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Description : 80 BPM. Chord progression is G B minor C C minor. This is the accompaniment chords to Creep by Prince. Not sure if the tempo is exactly the same as the original (but its close) so you can bump it to whatever tempo you like and EQ to your liking. Have fun.
Description : 8 seamless bars of a medium-tempo, trippy oldschool psychedelic groove, performed on three guitars. Implied harmonies: B----F#----E
Description : Funky clean guitar riff
Description : Wah guitar funk
Description : wah funky guitar
Description : funky wah guitar
Description : Electric guitar with tremolo
Description : a great choppy stereo spred guitar riff
Description : 8 seamless bars of a gentle rhythm played on 2 electric guitar. Plenty of trippy FX. Implied harmony: Amaj9---Bm9
Description : 85 bpm. chords noted in the the song...
Description : 100 bpm B minor G A G
Description : 100 BPM G C G D
Description : 110 bpm. Bm A G A
Description : 110 bpm. Bm Bm G A Bm a song
Description : guitar rhythm with some overdrive. 120 bpm in B and A
Description : chords for the main verse of "Get Out Of My Life". 120 BPM Em G D C
Description : Essence
Description : Softy
Description : Darky
Description : Inner
Description : Classic
Description : Reflecting
Description : Reflecting
Description : West Coast,,,, Check out my profile...
Description : West Coast Guitar... Make sure you check out my profile there is a link to my page there :)
Loops 1 - 25 of 4096
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