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Description : Trying something new! Sorry for the hiatus, school has been crazy. Let me know what you think and comment links to the tracks you use this in!
Description : ......
Description : Playing around with 3xosc because why not. Literally turned like 4 knobs and put a small reverb and equalizer on it lol
Description : .....
Description : .....
Description : .....
Description : .....
Description : A very nice and catchy Hip Hop electric guitar synth loop created in FL Studio with BlueII Synthesizer developed by RobPapen. Suitbale for Gangsta Rap, West Coast and more.
Description : This is a very nice and clean ambient modern lead loop created in FL Studio with BlueII Synth by Rob Papen.
Description : This arpeggio loop is created in FL Studio using BlueII synth from Rob Papen. Suitbale for any Electronic music style such as Dubstep, Dance, Progressive, Techno, Deep House and more.
Description : Had this loop in my mind so I brought it to life. Let me know if you use it.
Description : A nice roomy sounding pluck line which is nice as an accent to a melody or bass line. Meant for hardcore, but might sound good used in other ways.
Description : .....
Description : A morphing sort of atmospheric synth with a buzzy tone. I think it sounds great in a psy trance setting, but could easily fit in elsewhere.
Description : A short synth melody with a nice stereo field. Kind of designed it for trance, but could be good for any electronic style.
Description : I also love to see your work so comment it if you want! But anyways, enjoy, and if you want this loop in bass or piano or different sounding lead message me!
Description : stabs, chords
Description : The raw version of a linear oscillator acid synth patched on my modular synth. Fun stuff!
Description : Filter modified version of an linear oscillator acid synth patched on my modular synth. Kind of a fun sound.
Description : Sweet synth chord hits with some glitchy delay action going on. A bit on the harsh side, but it's for effect... so ya know...
Description : .....
Description : .....
Description : This is a nice sounding arpeggio made with 3xOsc and a waveform sample. It's got a good stereo effect, and some sweet momentum. Could probably work in any genre.
Description : Short melody made with an FM patch. I thought it felt pretty upbeat. It would be interesting to hear it in a hardcore dance setting too I guess. Have fuN!
Description : Sweet acid synth, not quite a bass though. Would sound great in acid, house, techno, trance or whatever you can think of. Njoy
Loops 1 - 25 of 10405
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