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Description : Kick drum sporting a hat. Be Koo.
Description : Another hip hop drum loop that can, of course, be used for whatever genre. Would love to hear what you do with this one! Enjoy! -Feenom
Description : 3 of 3. Versatile piano banger.
Description : 2 of 3 . Little bit of the hats.
Description : 1 of 3. Funky bass line
Description : Strings Loop in D# - MINOR; Hope you find this useful. If you use one of my loops in your song, I'd love to hear it. More INFO on my PROFILE PAGE! Thanks.
Description : Even though it's mid march, it feels more like winter than winter itself. Smooth rhodes, lugubre ambiance, 86 bpm in C.
Description : VERY infectious piano tune......Be Koo.
Description : This loop can easily be seed up or slowed down to fit your project. Be Koo.
Description : Had to upload this. . It just sounds sick!! Lol Scale Type: Ionian
Description : Made this one with KORG Gadget for iPad. . Scale Type - Dorian!
Description : A short acoustic guitar loop just for you ;)
Description : Let the 808s thump! Another Hip Hop drum loop for you guys, but can be used for whatever. Just make it hot! Would love to hear what you do with this. Enjoy. Feenom
Description : Made in fl studio. I hope it's useful....
Description : Title pretty much explains it all, a slowed down drum loop, gives a nice Odd Future sound. Link me if you use it!
Description : I might be wearing this sound out. Gonna have to come up with another one.
Description : Evening time here. Just having some fun. This can actually be chopped up into a verse and hook rather than 1 long loop. Its up to yall though..Hope you can work with it..Peace!
Description : I received a message and a loop from the user Ronabo asking if I could add to the loop he had and this is what I came up with. So Ronabo, this is for you bro..... Much love and respect!
Description : The Ryan Deshawn rants were short lived over here....Nothing but Peace and Love....
Description : Ksynth loop created in Reaper at 110 BPM, D. Charge up synth with a kick to it..
Description : .........
Description : This mesh of sounds into one instrument is a 1 of 1. I love this loop. Its kind of grimey. Needs like sirens and gunshots. Old windy nights kind of feel. Dark crime ridden vibe. ...Enjoy!
Description : Another one from 2007....This is when I first started learning the keyboard and understanding what a chord was and how to do melodies.....I really thought I was!!
Description : I made this loop in 2007. It's hard to believe that was 8 years ago. I'm over here digging in the crates (Folders) finding all kinds of stuff I never used. Hope someone else can build on this. It's all for the love!!
Description : Ryan Deshawn here. Hey why not. I do it for the love. Thought this could possibly be helpful for somebody.
Loops 1 - 25 of 10596
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