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Description : Too sad, though. 5 years older. Edit; Now at 100 bpm, and syncs/loops perfectly.
Description : created in FL
Description : created in FL
Description : Chill Sad Piano
Description : I hope it's useful. Made in fl studio. Reminds me sitting in an old Irish pub and drinking beer like a time that happiness and sadness crossing paths for no particular reason....
Description : created with fl studio
Description : Sad Old School Piano...
Description : created by me in fl studio
Description : Chill Sad Piano
Description : pretty basic - kick,snare,clap,etc.148bpm Perfect for a sad/romantic hip hop song..inspired(maybe) from amaal malik's 'chal wahan...'.anyways,please send me a link of this song as i really want to hear something out of this. that title is just something random.
Description : Gibson les paul,Kemper profiler amp,rotary speaker simulater into Cubase.A touch of sadness maybe..
Description : Chill Sad Piano... Please Let Me hear Your Work...
Description : just a fast loop i made on reason all drums made 100 percent by GOONKNOX use as ya wish peeps would love to hear if ya kill it
Description : sad in double
Description : Half sad
Description : Shrilly sad
Description : This loop very sadly.Don't cry,just use :) Use for Dark Theme musics.Anyway,this loop is really dark :)
Description : It could be worse? Sad rhodes in super C major.
Description : Sad and slow
Description : Sad violin Asharp 52 bpm Dsk strings. Midi file? Wish granted :p
Description : Slow and sad.
Description : Made in FL Studio @ 115 BPM
Description : some Japanese flavor. Kanashi o hanashi means to talk about the sad things in life. I hope it's useful. Made in fl studio. I've put it under ethnic but can be used in other genres as well...
Description : some slow sad piano melodie.
Description : A very low feeling piano
Loops 1 - 25 of 281
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