Looperman Just Got Better

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Looperman Just Got Better

It's been a long time coming but I'm pleased to finally announce a new batch of updates to looperman.com that I feel should make the whole experience much better. There is still a big list of things to be done and Ill try and release the updates in stages.

New audio player

The biggest part of this update is the new audio player. We moved away from the old flash player and replaced it with a HTML5 / javascript player with a flash option to fall back on. In a nutshell what this means is that anyone trying to use the site on an ipad, iphone or any other device that does not allow the use of flash can play and preview all the sounds. It should also speed up the time taken to load the pages. Fingers crossed the player should function fine across all browsers.

Visual Waveforms

Another huge part of this update is the way we now show a visual waveform of all the sounds. This waveform is auto generated when you upload and allows you to watch the track being played, skip to a chosen part of an acapella or see how accurate a loop is. When we show loops you'll also notice time markers that appear on the first, second and third beats. This makes it simple to see if a loop is on time and looping well to the beat.

Volume controls and time display

All sounds also now have their own volume controls bars and duration / play position timers

Copyright info

I added an icon to the bottom bar of each player that gives you information on copyright for the file in question. At the moment the message is pretty generic but it should help answer the question that many newer users ask regarding how each type of file can be used. Some people in the past have confused the terms for loops, acapellas and tracks. The terms and conditions page has also been updated to make things clearer.

Plays counter for tracks

Back by popular demand, each track player now counts the number of plays. Plays are only counted for logged in users, we dont count plays by the owner of the track and we only count a single play per day per user. This is to try and make the play count more relevant and harder to abuse. You can see a list of who played your track on the tracks detail page and you can see a list of the tracks you played via your profile tracks page.

Add to favourites for tracks

At the moment the favourites feature is only available for tracks. This feature may change in future but for now it is what it is. I added an icon to the bottom bar of the player that allows you to add or remove a track from your favourites. The favourites icon will show as active for any track you added to your favourites. You can see who added your track to their favourites on the tracks detail page and you can see the tracks you chose as your favourites via your profile tracks page.

Player stats counters

The stats for each item are now shown on the top right of each player. Depending on which type of player you are looking at you should see plays, favourites, downloads and comments. Clicking any of these should take you to the page where you can see more details of who did what.

Loops and acapella stats

Ill add more to this area in future but for now its just a simple way to see who uploaded the most files in each section. For loop uploads see http://www.looperman.com/loops/stats and for acapella uploads take a look at http://www.looperman.com/acapellas/stats. As with everything on looperman, its not a competition. Only upload stuff that is worth uploading rather then flooding the site with stuff just to climb higher in the list.

Featured tracks page

The featured tracks page update has been active for a few weeks but I thought I would mention it here too. The idea here is that those users who take time to comment on other users tracks get more exposure then those who dont. To have your track appear on the featured tracks page you have to do two things. Firstly you need to set one of your tracks to featured when you upload it or by editing it and then finally you have to comment on another users track. That's it, your track will now show on the featured tracks page for up to 48 hours. Tracks appear on the featured tracks page ordered by the date and time of the last comment made.

The standard tracks list is still the same and shows tracks listed in order of when they were uploaded.

Updated help area and terms pages

Another thing that should help cut down on obvious questions both in my Inbox and in the forums is the updated help area and terms and conditions pages. I split the help section down into smaller sections and added a few more common questions and answers. If you think of anything that should be added there let me know. The terms and conditions page has been updated too to make things clearer regards the use of loops, acapellas and tracks.

More updates to come

There is plenty more to come so for now just let me know how you are getting on with the recent updates and if you run into any problems get in touch and let me know what's wrong.

Let me know what you think

Dont forget to leave a comment and let me know what you think of the new features.

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  1. Looperman
    Looperman on Mon 3rd Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
    If you notice the site running slow at any time its probably because the waveforms are auto generated if they have not yet been built. As there are a few hundred thousand items uploaded it will take a while for them all to be done.

    Once each waveform is generated though everything will run nice and fast on that page.
  2. 40A
    40A on Mon 3rd Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
  3. Darkreine
    Darkreine on Mon 3rd Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
    Hats off to Larry!! This has really brought the Loop bang up to date, Really great job, Shan.

