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Description : Distorted Guitarsynth @ 140 BPM Please let me hear what you have done with that^^
Description : Same notation as Distorted Bassline 140 BPM. Have fun using this :-) Please leafe comment and please contact me or write in comments if you want related stuff to this loop
Description : Distorted Bassline as name already says^^ Its one of my magic "5" for beginners. Please let me know if you want more related stuff. Its always possible. Please leafe comment if you like and if you dont like. Thanks for hearing this.
Description : darkTechno DrumL 01 125
Description : darkTechno DrumL 02 125
Description : darkTechno DrumL 03 125
Description : darkTechno DrumL 04 125
Description : darkTechno DrumL 05 125
Description : darkTechno DrumL 06 125
Description : darkTechno DrumL 07 125
Description : darkTechno DrumL 08 125
Description : darkTechno DrumL 09 125
Description : darkTechno DrumL 10 125
Description : just a random short synth melody made with fl studio i don't know which category should i put on in let me know if you use it.
Description : Simple cello loop with a filter.
Description : One of the best Hands Up leads ive ever made with Massive. If you have any MIDI wishes for that sound just msg me :)
Description : Messing with my Vocals for the 1st time. Definitely belongs to a Techno song ! Wow Wow wawawa Wow Wow wawawawa!! Catchy as fuckk. Link me after the song is done please I want to here what yall came up with !!
Description : Loop from my latest trap beat with the same title coming from an album/EP of the same title
Description : A hardstyle lead
Description : give it a minute.
Description : Tried to make a version of those techno opera pads you'd hear in some sci-fi 80s movies. I made an orchestral piece that goes with this as well, but i'm throwing that one in the goodies bag (sorry). Just know that this loop plays well with cellos!
Description : Nice vocal chop made for trap/dubstep/techno/electro. Tempo is 125, but came be changed easily. Made in logic pro x. Just a simple trap or techno vox. If you want to feature me use the name Firing Squad. COMMENT LINK TO TRACK if you used this loop. Remember, this is royalty free so have fun with it!
Description : I don't know either. And it sounds crap.
Description : A very unusual percussion loop with weird resonances. Pretty dynamic and wide frequency range. Sounds great with the bass lines of the same title.
Description : A minimal bass line which was meant for techno styles, but could fit in with lots of electronic genres. Very sub heavy.
Loops 1 - 25 of 1600
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