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Description : heres mine heres the completed video for a collaboration with VSD and Axel 500 views already enjoy!
Description : second recording of this song
Description : collaboration project I will upload the link once the song is finished.
Description : heres the song
thanks for the support on youtube over 100 views already!
heres video from a live show I went to last night
cool artists good environment the audio is loud sorry for that but I plan to perform these songs there soon; Today,Final Score and my latest song Muh Fuh. I will get video of the performance so stay tuned for that and keep up the support!
Description : deep house vocal.recorded to a click. requires filter effects. contact me on my profile page if you want me to hear your remixes.check out my video.

heres something for your inspiration
Description : check out my new video!
Description : heres the song I wonder how it would sound on a trap beat!
Description : freetsyled song heres the link to the actual song;
Description : a nice hip hop song heres my version and yes I am the one rapping and singing on the track;
Description : this vocal is designed for house but use as you wish. I just used a few sections from my recording to complete my song. Hopefully, my song will inspire you to make something great with it! Anyway, heres my song;
Description : collab pella s/o to presto
Description : collab pella
Description : heres my version
Description : trap style heres mine
Acapellas 1 - 25 of 435
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