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Description : nothing special, kinda retro, reminds me of mild and smooth pop-ish tracks from 90s
Description : Just something simple I put together tonight. Enjoy and mess around with it if you'd like.
Description : I love the 90s, enjoy
Description : very dirty and loud old school drums.
leave a link if u use this loop.
lov to hear it.
Description : I made this with my beautiful Impulse 49.
Description : KEY: A-min
TEMPO: 86bpm
just trying to make some different s#it. This has that laid back 90s summer vibe.
Description : Heres the same loop without the synth bass, sounds more authentic.
Description : just a lil suttin i made, show me how you use it, heres the one with the synth bass, i'll upload one without as well
Description : Typical Kick Snare pattern for a 90's style HipHop track
Description : This is the 90s .... Where are the Lines?...WHERE!!!
Description : 90's Hip-Hop Beat
Description : TEMPO: 110bpm
Real heavy reverb on some old-school 90s drums
Description : Just having fun with serum in Ableton today. 120bpm
Description : KEY: C#m
TEMPO: 150bpm
if you grew up in the 80s or 90s, you'll probably reckognize this lick.
Description : KEY: A-maj
TEMPO: 100bpm
just a light slap bass reminiscent of that 90s hip-hop vibe
Description : A lead I made when trying to make a G-Funk style tune. The sound comes from Operator in Ableton I believe. Sounds good with reverb, and side-chained to the kick!
Description : 80 BPM works in D or D minor. This one is a sample on my old 90s Alesis synth
Description : pad made wit a 90s Alesis QS6 sample based synth
Description : 110 BPM. Made with a 90s Alesis QS6 sample based synth...there is another loop with the same pad further down my looop list.
Description : 110 BPM chord progression is F Dm G Am. Made this one with a 90s Alesis QS6 synth..It is a slightly tweaked version of the original synth patch called Babylon 8..should work for chillout or ambient etc.
Description : some 90s era hip hop drums...
Description : Upbeat loop made on 90s Roland workstation, Percussion with bass synth underneath. Enjoy :)
Description : Haven't really uploaded many loops lately but last night I was just messing around on fl studio and came up with this. Let me know if you guys like it and I'll continue to make more like this :)
Description : This loop works in 100 bpm and thats actually what I intended it to be. Anyways another old school drum loop :) let me know if ya dig it or if you don't dig. Either way your input is always appreciated.
Loops 1 - 25 of 28
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