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Description : Enjoy :) Played around with different guitars and i liked this version lol hope you like it to, this is part 2 all you do is to put it after part 1 :)
Description : Enjoy :) Played around with different guitars and i liked this version lol hope you like it to, this is part 1 i will upload part 2 directly after, so all you do is to put both parts together :)
Description : Good morning/evening everyone, As you guys noticed, I don't upload that often than I used to, and the reason to that is; I am currently making exclusive loops/samples for some people. As much as I like to make things for you guys, please understand that I need to live too! ^^ I hope you like this one, and if you did, please check my other loops! Maybe you'll find your golden nugget.
Description : Here is a picked electric guitar riff, very typical of the late-1950's/early-1960's rock 'n' roll sound. That curious "rhumba" rhythm heard on so many pop-rock songs of that era. A pronounced small-room "slapback" reverb applied. Implied harmonies: A---F#m----D----E7
Description : A very nice, realistic sounding GUITAR created using FL Studio 11. IDEAL FOR cinematic USE etc please comment your work and any suggestions are welcomed , positive criticism is nice so i can improve the quality of my projects
Description : 100 BPM in B...electric rhythm guitar
Description : a chord in the style of an old Roy Orbinson song..80 BPM in C
Description : 100 BPM Em Am Bm F#m
Description : 80 BPM F G
Description : 85 BPM Em Em C D
Description : played through a pitchfork set for 1 octive up & 1 down..
Description : Here is an upbeat electric rhythm guitar riff, slightly distorted, that sounds like it's from a 1960's boogaloo pop record. Implied harmonies: Fmaj7----C13
Description : Synth Guitar created at 140 BPM,D. A Leslie Fazer Synth Guitar that might be useful to you.
Description : Enjoy :)
Description : Love ya, Japan.
Description : A guitar loop that I tried to do something with...and didn't work out.
Description : Yes, it is inspired from The Shape of My Heart made by Sting. I made it entierly different sounding to make it more " medieval ". And do not worry, the bars seem identical, but they aren't. Each one of them has different dynamics
Description : This Loop Is Too Good For Looperman... But Lately People Post Lame Loops, So Here... You're Welcome
Description : Noise
Description : Orange County inspired 90s Rock lead.
Description : Drop this Orange County 90s guitar loop into the mix. Key D#
Description : ........
Description : I heard some music in a documentary Film about South America and was inspired to find a melody but decided to put this melody in a chord progression. In the process of composing I got the idea to make it more rhythmic. The result: A bit of a Reggae Feeling for electric Guitar. I have chosen Funk Guitar for the sound. Key is in g minor.
Description : hip hop,jazz,funk.go for it.
Description : Could be used to fill up the backround in a rap song
Loops 1 - 25 of 3831
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