    One little request, would be a share button which would enable registered members to directly share the track on Facebook, Twitter etc or to embed it on their own website. This would also bring back more links to looperman.com

    Thanx again, superb.

  4. Mahloo13
    Mahloo13 on Mon 3rd Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
    Nice! Very nice! It looks way better than I've expected! Well done!
  5. ramzisaqqar
    ramzisaqqar on Mon 3rd Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
    lovely !!!
  6. Golgi
    Golgi on Mon 3rd Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
    great new look and feel to the site, love it.
  7. Planetjazzbass
    Planetjazzbass on Mon 3rd Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
    Tres,tres cool Shan!..very nice work indeed!..love the new player!...big thumbs up all round! :)
  8. PatriciaEdwards
    PatriciaEdwards on Mon 3rd Jun 2013 - 1 year ago

    This is just AWESOME! I can play songs on my phone, which is much more convenient, that way I can comment as I listen, as opposed to waiting until I get to a computer...which often doesn't happen.


    Off to check out some of the other updates.
  9. ImproveWithError
    ImproveWithError on Mon 3rd Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
    This is a nice surprise. Thanks for all the work you have been doing.
  10. Spivkurl
    Spivkurl on Mon 3rd Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
    Excited to see Looperman evolving!
  11. PeteJonTebar
    PeteJonTebar on Mon 3rd Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
    !!!YEAH!!! Remarkable work Shan, this is and will always remain my favorite site. Thank you for all the hard work.
  12. topvega
    topvega on Mon 3rd Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
    Awesome update, love the new stuff. I wish the songs didn't cut off when you click Post A Comment though. Not a biggie. Overall solid update.

  13. Looperman
    Looperman on Mon 3rd Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
    Glad to hear everyones views and that you are happy with the updates so far. Ive been using the site like this for the last few weeks and been wanting to show it off but waited until things were ready.

    Simple stuff like being able to see the waveform of the loops and to have the markers has made it so much easier to check uploads.

    Comments without refreshing the page is on the list and will be done soon along with other stuff.
  14. Kgomotso
    Kgomotso on Mon 3rd Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
    What a surprise. I love the new look. Thanks for the hard work. I will always be part of this site.
  15. HardstyleRythm
    HardstyleRythm on Mon 3rd Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
    Finally the big Updates are done.

    i waited so long for this kind of updates :)

    Thank you Mr. Looperman sir xD

    now it's going to be more fun to upload stuff here :)
  16. midisparks
    midisparks on Mon 3rd Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
    is anybody noticing the edit feature has disappeared?
  17. kerry
    kerry on Mon 3rd Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
    wow i think its great, fantastic changes great work looperman and thank you :) you have done a amazing job
  18. Looperman
    Looperman on Mon 3rd Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
    The edit button looks like a little cog and is between the comment icon and the download button.

    Hover over everything and it will tell you what it does
  19. Alen9R
    Alen9R on Mon 3rd Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
    awesome update Shan
  20. DubTek
    DubTek on Mon 3rd Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
    Knew something was coming... but this is way more than I had hoped for.

    A WE SOME.

    thanks :)
  21. DJJoker
    DJJoker on Mon 3rd Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
    Looks great!
  22. DubTek
    DubTek on Mon 3rd Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
    Just noticed that when one loop is playing you can uust clivk Play on a new loop abd the old loop wilk stop. Awesome!
  23. Richmix
    Richmix on Mon 3rd Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
    Producers across the globe.... Welcome to a revived Playing field. Can't wait to meet the ones destined to cross paths with me...
  24. SeriouslyJoking
    SeriouslyJoking on Mon 3rd Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
    A great update!!
    I'm hearing a different sound also, a lot more clearer in some way...or did I just clean my ears more properly this morning?
  25. natalieilatan
    natalieilatan on Mon 3rd Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
    I love the new look!! And it's really cool to see that everything has been updated. I like the new player and that plays are showing. Cool.
  26. phatkatz4
    phatkatz4 on Mon 3rd Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
    Nice Job, Like the updates!
  27. rei4real
    rei4real on Mon 3rd Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
    Hi Shan!!!!

