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Description : Two measures, seamless, of an aggressive dubstep-style drum riff. Highly-filtered 808 drums do a 16th-note glitch over a pounding kick and snare. Sub-bass frequencies galore. Highly compressed, but not brickwalled. No reverb.
Description : Just a nice Kick N Snare
Description : Made to be used in the intro but you could always use it in a drop. Comment a link if you made a song containing this, i would love to hear your creations!
Description : Made with the classic ImNawtARappah kick hit and a brand new snare that i made. Post a link if you use this sample.
Description : A Looperman exclusive. This hard hitting Dubstep groove will give you an instant backbone with serious strength with a half-time triplet feel.
Description : + Bass
Description : Drop this half-time groove into your EDM break down to give it a nice Dubstep vibe.
Description : Drop this in your Dubstep or Bass tune to get an instead mind flipping glitched out drum fill.
Description : "Now let me tell you something, bitch!"
Description : "Now let me tell you something, bitch!"
Description : "Now let me tell you something, bitch!"
Description : "Now let me tell you something, bitch!"
Description : "Time to talk about your dog ass!"
Description : After the shotgun's sound...
Description : finish... hope you enjoy these sounds :)
Description : After the shotgun's sound...
Description : Made in reaper with some old drum hits and a violin sample. Dark and 140 BPM, good for dubstep, trap, and rap beats. Let me know if you use it.
Description : Took me about 30 mins to make. This loop is very flexible so you can use it in lots of other genres too. I might upload a drop next...
Description : Shuffled drum beat at 140 bpm
Description : Kick + Snare + Ride = Perfection.
Description : just a simple kick + snare loop for your dubstep songs. EQ'd it to make it sound better and gave it a bass boost.
Description : Another nice loop for you guys.
Description : It sounds like a huge robot running. Use it anywhere if you want. Comment tracks, would love to see how you put this to use.
Description : Another skrillex-like drums for you.
Description : Pretty proud of this one,applied some eq,saturator,glue compressor and many other effects.Perfect for a hard drop.
Loops 1 - 25 of 1330
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