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Description : My loops are yours.
Description : Made in FL Studio @ 130 BPM
Description : harmor
Description : I hope it's useful for some of you out there. Made in fl studio. idea. I'll put it under weird....
Description : making some random loops for you guys :) hope you enjoy
Description : Created at 120 BPM, A. Made with Sytrus Ds Patch My Mistress, what shall you have me do? Could be useful for the genre of your choosing. For me I had ideas of something of the cinematic hoppage feel. Have fun, Mix N Match. Peace.
Description : Created at 120, D. Made with Sytrus Ds Patch. Some didly do a wah whistlin' fool digi style. Genre can be fitted to your own wish. Have fun. Mix n Match. Peace.
Description : And it was all Lighting. 125 bpm analog trance sound in c
Description : Cool)
Description : I thought it was advanced years that gave a man wisdom, but its the breathe of the Almighty that gives a man understanding. Triangle analog wave at 70 bpm with stereo delay with chromatic resonances and and multivoice chorus.
Description : .....
Description : sylenth synth wiz feel
Description : I like plucks
Description : Loop is in C-Maj. Leave constructive criticism, requests, etc. If you use my loops i would love to hear your track!
Description : Made in FL Studeio @ 130 BPM
Description : I couldn't manage to get rid of the reverb, unfortunately. Garageband sucks :( EDIT: Wtf? it's still somewhat too long even tho i shortened it in Garageband... ugh
Description : Coulb be nice to introduce a song
Description : Be carreful not the same key as the pluck...
Description : Indeed it sounds like a pluck
Description : Nothing fancy... cook it, bag it, serve it... Work on the table. Made with Synleth. If you use, I would LOVE to hear it!
Description : For the Almighty to share with you guys :D. 8 bit Analog sawtooth wave in C
Description : Angels on clouds. 16 bit Analog triangle wave tracker filtered with stereo delay with chromatic resonances.
Description : Made in FL Studio @ 140 BPM
Description : This is the saw from ahzee's remix of hardcore vibes
Description : boom boom clap
Loops 1 - 25 of 11673
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