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Description : Use it to your liking. As always, add kickstart/gross beat & reeverb to make it sound better. (I'm not 100% sure if the key is F)
Description : alma perdida. 8 bit chip tune with pointer cast distortion
Description : Monark, Oki computer, and rounds. Synth elektronik
Description : Description : Hello people of the internet :) I am back with some fresh grooves! You can do what you like with it, just link your track in the comments below so I can hear it!!
Description : A mellow/happy sort of lead. Let me know if you come up with anything! Always fun to hear your stuff. (Reeverb & Kickstart/Gross Beat suggested)
Description : The lead that I used for my song 'redirection'. Royalty free as it should be, use it in any way you like.
Description : An intro lead with a supersaw. Let me know if you come up with anything! I'd suggest putting a bit of reverb and kickstart/gross beat to make it sound better.
Description : tears. Using rounds and razor synth electronic sound
Description : Massive passive progressive
Description : Massive
Description : Massive
Description : It's in your eyes, a color fade out Looks like a new transition The starting up and shaking your ground Turning your head to see a new day calling Does it feel like a head to lean on? A snapshot from where you were born I'm looking for your hand in the rough You're caught in the wire Well, I'll lift you up
Description : Made this for a remix that didnt work out
Description : Partial Drop Loop synth only
Description : High Synths and an organ..
Description : not in vain, Massive synth wobble synth
Description : A (mostly) dry synth lead. Good for Dubstep / Drumstep and Trap I suppose.
Description : Just for you.
Description : Did this drop with Serums and Vocodex and I couldnt really fit it in a track so I decided to do loops and share with yall :) Also, let me know if you use it, Id love to hear it!
Description : Made in fl studio. I hope it'll be useful.
Description : A nice rhodes and synth
Description : will not die. Chiptune in 8 bit sawtooth.
Description : I don't like big room. But I tried to do something for fun. Maybe it's too speed...
Description : Have fun
Description : Since I started making loops, I improved a lot my melodic supersaw-ish style. And with this one, I figured out how to make it even more awesome! Although it requires 4 custom patches XD Anyways hope you enjoy this new melodic loop!
Loops 1 - 25 of 12110
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