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Description : Created in FL Studio
Description : The ´´second´´ part of my Trap Drums , this time with the popular Trap Air Horn ... If you use it show me your work ;)
Description : Created and Recorded in Presonus Studio
Description : 93 BPM. Took some simple piano, pad, & horn samples and just cut them up for you folks. Put this with one of your drum tracks and go nuts. Do what you want. Have fun!
Description : 3 separate drums that fit together well 16 beats w fill @ 85 bpm
Description : nobody hates horns... right?
Description : Yep, you guessed it!.. Made in FL Studio! Enjoy!
Description : I managed to make a horn sounding synth so I threw this together to share with you. Should sound nice in a Big Room House song, enjoy and let me hear if you come up with anything
Description : First loop I ever uploaded! These horns have volume with a some reverb.
Description : some dnb for the piano and horns
Description : sounds like some rpg game music.
Description : Blues scale key of A 63 bpm The crackle and pop you hear is from a vinyl record effect, don't worry, its not your speakers : )
Description : just a horn loop i created ob fl studio with a lil effects added.
Description : something i created for looperman if you build around this with the right sounds i think u can have something crazzyy but its all on the sounds you choose. enjoy.
Description : a horn loop i created im sure this can be flipped. enjoy.
Description : Made this loops from MPA App for Android
Description : simple trap horns, hard
Description : Simple hard Trap horns. Get it! Tags; hard,trap beat, horns. Easy to use as a main or hook part and easy to cut up and re arrange. No simpler then that. Download it and use with the trap drums I uploaded or your own. Make it happen!
Description : Please comment if you download and share your creations. Peace.
Description : Please comment if you download and share your creations. Peace.
Description : e-flat major chord. simple, cinematic "here we go" section of trombones, french horns, and trumpets. Vienna Instruments + ProTools. check out my tracks page to hear how i used this!
Description : Horns that go with the brass hits. FL 10 and Nexus no effects.
Description : East coast, battle brass, tuff guy rap horns
Description : East coast type of horns
Loops 1 - 25 of 184
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