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Description : Droning dancey synth run with a bright turnaround (you have to wait for it!) in Am.
Description : Rising stabby synth brass horns in G#m.
Description : Created with Orchestral in Flstudio. Just a beat I was working on. Send your finished creations to my email :) If you want to see the piano roll comment below
Description : Gangsta
Description : Made With Massive And Drowned In Reverb.
Description : A French Horn
Description : Gangsta!
Description : beautiful)
Description : 808 kick with a nice clap from cappyissocool's beat. Hope you guys can use this! No more Horny TOADS!
Description : cool)
Description : Download people
Description : Sounds like a childish horn. . .
Description : God is Perfect and Good. Horn of our salvation.
Description : this is trill loud tho
Description : i dunno, was messing around and this came out lol
Description : Ryan Deshawn here. Strings and horns needed?? Cool Here they are. If you make something cool with them, I would love to hear it...Peace!
Description : Needs some horns? Get 'em.
Description : Same loop as the Guitar Accoustic Little Italian Dance. This time for French Horn. In the second melody line you can hear bassoon which has a different timbre. I have added no effects! The tune is in d minor. This is influenced by early Baroque Music.
Description : .....
Description : I'm not gonna use this but it might come in handy for some of you out there. Sounds like a synth (130bpm). No idea what the genre should be but I was planning to use it as a background/intro for a short doc about serial killers....
Description : LATIN/SPANISH GENRE. Hola a todos mis amigos Latinos y Españoles cruzando el mundo! (Hello to all my Latin and Spanish Friends across the world!) Okay the rules says you must use English on this site. Just two loops from me at this time. I just wanted to know if there is anyone here who likes this style of music. Comment to me right here and let me know. Thank you very much! (Muchas gracias!)
Description : the horn section
Description : Horns to my song Bang-A-Lot
Description : Dark Drone
Loops 1 - 25 of 227
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