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Description : eyuh aye uh percs
Description : kick hst snamer
Description : A synth bass incorporating a saw waveform. Pretty simple, but would be great for techno or glitch or other electronic genres.
Description : A nice arpeggio synth line with a high octave range. Kind of meant for a glitch techno sort of sound, but could fit in to any electronic genre.
Description : A melody created with my Gibson G-101 organ using a string setting. It sounds more like an organ though, so that's what I'm categorizing it as.
Description : A wobble bass line with modulation of the decay of the notes. Has a good background trip intensity feel to it.
Description : This is some piano chords from my new song. =) Hope you ejoy! If you use it, use the name ''Tim Åsgard''
Description : this is a melody for a song im making, i usually start with a piano melody like this and turn it into different synths, so i didnt use this in the song and thought it would be a waste not to put it on looperman. As i am terrible at music theory im not 100% sure about the key but the notes in the first bar are; A5, E6 , A6, E6, A6, E6, C6, E6, F6, A6 The rest is just different variations of that Enjoy :D
Description : Got it in a flash! Can be used in D&B or Dubstep ! :)
Description : Dirty Bass synth made in NI Massive
Description : A melody made with unison oscillators. Very simple, but has a pleasing vibe to it.
Description : VOcoder FM mod
Description : A simple high hat pattern designed on a virtual analog synth. Could be used for about any style of music.
Description : A dance oriented melody designed with a hybrid of analog and digital sounds. Could sound good in lots of electronic genres.
Description : An acid synth groove designed with a hybrid of analog and digital sounds. Has a nice flow to it, and would fit in with lots of styles.
Description : Just a simple drone which could be used as is (looped), or as a one shot if you're into that sort of thing. Good for any electronic style.
Description : A pretty basic glitchy drum beat which would be nice in lots of electronic styles.
Description : An uplifting saw lead which could be useful in any sort of electronic style.
Description : Fun drum loop which is primarily circuit bent in origin.
Description : A club sounding glitchy drum beat which could fit in with lots of genres.
Description : A clicky sub bass line which is kind of a late half time feel.
Description : A dirty sounding stab line which is offbeat sort of half time, and has a nice delay effect added.
Description : A cool arpeggio progression in G minor with some squeaky resonant artifacts. Could be a good basis for a composition in many styles.
Description : massive i think i got a cold
Description : massive i think i got a cold
Loops 1 - 25 of 4061
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