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Description : Am F C G
Description : funky Guitar clean
Description : funky Guitar
Description : Old school stuff
Description : 'you don't know me, what I like, or what I like to do'
Description : Jazzy blues in C, guitar steps
Description : A little off-beat funky-ish dark loop... HALLOWEEN SOON 3:D
Description : Bluesia
Description : old RXOnly Song in Em G
Description : Hip Hop Guitar in Am (C) F6
Description : crunchy Funk guitar
Description : clean funky guitar in E
Description : Random Guitar Loop I forgot about. Have fun with it
Description : LOVE MUSIC? Well slowing things down to 62 BPMs on a R&B set. Experienced producers who know what they are doing can quantize their 4/4 time signature so as these loops will be 124 bpms without effecting the original sound in any way for Hip-Hop.
Description : .....
Description : Guitar, Drum & Bass, 175 / 87.5 bpm
Description : reggae
Description : same like the bass
Description : spooky solo
Description : spooky
Description : Melodic E loop kinda sorta like Sweet Melissa but not at all like Sweet Melissa. Put some drums over this, a simple little bass line and solo away (C#m pent) until your girl/boyfriend falls in love with you over and over and over…. you get it.
Description : Inspired by Sweet Jane and Love Song (kinda). Basic riff in D (D-A-G). Solo in B blues or D blues or any number of modes. LOL. Just play anything you feel at he moment!
Description : Swing feel/12 Bar in E (E-A-B). 100bpm Let me know if there is something specific you're looking for.
Description : I gone through my 1000never finished songs. This is worth a upload. I have done it on a cool acapella from boletesoup
Description : Part 2 of 12 Bar in C: (C-F-C-C-F-F)-C-C-G-F-C-G. Listen for the variations in tones; added 6, 7 and 9th on a few of the changes. A minor pentatonic if you want to sound awesome over this progression. Try adding in a few of the 6,7,9 notes for a bit more flavor.
Loops 1 - 25 of 3485
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