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Description : let me know post ur link here so i can hear what u have made with this thanbkss
Description : brazilian funk rythm
Description : free to use ok vale obrigado é nos!!! show me ur link with ur work done thankss
Description : free to use
Description : let me know where ur song gonna be!!
Description : feel fre to use and let me heear ur song on thsi loop of mine
Description : let me hear ur work done with my loop later ok guys thankss
Description : 8 seamless bars of a mellow Fender-Rhodes piano funk groove.
Description : off beat harp filler
Description : 8 seamless bars of a percussive, funky piano riff in the 1960's style.

Implied harmonies: Eb7#9----Ab7
Description : Created with Maschine Jam, my first loop. Has Kick, Snare, Djembe, and Clap. To test it, I threw it in my DAW and paired it with a Funk bassline, and it sounded sweet. If you use it in a track comment and let me know, I want to see what you did with it. Lemme know if I got the genre right.
Description : Comment with links to what you made with this
Description : 8 seamless bars of a percussive piano riff in the 1970's Funk style. Be sure to feel the 16th-note feel beneath this.

Implied harmonies: Ab--Cm7--Fm7 Db6--Ab/C---Bbm7
Description : 8 seamless bars of a horn section doing a funky riff in the 1960's style. This recording is very big, bright and in-your-face; so you will almost surely want to compress and/or EQ to get it to sit back in your mix properly.

Based around the key of F Blues.
Description : 4 seamless bars of a drum groove similar to that heard on the 1971 James Brown record, "Soul Power".
Description : Brazil
Description : Soft test
Description : A retro-sounding trumpet ensemble with a random shitty chorus effect attached.
Description : Shaker recorderd in stereo at 120 BPM with a pair of Rode NT5s.
If you use this sample, please post a link to the finished track in the comments for me to take a listen, thanks!
Description : Listen to the Funk-Rock Bass!
Description : Listen to Funk because it is hottt! I think I am back to 1 genre loop producer until further notice. Yeah, you guessed it, it will FUNK of course! (in A Major)
Description : One of those All Day, One Loop Only Productions. First I used WAVES Electric 88 Piano, then to push that 1960s vibe I used SOUNDSPOT'S Fat Filter, then WAVES Kramer Tape filter for WOW & FLUTTER and used its feedback and noise options as well. Finally, I used a device known as Mr OverDrive to add that 1960s Mono Harshness flavor. Oh and I forgot, I turned on the built-in Amp on the WAVES Electric 88 Piano to add some moderate drive and formants to the keys. All and all I had fun with my funk today! I hope you find this one useful! Works for 60s Rock too!
Description : 4 seamless bars of a medium-tempo Pop-Funk Groove inspired by the 1971 hit, "Stick Up" by The Honey Cone.
Description : Just an offbeat cowbell rhythm with a nice swing to it.
Description : I FORGOT TO ADD A BASS. Here ya go!
Loops 1 - 25 of 1135
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