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Description : Organ melody for glitch hop, not sure what it's in though.
Description : fits with my Reggae Piano and Reggae Drums
Description : Nice)
Description : Nice)
Description : Same notation as Distorted Bassline 140 BPM. Have fun using this :-) Please leafe comment and please contact me or write in comments if you want related stuff to this loop
Description : Euthymia
Description : Made with Euthymia Electronic Organ free vst. Used Blues organ patch. works with Blues jam loop 1 Bass. Same notes. Make some Blues! :D
Description : popping trance loop
Description : Seriously deep
Description : Cool)
Description : beautiful)
Description : Peaceful Sounding Organ
Description : I thought I would upload the melodies to my song to let others do something else with it. This contains the organ. Please if you decide to use this post a link to your work, it would benefit us all. Thanks!
Description : Ryan Deshawn here....Looked up a recipe and saw that a teaspoon of them, a cup of that, half a cup of those and you get this......Salute!
Description : Church organ playing a diminished C chord at 70 bpm
Description : i am count blackula.
Description : .......
Description : ......
Description : ........
Description : This loop can easily be seed up or slowed down to fit your project. Be Koo.
Description : Please leave links to if you use this :)
Description : ......
Description : .........
Description : CAkewalk, speedit up if it's not right for you
Description : Yamaha PSR e-343 organ
Loops 1 - 25 of 444
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