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Description : Hope you enjoy this ambient loop, and please, make sure to check 40a's loops aswell and MCNorad's 'pellas if quality is all you need! :)
Description : shout out to all the people who already sold their sooooOUUuuUUlssoOOOooOOOOOh!
Description : a friend of mine said it sounded like a mallet being played underwater. but i think it sounds more like "underwater" being played by a mallet, u feelz?
Description : Oh yes my friend
Description : .....
Description : .....
Description : Trance lead, sidechained
Description : House....
Description : Massive n stuff
Description : Ableton
Description : .....
Description : .....
Description : .....
Description : A sequence build with FM synthesis. Has kind of a vocal character to the sound. Would be fun to use in lots of genres from techno to cinematic.
Description : Low version of a harsh sequence, with some sparkling vibes contained within.
Description : High version of a somewhat harsh sequence with some sparkling vibes. Could be good for any electronic genre.
Description : A lead melody created with digital waveforms. Great for techno or industrial styles.
Description : A second lead melody created from digital waveforms. Great for techno or industrial styles.
Description : Saw lead loop Let me know what you think! Has more of a linkin park to it in my opinion
Description : Let me know what you think!
Description : Enjoy the loops! Let me know if you use them in the comments so I can check out the amazing work created! Someone let me know what genre this belongs so if I'm wrong I can fix this. I currently have it in Electronic
Description : I'm using this for an electro beat. I hope it's useful for some of you out there...
Description : harmor
Description : 180 BPM.
Description : TRANCE AND DEEP HOUSE SET. I really could not decided if I wanted DEEP HOUSE or TRANCE. So you will get a little bit of both with this set. But it is mostly TRANCE. My first loops were TRANCE genre loops on, so I am not new to the Trance genre. 10 Royalty Free Loops 4 U!
Loops 1 - 25 of 10617
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