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Description : dope boy on thee drums
Description : wanna be gangstas banging on drums
Description : Electric vibes
Description : is it "funk" ...right? ^^
Description : funky guitar loop B - A
Description : funky
Description : This loop goes with 'GlitchHop Chords 100bpm'. A funky, swinging beat ment for GlitchHop. Made in FLStudio11 with all native drum samples. FLP / MIDI available on request.
Description : Made in FLStudio11 with Harmor. Automating BandPhaser filter, Unison Pitch, Harmonic Detuning, Unison Panning, Unison Phase. Resampled in Harmor and automating Phaser and BandPhaser filters on 1 & 2.
Description : Pretty funk
Description : used harmor with various presets at a single time
Description : 105 in the shade
Description : funky slam chords
Description : hotter and hotter
Description : ................
Description : ................
Description : Groove Drums Electronic, Soul inspired by the 70's Rio de Janeiro! I used a Korg Micro Key midi controller for playing with the presets in Logic Pro 9. I would like to hear how this will be used Loop, Na Lata!!
Description : short Funk Guitar Riff .. hope it is D. Chords are Am A# C Am
Description : This is third and final variation of this bassline. No effects, just bare recording, bass guitar to audio interface. No EQ, no amp simulators. Only compressor. This is basically 2 loops in 1, as it is divided in stages. I recommend Amplitube if you want to add some pedals, amps and such. Enjoy! (If you need this loop with different tempo, feel free to contact me)
Description : A funky bassline, bright. Enjoy!
Description : A funky bassline, recorded with an envelope filter. I will be uploading a bright version soon. Enjoy!
Description : barb tarbox
Description : Guitar Solo in E. Bass -> Old Grapefruit 90bpm A Bass
Description : Bass Guitar in A with light slap. see Guitar solo Old Grapefruit 90bpm A Solo
Description : Nice funky guitar sample. CHORD PROGRESSION : Am-Dm-Em-Em
Description : Cm9/Fm7, 110bpm, in 4 different ways for your looping pleasure.
Loops 1 - 25 of 750
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