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Description : tears. Using rounds and razor synth electronic sound
Description : harmor
Description : so "hooping" is dancing with a hula hoop? i was under the impression it was when you put E in your butt lol
Description : not in vain, Massive synth wobble synth
Description : A (mostly) dry synth lead. Good for Dubstep / Drumstep and Trap I suppose.
Description : messed with a few kicks n stuff
Description : Pretty cool melody i think, ill prob use it for something but not sure what yet. In the meantime... Hope you find them useful :)
Description : This is the kick, that joined with the bass and lead, can be a good mix.
Description : This is the bass, that joined with the lead and kick, can be a good mix.
Description : This is the lead, that joined with the bass and kick, can be a good mix.
Description : Pluck Made with FL Studio
Description : Made using FL STUDIO
Description : This is a dynamic percussive synth in Fminor and Cminor, or Fminor and Cmajor depending on which way you want to take it. It would work well in anything from hip hop to dub to cinematic. Again, because it is a synth I'll put it in the electronic genre.
Description : Nice arped synth in Fminor that could work in just about any genre as either an intro or a foundation for your track. I'll put it in electronic genre for now.
Description : Buzzy solid synth bass sequence, will tolerate heavy EQ to push it to the background as low bass or make it a high frequency buzzing overlay, in Cm.
Description : Cheeky alternative electronic beat with small synth bass highlights and a bell in C on the 3rd beat. In Am key.
Description : Droning dancey synth run with a bright turnaround (you have to wait for it!) in Am.
Description : Monolithic lolloping bass synth with a sombre tone in Am.
Description : Straight electronic beat with a shaky synth turnaround in D#.
Description : Just a simple melody. Could be turned into a Halloween type melody
Description : Made using FL Studio
Description : Made with FL STUDIO. Also I added drums by accident thanks to a certain person that noticed so i took them off.
Description : Made using FL Studio.
Description : Jabby sizzly high frequency synth sequence in Bm.
Description : This is very useful with my other loops.
Loops 1 - 25 of 4572
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