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Description : Trance lead , sidechained.
Description : i have no use for this loop, i guess nobody makes this style of house anymore around here so yeah. maybe y'all remember
Description : "ONE, TWO, WOOP, WOOP!"
Description : "I'm on the pursuit of happiness and I know everything that shine ain't always gonna be gold, hey I'll be fine once I get it, yeah I'll be good."
Description : drop build up w white noise lift then pluck taps
Description : just a drop.
Description : harmor
Description : E C B the keys.i want to listen ur songs let me know of that you use this loop.
Description : Hope you like remember to comment with any links to your songs, advice or suggestions.
Description : loop my music Space Invaders, listen here >>
Description : loop my music Space Invaders, listen here >>
Description : loop my music Space Invaders, listen here >>
Description : Someone asked for a gliding rise soo... here lol
Description : Self explanatory, in Fminor
Description : From a song im making :D
Description : the pluck synth in FL studio. two voices messing on an C#-maj7-maj9 chord. for a larger track and an image at the Audio Sparks site.
Description : Phantom Synth
Description : D# G# B G# the keys.i think u can use for electro dubstep hiphop. please link the comment if u use my loops.
Description : Nice little synth, pluck with reverb and delay
Description : This is yet another synth created in Fl Studio 11. let me know if you use and feedback is always nice.
Description : Base line made up of Square Saw and sine. Rotary flang
Description : Pizzi styled synth with square and saw stacked osc. LFO used to control peaking modulation on LP-cut. Subtly glitchy. Added a Chorus effect to everything except Square osc.
Description : Pizzi styled synth combined with a square osc and noise generator. used LFO to peak modulation to give a glitchy feel
Description : Pizzi styled synth with a flange echo
Description : A#minor.
Loops 1 - 25 of 9659
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