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Description : lalalalalalalala
Description : -----------
Description : Sad and Slow
Description : Sad and Slow
Description : Sad and Slow
Description : Sad and Slow
Description : Sad and slow
Description : my closest friend lost an 8 years old child...
Description : A very straight-up country rock ending for a sad or serious tune. The last chord is an Em9. On a Stratocaster bridge pickup.
Description : ........
Description : Sad melody. Piano. Enjoy
Description : KEY: Am CHORDS: FM7/G/Am/FM7/G/Em TEMPO: 90bpm sad pad with nice movement.
Description : 84 beats per minute
Description : Woooooooooooooooooooow
Description : Sad piano
Description : KEY: G-maj TEMPO: 90 a sad, almost Asian sounding pad/string/pluck combo. Always curious to see where these loops go, so share your projects with me.
Description : Guitar synth made with Magix
Description : Sup guys, I hope yall like this loop. I was working on an ambient project, but sadly got no where with it. But, I would realllyy love to see what someone else could do with it. Don't forget to share it with me. ;)
Description : .........
Description : A sad piano from a song I recently made. It's a simple melody, but it's good for the background. I'll love to see how someone else would add this in their song, so leave links below! :D
Description : Sad Emotional Piano
Description : .........
Description : Realized with Fl Studio 11
Description : I was working on a beat. Never got anywhere so I decided to upload the piano part. Send link to whatever work you do :) A, F, C, G is the only notes a used except for the melody. But it's easy to work on.
Description : Another sad loop I created. Hope you like :)
Loops 1 - 25 of 326
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