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Description : Metal drum loop made in Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio
Description : I made this in Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio.
Description : Same as "Rambo Very Hard Beat" but with variations. Played and recorded in one take. This beat is inspired from "Immigrant Song" by Led Zeppelin. Recorded from Roland TD-25 drum kit.
Description : This is the very first beat I played for Looperman six months ago, but this time the tempo is correct and the beat tight with the click. New mix too. Please don't load my very first loop, this version is better. Played and recorded from my electronic drum kit.
Description : This one without a crash at the beginning.
Description : Beefy metal drums made from one shot samples. Some of the tuning may be off, don't know.
Description : Here are some black metal doom drums. Slow snare and hi-hat, but with some heavy double bass action. For a melancholic effect.
Description : Another black metal drum sample, this time with a lot of double kick and similar action on the cymbals as the black metal blast beat sample.
Description : Here is a 8 bar sample of a black metal blast beat I created in FL Studio 10. BPM = 195 (according to FL Studio)/
Description : Loop! Played and recorded from Roland TD-25 drum kit... dangerous! For this one I used the floor tom as a kick switching the sound with the TD-25 sound module. Beat real played and not accelerated.
Description : This beat will make people two step in the pit haha. This style works for most sub genres of metal. When I made it I was think of bands like The Acacia Strain, Hatebreed, Bring Me The Horizon, Parkway Drive, Slipknot ect.. This was made in pro tools 10 with Troontrack and Steven Slate drums layered together.
Description : This is a modern hardcore/metal fast hi hat kinda groove. Bands like Expire, Turnstyle, Trapper Under Ice, Cruel Hand, Back Track, Incendiary, Cold World ect. I used Toontrack drums and Steven Slate layered together. This was made in Pro Tools.
Description : This is a Beatdown hardcore/ Metalcore style stomp beat. This is in the style of Bands like Harms Way, Code Orange, The Acacia Strain, Emmure, Xibalba ect... These are layers of superior drummer, Steven Slate drums and my personal samples. This was made in Pro Tools 10
Description : These are some metal/hardcore crossover style drums. Similar to bands like Hatebreed, Pantera, Machine Head, Biohazard, Slipknot ect... This is a combo of a few different drum samples from Superior Drummer and Steven Slate. I also have some of my own personal samples in there. I made this in pro tools 10.
Description : We have a friend who is a drummer, so Kai and Oddlie worked with him to record him playing a freestyle. We think it turned out great! Use as you wish and please send us your work!
Description : We have a friend who is a drummer, so Kai and Oddlie worked with him to record him playing a freestyle. We think it turned out great! Use as you wish and please send us your work!
Description : Busy groove played in one take, nothing quantized. Played and recorded from Roland TD-25 drum kit. Enjoy.
Description : typical bass snare metal gallop drum beat
Description : super quick two bar metalcore style drum full
Description : a metal beat with ghost notes for a progressive metal feel
Description : typical metal drums build up with toms, snare and kick
Description : a 4 bar metal "breakdown" style loop with fast double bass pedals and a reverse snare added for good measure, this is my first loop and the drum kit is a homemade sample kit, enjoy =]
Description : Constant Bassdrum treatment. Paradiddle variations with snare and hihat. Hihat very tight played and busy at the end. Nothing has been quantized. Recorded with Roland V-Drum TD-25 drum kit.
Description : More to come.
Description : I need to return some videotapes
Loops 1 - 25 of 273
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