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Description : ......
Description : Pad loop created in Reaper at 90 BPM, Not part of Thinkin piano loop. Smooth harsh taste.
Description : Piano loop created in Reaper at 75 BPM, D. Thinking keys, sadness fills the cup of life.
Description : ......
Description : It’s really sad, but once your brain’s a piece of shit, it’s always a piece of shit
Description : Here is an alternative version of the "Happy Arpeggio" which i posted earlier. This one sounds a bit more sad with the melody changed to E Minor. Made in FL Studio.
Description : Chill Sad Piano
Description : inspired by Sade - Sweetest Taboo
Description : Lightly sad.
Description : Crispy sad.
Description : Sadly.
Description : Sadly.
Description : Sad, lyrical loop in G harmonic minor. Sheet music: G A G Eb G Bb Bb C A Bb A G F# A C Bb F# G Eb D C D Bb C Bb A G F# G A Bb C F#
Description : protools, east west piano, romantic, love lost feel, G minor eventually resolves to D minor, this loops works for that distant, sad moment , better to have loved and lost than never have loved at all.
Description : cinematic, hip hop too
Description : Sounds sad
Description : Fl Studio Hypersonic
Description : Slow,sad,hip-hop piano loop,I hope you will like and,and if you use it i would be very glad if you put a link to your project in the comments,thanks and Enjoy :)
Description : This time its a sad progression
Description : .....
Description : .....
Description : today it's a sad, rainy day in my hometown, autumn shows it's uglier face...but I'm truly happy to give all of you my 700th loop...:-)
Description : Sad Strings... Please Comment Your Work... :)
Description : Chill Sad Piano Loop... Please Comment Your Work... :)
Description : Sad Dark piano... Make sure you comment your work on this one...
Loops 1 - 25 of 252
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