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Description : made it for trap/club/dubstep just a little phrase where i played with my vocals changing the pitch with my voice and using an actual effect at the end. It would amazing to hear this vocal on a big tune but have fun if nothing else, I did.
Description : here is the hook we used for a hiphop/trap project. Feel free making your own mix out of it if you wanna upload your remix online you should credit us like your track (feat. Sync Diversity) . For Commercial use contact me first! our official pages:
Description : this will go with deep house but it would sound dope on a trap beat too.
Description : made for trap hip hop but i wonder what it would sound like in deep house
Description : Can be used for a trap song or others. Speed it up or slow it to fit your bpm. Just flowed it off the top of my dome. GOod luck making it into a great track. (Needs a good mixing) Be sure to place Feat. Venus Love on the track and share
Description : I'm thinking this acapella could go well with a Trap beat, but it's all up to you! Please add "Ft. Vano" when using this acapella. (Lyrics under the lyric section). If you upload this to Soundcloud, send me a link and I will repost your song to my profile and I'll also leave a comment.
Description : trap trap trap
Description : this would go well with house but I know it will be trapped
Description : house or trap. ill let you decide
Description : freestyle house deep house trap
Description : made for house but surprise me with trap!
Tags : 140 bpm | Grime | 2.66 MB | Male | Rapping
Description : 140 bpm London Mc Style Vocals, good for Trap, Grime, dubstep, 1.Do not sell your songs using my vocals!!!!!!!!! 2.Put GadManDubs - in the Title of your song. 3.add me on soundcloud- 4. If you want original vocals from me for your track? i have a fee, contact me to speak about this!! 5.please check out my other acapellas, enjoy!! GadManDubs
Tags : 142 bpm | Trap | 4.44 MB | Male | Rapping
Description : This pella is just a sample of three song I'm working on...after a big move...back in the studio
Description : Reno Goes in with a "Trap Styled" Flow. Releasing a freestyled track titled "Get It". Email original reference
Description : A fun Trap type song made by Reno Jr featuring wordplay from Markese and K19. contact Original reference
Description : rnb trap style
Description : This one goes EXTREMELY HARD! Contact me for custom vocals.
Description : trap style
Description : my trap song and i freestyled it :) yeeeeeeaaaaah
Description : Haven't Uploaded vox in quite a while but after hearing thousands of Looperman remixes after the release of my album Full Spektrum I decided to contribute more vox to the talented people of the world. You guys and girls are awesome and I appreciate all of your support, work, and creativity. Every remix made me smile with joy and I've even built awesome freindships and partners from around the globe. With my new Album "Apex" coming out this summer I decided to release some vox from my mixtape "Kamo Season" (releasing April 21st). If you use any just please give some cred and put "featuring Kamoflage" as the material written is my own. Cant wait to hear your creations.Please feel free to "like" and facebook me as well at Share your stuff and I'd love to post it on my page for the world.
Description : i went in...trap it up! heres my version
Description : This acapella is from one of the songs that was on my latest EP. I put RnB as the genre but the original song is trap. I'm pretty sure it could sound dope in any genre tbh, its up to you now how creative can you be? ;) Free to use it in any non-commercial project as long as you put (ft. Charlie Rose) in the title of your song. And I wanna hear your track when it's done! If you want to make money with my voice hit me up and we'll talk.
Description : trap pella
Description : vibrant hip hop song MUST name it "Big city by Michael Mayo (remixed by your-name.)" reason so I can keep track of it easier. by using this though you give me permission to use your remix in videos, performances etc. you can send a performance version if you want to my email on my Here's the official remix:
Description : Electro trap style vocal dry 140BPM F minor
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