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Description : Comments = More loops! :) Show me your work!
Description : Tight house drum groove with some slightly bitcrushed vocal cuts. enjoy!
Description : dnb over house kicks
Description : normal house to go with the tops
Description : one dnb beat and some ya's and a jah and what
Description : dnb stuff that you can put a kick under to make into house
Description : Hi guys, here's a little beat I threw together in 2 minutes, go's well with the Progressive House Synth I uploaded before. Please leave a link to the project you used this in. Thanks!
Description : Another simple beat but this one is more for House/EDM! Have fun, and credit my name! Show me what you have done!
Description : Drum Loop
Description : Drum Loop
Description : The drum loop from coldplay - sky full of stars. Remake
Description : Minimal House Drumloop
Description : Deep Mini Drums 01
Description : A little Big Room pack I made for you. Please make a comment and tell me what you think. Bass in G#.
Description : Just a basic heavy kick :D its actually the kicks ive uploaded before just with a ton of stuff on it lol
Description : A track I started but never finished, so now it belongs to all of you. Comment what you make with it!
Description : Hope everyone liked all the loops i put up, and you can make a cool lead out of them by cutting them up or whatever you want to do, these are the kicks that go along with them if you want to use them, obviously you can use them with anything really lol :)
Description : A clap build with some reverb to make it sound cooler lol. Made in FL Studio at the same time as the last one (drum build). Hope you like and thanks for downloading :)
Description : DrumLoops Basic 06
Description : DrumLoops Basic 05
Description : DrumLoops Basic 04
Description : DrumLoops Basic 03
Description : DrumLoops Basic 02
Description : DrumLoops Basic 01
Description : Facebook for contact
Loops 1 - 25 of 762
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