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Description : You Are A Cosmic Being is a spoken word reminder of who you really are. Tune in! Check the tempo facebook.com/kamal.imani
Description : a phrase
Description : an old poem of mine recited by me
Description : A short deep poetry piece by Shamoozey
Description : Spoken Words About Maturity
Description : Spoken Word and Hip Hop Fusion talking spitting and transmitten the truth about the state of the black man, woman and child with a cold freestyle by no other than the premier spoken word poet Kamal Imani aka Kamal Supreme Amen
Description : Spoken Word Poem from my track legacy. Deep stuff. Not for commercial use. Feel free to experiment, add more fx etc. Just put me in the credits. God bless. - B Play Sample - https://soundcloud.com/billy-dragon/legacy
Description : if you use any of my A Capellas it is a request that you use my acapella named outlaw music tag on the completed project but once again it is just a request have fun!! Or Just use it as you please I would like to hear all finished projects no matter what type of fusion or etc. takes place!! thanks!!
Description : Spoken Word Poem. Clean it up, use only the lines u need, add more fx etc. Just put me in the credits. God bless. Play sample - https://soundcloud.com/martial-arts-music/gladiators
Description : Winter in Ohio - by Shamoozey is a short poem about some winters in Ohio and how cold it can be. When its cold outside, Shamoozey likes to sip on Barry's Tea!
Description : Here is a sad tale of the winter of 1847, a time of Irish famine and love. Thought I would share it with you in the hopes of you adding some relevant music. This piece was written by Eavan Boland and its been nominated by the Irish hierarchy and in contention for the best 150 years of Irish poetry. Cheers!
Description : Spoken Word poem. Feel free to clean, add more fx, use only the lines you need etc... Just put me in the credits. Play sample - https://soundcloud.com/billy-dragon/divergents God bless.
Description : The Ankh on Mars is a blend of Spoken Word Poetry and Hip Hop. Kamal Imani is shining light on the link between Mars, Egypt and African people in a fun and creative way. Kamal loves Ancient history and loves to utilize it as a tool to inspire and awaken people. Kamal was born in Harlem and raised partially in the Bronx and later Teaneck NJ http://www.facebook.com/kamal.imani
Description : Not sure if anyone will want to take this on musically! Ha!, however, its a very interesting and free flowing spoken word piece of the great Villiam Shakespeare! The rappers are prob out on this one, but one thus never know!!
Description : Introducing a new character; the deep-spoken Sir Godly. Spoken word. Short little one-hit. For those of you who think music is the new religion. No tempo used. Just for fun I've included some of the other takes (roughly cut) which have a subtly different vibe. Use as you wish but please give credit. 320kbs stereo.
Description : Trying to stay sharp here until my new headphones come in. Anyway, Here's an interesting story from the great Shamoozey!! I love this part: Collectively an unintended memoir of an unconventional life of mixed fortunes and a love affair with Irish whiskey, natures’ medicine and herbal cures. As ever, give me a shout if you use it in your project. Cheers n Thanks!
Description : So many people love the great Shamoozey vox, its time for an intro. I guess the name says it all. lol hmmm, wonder how many will use the Shamoozey intro? Give me a shout if you use it!! Cheers and Thanks!
Description : Was playing around with lines from '2001 A Space Odyssey' :) - Just one line spoken twice, the second version has some sliding time/pitch added. No tempo used. Cut and paste it any way you like. 320kbs stereo.
Description : A little late on this one, but hey its fun! In my excitement i left out Cupid - please forgive me Cupid. Happy Christmas everyone!! Woo-hoooo!!
Description : Spoken Word. Last upload for 2014. Feel free to add more fx, space them out, use only the lines you need etc. Just put me in the credits. God bless. - B https://soundcloud.com/billy-dragon/origins-fallen
Description : Spoken Word. This is the vocal stem from my track of the same name. My very first track was called Sleeping. This is the sequel after so many years. Deep spiritual stuff. Treat with respect. - B https://soundcloud.com/billy-dragon/sleeping-part-ii
Description : William Gammon saying is book title
Description : A Song BY William Gammon
Description : A Song BY William Gammon
Description : A Song BY William Gammon
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