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Description : Same as Swiss Reggae Groove but with a snare added.
Description : Played and recorded from Roland TD-25 drum kit. Nothing quantized.Heidi added some effects on this one.
Description : My first Reggea Drums...has never made this genre
Description : .....
Description : Reggae Bass Guitar
Description : Made with garageband
Description : Piano
Description : Guitar
Description : Bass Guitar
Description : But when army was defeated and the Kandaka throw her self in to the Nile the last warrior descided to keep on drumming while seeing spears rushing towards him
Description : Queen Kandaka declares war and ordering Sudan warriors to drum under the moon.
Description : Reggae drum loop 74 bpm , enjoy and lemme know how you used it
Description : Reggae Piano
Description : Reggae Bass
Description : Reggae Drums
Description : Skank guitar loop for reggae and dubstep. Free to use :3
Description : .......
Description : A piano loop to sit alongside a bass loop I uploaded In D minor with that other chord being a C minor. Some reverb and delay added. I can put it up as clean and dry as u like if someone wants to request it, personally i think it sounds better this way.
Description : Not exactly Shakespeare but here is another reggae bass loop for you. It emphasizes the 3rd beat rather than the first (Cool reggae trick). 120bpm D with that 3rd note being a C. So goes D G D G C - if u know what I mean? i hope that helps. I will try to upload a corresponding piano sound to compliment this so check out my loops if you want a clean reggae piano sound. I will also upload a piece of music to show you the bass with other instruments to help u get your brain around it. If anyone makes anything from this - I would love to hear it. Enjoy!
Description : ........
Description : using a pick to play the bass guitar. Starting in G#. The change at 12 second mark goes to C# for 2 bars then back at 18 second mark to G#. . Slightly EQ'd but no added VST amp sound etc. I hope it works for someone and will be curious to hear it used if someone would like to share what they make.
Description : Recorded with an electric bass guitar. Reggae bass line - 4 bars long 80bpm Riff follows: G B C D - i hope that helps. There is obvious repeats of those notes that you will hear. It is dry to allow you to add your own reverb, distortion etc
Description : ........
Description : Some Caribbean style shell drums for a hip hop track. Tell me what you think!
Description : 8 seamless bars of a typically oldschool reggae brass horn riff. Implied harmony: A natural minor.
Loops 1 - 25 of 294
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