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Description : Spoken word. Still a work in progress. Someday I will finish this rough diamond. Just put me in the credits. Deep spiritual stuff. God bless. - B
Description : Spoken Word Poem. Haven't had a chance to use this yet. Clean it up, add more fx, chop etc. Just put me in the credits. Deep spiritual stuff. God bless. - B
Description : acapella with a lot different effects added. unique thoughts of mine I recorded.
Description : a sort angry sounding acapella. just random thoughts of mine.
Description : Spoken Word Poem. Deep Spiritual stuff. Add more effects, use only the lines u need, rearrange etc. Use wisely. Just put me in the credits. God bless. https://soundcloud.com/billy-dragon/we-the-people-ft-hitozuma Billy.
Description : A few ideas from a project.
Description : A song about what happens to child molesters. . .
Description : A bloody, gruesome song with a computer voice. . .
Description : A song about my Grandfathers and my memories about them. .
Description : A song about a woman being raped and her punishment in Medieval times.
Description : The introduction to one of my albums talking about my disabilities and accomplishments. . .
Description : Spoken Word. Add more filters, rearrange it, use only the lines you need, get creative. Deep stuff! Just put me in the credits. God bless.
Description : Spoken Word poem. Get creative. See what you can cook up! Rearrange it, use only the lines u need, add more fx - have fun. Just put me in the credits. God bless! Play sample - http://www.looperman.com/tracks/detail/157694
Description : Just random sayings in a song
Description : Motivational and inspirational spoken word poetry by Kamal Imani (not sure of the tempo at time of upload) Bless the Mic LLC
Description : Feel free to add more fx, clean, chop, rearrange, use only the lines you need etc. Don't know tempo. Just put me in the credits. May God give you wisdom. Peace! - B
Description : Feel free to experiment. Just put me in the credits. God bless. - B
Description : Not sure this is suitable for non-takers of Ganja. This is deep jaw-clicker weekend with the anniversary of one of my favorite Irish poets WB. Yeats. Personally, i think he was stoned half the time when writing these sayings, because they make perfect sense. I tried to capture the essence of what this genius was offering,in my vocals. Tall order, i know! Some of you will get it and some wont. Anyway, hope you can use in your project.
Description : Vocal stem, wet, 140bpm. As usual, experiment, use only the lines you need etc. Just put me on credits.
Description : From my aphorisms. Feat Igor Pose.
Description : This poem is about the rush and the hurt that comes with being "the other man." If you use this please share the link.
Description : This poem was written about my battle with Crohn's disease. It is more lyric focused than many of the pieces I have posted on here. If you are looking for something deeper than my other work this piece is for you! If you use my work play share the link!!
Description : Spoken word Poem. Too busy with work, so see what you can come up with. Clean it, add more fx etc. A little delay, tempo unknown. Deep stuff. Just put me in the credits. - Billy Dragon. Thanks.
Description : Okay, so this track is a poem about the difficulties of being a person of mixed heritages. This poem is very dear to my heart, so I am looking to include the best remixes of this poem in my free music Friday project on my youtube. All videos will link back to the soundcloud or looperman profile of the producer. I've been enjoying the marriage of EDM and Spoken Word lately, but for this piece maybe industrial or Drum and Bass would best capture the emotion. please send me the link if you use this.
Description : Spoken word poem. Too busy with work, haven't used this one. See what you can do. Don't know tempo, a little delay. Chop, rearrange, add more fx, use only the bits you need. Put Billy Dragon on credit, deep spiritual stuff, sweet as! Play sample - http://www.looperman.com/tracks/detail/155407
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