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Description : nuff said (LF)
Description : Light melody step
Description : you may end up in japan after pressing play, now with some reverse effects
Description : you may end up in japan after pressing play
Description : Enjoy.
Description : Regular
Description : KEY: E-min TEMPO: 140 some trap stuff
Description : Made with: Cinesamples CineWinds Pro - Irish Flute. Plugins used: Aether. Inspired in Me quedaré solo by Amistades Peligrosas.
Description : Jazzy Flute Melody I made in Ableton in 120bpm, starts in D
Description : Enjoy
Description : KEY: D-maj TEMPO: 160bpm accompaniment to designedimpression's Never Forget You loop.
Description : .......
Description : KEY: A#-min TEMPO: 80bpm a flute to accompany the Alina Piano by Minor2Go
Description : Made with: Edirol Orchestral - Alto Flute Vibrato. Inspired in: Always on my mind - Akira Yamaoka version.
Description : Enjoy :)
Description : KEY: G-min TEMPO: 100bpm My persponal adaptation of the Shenmue (Sega Dreamcast) theme song.
Description : A simple melody made of a nice pipe sound. If you use it please send me the links so I can see what you`ve done!
Description : Tropical House style Flute Loop. Tell me if you use it!
Description : this sound I made on fl studio
Description : Let's see what you can do with this (:
Description : KEY: C Maj TEMPO: 80bpm a very simple, echoed out synth flute lead that works well at faster tempos too
Description : Key - Cmin Prog. Rec. - Cmin7, Gmin7, D#Maj7, Gmin7, Gmaj Unique flute part that I wrote for no particular genre of music. I'm excited to see if anyone makes anything cool out of this. Make sure that if you do to post a link to the track on the comments! Thanks! P.S. *Beware of Triplet timing*
Description : Enjoy :)
Loops 1 - 25 of 434
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