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Description : Hey guys! I hope you like my new dubstep loop.
Description : This is just drums to follow up on my previous loop. Comment tracks because I would love to hear them. Thanks. Could also be used for dubstep as it is 140 BPM, so I'm going to put it under dubstep.
Description : First of all, i know this is not 8 bars. Its 10 bars and it works perfectly fine. You just have to set the very first part with the reverse cymbal 2 bars before, so you have a nice "intro" of your build up. Hope you like this. -Timmy
Description : Drop me a link if you use in your track and down load the rest of the loops from my track Get Down to remix it.
Description : chomp chomp
Description : melted all the chocolate bunnys and santas i could find and put milk in it
Description : my favorite non caffeinated pop
Description : Just some drums.
Description : DAT SNARE THO.... Here is a shout out to our bros Luca Gulotta and Joe Erskine from Chasing Shadows, they are now Killsonik...HAIL ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!! Can you guess which one of their songs this drum is trying to copy?????
Description : CoMpReSsEd To HeLL
Description : Brochillstep lol
Description : Just what I was working on the last 2 days. Went quite bad so idk what to do or how to use.. maybe you can do better?
Description : I made these in August. Long time ago huh?
Description : A build up with Christmas bells from my previous drum loop and with a monster's voice (audacity) saying 'Merry Christmas' as to end the build up and then bring the drop. Made drums using Sytrus in FL Studio.
Description : Just a simple 'Christmasy'-themed drums I made for this season. Merry Christmas! *You don't need to credit me but please post your projects below if you'd like me to check it out.
Description : Part of my Chemical Loop Pack. Please credit me in your work and post projects below. This is the drums that I uploaded but didn't loop to my unfinished chemical project. 140 BPM
Description : Alright, I used the Fruity Parametric EQ 2, and Fruity Compressor to create this. This full version contains Snare, hats, and kicks. ALL AVAILABLE PARTS ARE ON MY PROFILE IN THE LOOPS SECTION. Can be used for a wide variety of EDM subgenres, not exactly sure which one I would use it in. PS I will admit this is not a well done loop. Pretty much just a sample that you can edit for yourself.
Description : its like kinda dubstep dnb back n forth
Description : made in fl studio
Description : made in fl studio
Description : made in fl stdio
Description : made in fl studio
Description : Some Drums to go along with my 'Melodic Dubstep Piano, and Strings' Im not the best drum beat maker but you could at least copy what u like and use your own sounds hehe... Use it as u wish I dont really care, its all free...
Description : Hope you enjoy it :D
Loops 1 - 25 of 1250
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