    Big update ... that's a good reason to step in again I thought ... ;-)

    As far as I can see everything works, and the new player looks brilliant. And even more important: it sounds brilliant!
    It's good that the play-counter is back again, it was always very useful for me, same counts for the fav-button.

    so both thumbs up!!!!

    have a great day
    peace, rei
  28. rei4real
    rei4real on Mon 3rd Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
    oh ... and I just discovered, that all my old favourites are back ... awesome!!! thx a lot for keeping the data for so long!!!
  29. Keyah
    Keyah on Mon 3rd Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
    I love you! Thank you for making life soo much better lol!
  30. Randall822
    Randall822 on Mon 3rd Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
    Great job on the new updates Shan! I appreciate all your hard work improving things here on this site.
    Randy M.
  31. JoyfulWAVE
    JoyfulWAVE on Mon 3rd Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
    nice new update shan...great that things changing to the better...player looks cool and sounds great...bravo...i like it :)
    there is only one thing that i noticed on the old player as well as on the new one...the fav's on the player or in the track-list always shows 1 fav...even if you have more than 1 fav on your track...but if you go to the track-page where you can see the detailes you can see the real fav's in the tab below...maybe something that can be fixed ;)
    Reply by Looperman Looks like some of the counters are not in sync with the favs. Ill run something tomorrow to try and get these updates.

    As soon as anyone adds that item as a fav though it will recount the total and update itself.
  32. slipperydesigns
    slipperydesigns on Mon 3rd Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
    Is anyone else having problems playing files in Firefox on a mac?
  33. Billydragon1
    Billydragon1 on Mon 3rd Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
    One word - Awesome! I'm glad I stuck around. This is just great! Thank you for all your effort and hardwork. You're appreciated. God bless!
  34. Polyfronetic
    Polyfronetic on Mon 3rd Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
    You do a awesome job.

    I like all the new updates, Looperman is now better than ever!

    Greetings from Switzerland
  35. ONKEYS
    ONKEYS on Mon 3rd Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
    Like it, thumbs up, sooo much better than the old 80's player haha
  36. drkcarnivalninja
    drkcarnivalninja on Tue 4th Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
    love it :)
  37. theHumps
    theHumps on Tue 4th Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
    I like the new player and it's good to see some new colors in the graphics as well. Well done Shan!

    @ slipperydesigns I'm using firefox on my imac and am having no problems playing tracks.
  38. TRX1
    TRX1 on Tue 4th Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
    Now THIS is HOT!
  39. SeparateProductions
    SeparateProductions on Tue 4th Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
    Awesome! Thankyou for updating the site and thankyou for your hard work into something that most likely gives you a small amount of income.
  40. Mykael
    Mykael on Tue 4th Jun 2013 - 1 year ago

    Love & Light,

  41. JuniorTheBeatMaker
    JuniorTheBeatMaker on Tue 4th Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
  42. doudei
    doudei on Tue 4th Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
    who doesn't love to look at waveforms and imagine what they might sound like - i know i do!

    cheers for the update :)
  43. Neuro
    Neuro on Tue 4th Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
    Love it
  44. ElectronBlue
    ElectronBlue on Tue 4th Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
    WOW! Thank you so much. I was able to use my Ipad today and actually listen to the audio for once. HTML5 rocks. Looperman Rocks harder. Now if you can just get the rest of the WWW to follow you . Please, go on, please lol.
  45. StrawHatDJ
    StrawHatDJ on Tue 4th Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
    (0_0) Dude bruvcuz famalam
    I haven't even been here for long and was liking the old skool look but these improvements are awesome man especially the sorting loops and stuff thing, sweet.
  46. blakNast
    blakNast on Tue 4th Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
    I like it I like it! Good job looperman. Think I'll upload a new track soon.
  47. BlackKasper
    BlackKasper on Tue 4th Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
    What a great improvement this is. Very impressed, and very thankful for the work Looperman put into this. The only thing that sticks out to me, is the wave's color. It is kind of unsightly and doesn't do much for the already existing color scheme. I would suggest, or rather like to see it a hue of blue. Bravo either way my dude.
  48. TCAS
    TCAS on Tue 4th Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
    WOW WOW WOW.... great job... the new features are really cool... I love the waveform display and the following of the tracks!!! stunning!
  49. DesignedImpression
    DesignedImpression on Tue 4th Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
    Updates are doing well so far. Easier for my terrible eyes and simple to understand right away. Am enjoying the new feel. Thank you Shan.
  50. ThePantherLab
    ThePantherLab on Wed 5th Jun 2013 - 1 year ago
    Thanks for all the extra hard work!!!
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