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Description : This is probably the first Sarod Loop at Looperman. I play on the north Indian String Instrument Sarod a Melody, based on Asavari That. The Raga which is played in the morning hours. In this short sequence I integrated a few typical glissandi which are characteristic for Indian classical music. The scale is C-D-Eb-F-G-Ab-Bb. There is no category for Sarod, so I have chosen Sitar, which is a more known Instrument than the Sarod.
Description : made by Seven Point Seven - Enjoy
Description : made by Seven Point Seven -enjoy
Description : Iranian/Persian Instrument "Taar" made in fl studio 11
Description : Created In FL Studio
Description : My second loop is a Sitar Melodie.
Description : a sitar sound treated with some flange, chorus, modulation, reverb - all the usal suspects. sounds like an alien gathering of some sort
Description : just a cool eastern sounding riff didn't fit in the song and I didn't want to delete it
Description : Just a dark thame i had in my mind :)
Description : sitar melody i recorded for my track "fata morgana" part A:
Description : sitar melody i recorded for my track "fata morgana" part B:
Description : Me messing around with the pitch bend on the Shamisen... I'd love to hear what yall do with this!
Description : Nice Sitar Pluck. Can Be Used As Voice Lead.
Description : this is another melody from one of my songs. it goes well with the dark groovy bassline. the notes revolved arround D#
Description : Sitar loop created in Logic.
Description : simple melody using Sakura VST Instrument: Big Body let me know if u used it
Description : Foul sound
Description : A series of 20 loops done with the free workstation Proteus vx.All are 4 bar loops, arped and using Dm and E7.
Description : Actually this is a Koto / Ghu Zeng. Thinking of you.
Description : Koto instrument with wah effect.
Description : Chinese Pipa-Loop; You can find other cool stuff on my looperman profile page! Hope you find this useful. If you use one of my loops in your song, I'd love to hear it :-) Thanks
Description : Tar
Description : not a sitar :P
Description : Shades of lost empires
Description : Rebab sitar on the e413
Loops 1 - 25 of 53
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