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Description : Hard synth remake for Chris Brown's Loyal. Made with Ableton.
Description : Main synths remake for Chris Brown's Loyal. Made with Ableton.
Description : Weird rise.. ya i'm sorry lol
Description : second piece of the loop
Description : DPBS- Created in reaper at 160/80 bpm key F#. Sounds like something is about to go down. Hype the scene.
Description : .....
Description : ,.-!%
Description : just activated my trap card
Description : Nice 8bar trance/dance breakdown for ya! Please comment and let me know if you like any of my loops then i know if its worth my time doing these. We all have jobs and personal things to do, so 1 minute of your time means a lot to us for our time and input. If you use any of my loops it would be great to link me to your work so i can check it out. All my loops are free to use however you like.
Description : harmor if you put house kicks under a dnb beat it kinda works with this
Description : This is mostly a synth break for a big room track, but you can use it to your liking.
Description : it could be used at 80 bpm as well
Description : This is a very small Big Room loop pack used for Big Room. Enjoy.
Description : created in fl studio
Description : 1/8 triplet
Description : yet another lead
Description : lead hip hop
Description : .-+!/
Description : another lead
Description : An amazingly catchy lead loop. Please send me your work i would love to see it!
Description : 2 different synth's
Description : ,.-+/
Description : 1/8 dotted quantized
Description : .....
Description : arracis gold
Loops 1 - 25 of 10506
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