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Description : Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.
Description : How long how long till our souls are avenged?
Description : Don't worry about your life. Rock Synth Arp, done with blue arp.
Description : 80s style, preachin with white eyes, aren't you worth more than a sparrow? MAde with all free vsts, bluearp, kruudster, ragnarok, tal bass synth
Description : i was all into this when i was a little fatty
Description : A sequence build with FM synthesis. Has kind of a vocal character to the sound. Would be fun to use in lots of genres from techno to cinematic.
Description : Nice kick and snare drum loop with a pretty dry sound. Would be good for techno or other similar styles.
Description : A pretty low bass line with a classic synth bass sound. Simple but effective in lots of genres.
Description : Let me know what you think!
Description : Enjoy the loops! Let me know if you use them in the comments so I can check out the amazing work created! Someone let me know what genre this belongs so if I'm wrong I can fix this. I currently have it in Electronic
Description : harmor
Description : harmor
Description : can o pop
Description : a few beats put together
Description : harmor
Description : .....
Description : a different kind of loop,best used in my opinion after a kick (128bpm) sounds pretty cool. Send me a link to any of your songs so i can check it out :D
Description : Just a basic flute sounding melody. I think I made this with a one shot. Sounds pretty good.
Description : First version of the creepy formant bass line. Would be fun to hear the different styles you can make with this.
Description : Second version of the creepy vocal formant bass line. Would be fun to hear the different styles you can make with this.
Description : Just the kick and snare from the drum loop for this set. Strange style sounds which could fit in with lots of electronic genres.
Description : A strange funk instrument, chopped from who knows where. Sounds good with a nice rhythm though.
Description : A strange drum loop with sounds you don't hear everyday. Would be fun to hear what kind of styles you use this for!
Loops 1 - 25 of 4099
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