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Description : Same loop as before with hats
Description : Made this, probably wont use it
Description : Dubstep drum beat. Very Skrillex like, if I do say so myself. Made with MIDI on Ableton.
Description : A very nice drum loop I have created using various samples from FL Studio. This will go nicely with my Harmor Bass 1 loop! **PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU USE MY LOOPS IN YOUR SONGS**
Description : Well, I don't produce dubstep but I have a bunch of these loops like this! (Apologies if the loop isn't the best quality, I'm still half deaf from seeing Skrillex last night.)
Description : 140bpm, but sounds like drum and bass.
Description : i think i got a cold
Description : More drums. This time a little bouncier.
Description : vice versa with the breaky beat
Description : Another drum loop, this time I wanted to remake Barely Alive's ones. Enjoy!
Description : My first loop! I like Twofold's dubstep drums so I made this. Do what you want with it. I used FL Studio 11
Description : lol its funny
Description : Add it to Secoya Drop dude
Description : the full drum loop
Description : a drum loop made in fl studio
Description : Enjoy :) I accidentally made this loop at 130, but it sounds good at 140!
Description : This drum EXACTLY fits to Free The Skies Synth Drop :3
Description : Very ghetto sounding dubstep drums. They have a hip hop sort of vibe, but obviously at a different tempo. Would love to hear what you make of them.
Description : Ableton
Description : Drum with some layering and stretching effects going on. Would work for dubstep or drumstep of course, but might be good for something like DnB or hip hop if used right.
Description : drums from my latest track 'Zenith', enjoy :)
Description : A straight forward drum line.
Description : Groovy
Description : all together
Description : lol bongs labeled as tobacco products
Loops 1 - 25 of 1185
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