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Description : Break it
Description : Busy groove played in one take, nothing quantized. Played and recorded from Roland TD-25 drum kit. Enjoy.
Description : I ABSOLUTLEY HATE THIS!! Worse loop I ever made, but I bet someone can make a song or something with it lol
Description : Weird Beat or not !!!!Send me the link of your work if you're doing something with this sample...Thanks !!
Description : TEMPO: 80bpm some folly drums
Description : Four bar loop with a claps, shakers and toms. A clap on each count. 126 bpm. Made with Cubase VST. As always I'd like to hear what you did with it if used.
Description : Weird triolic beat. Kick, snare, shaker and a slight bell.
Description : Weird ... Drum loop created in FL Studio at 64 bpm odd structure for a different kind of sound. What you think? Mix n Match, peace!
Description : .........
Description : It´s actually a very low pitched snare This is the Ibanez Bass from my Track When Im Listen To My Mind : Played with Fl Studio want to do something "not normal" will be upload all the Instruments separately Hope for good Feedback use it like u want link in comment if u use love to hear what you can make out of this
Description : ........
Description : downtempo but bpm is 150 :-)
Description : Made with: Cinesamples Drums of War 2 - Taikos Ensemble + HeavyoCity Damage - Studio Armageddon Ens.
Description : TEMPO: 93bpm made these drums for Bakobone's piano loop
Description : TEMPO: 86bpm just some experimental drums using Havoc sounds
Description : .........
Description : TEMPO: 125bpm just experimenting with some new grossbeat presets
Description : Addicted to this genre!
Description : Addicted to this genre!
Description : Addicted to this genre!
Description : As little as it can get!
Description : TEMPO: 85bpm some drums
Description : Knock
Description : Another weirdow
Description : This is weird...
Loops 1 - 25 of 164
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