got the wrong file format or something ,mister admin.
Description : This is a tom roll I made for my "Dodge & Fuski VS Barely Alive - Poison" remix in Soundcloud, and I decided o share it lel. What type of loop should I make next?
Description : Made in FL Studio with layered snares. Tempo 140
Description : I tried to recreate that big drum sound Excision always gets in his songs. I think I did okay. Obviously meant for Dubstep but can be used for Trap or Hip Hop or anything else.
Description : Build up
Description : Kick/Snare, Hats, Crash cymbals and chants.
Description : Jum...Jum...Jum...Jum
Description : Ableton.
Description : Ableton.
Description : Syndicate DrumLoop by Skrillex
Description : one hat and clap have vol and pan stuff
Description : Dubstep beat at 140bpms. Just one cool beat!
Description : Enjoy ! I seperate the drum after reading comments about my last loops :)
Description : stay here
Description : delicious
Description : my second loops uploaded here.. this time it is the drums from my upcoming song "Keep It Moving" so i hope you like it! :)
Description : .......
Description : ......
Description : Dubstep or Trap Drum Loop visit my profile to more beat of all types!! -Jackie
Description : filter floppy weeooww
Description : A basic drumline with a huge snare, enjoy!
Description : there from an acoustic kit
Description : Pretty rad drums I think. This is intended to use along with the synth loop.
Loops 1 - 25 of 1305
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