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Description : Credit "Pimp Poetry & TBX" if used.
Description : There are several important keys to achieving your dreams. Let's make sure you doing the intrinsic and essential basic things that you need to do. Kamal Imani provides you with this excellent motivational talk. Enjoy! Contact Kamal on facebook kamal.imani
Description : Ashes Of Life Narrated by Shamoozey. Be sure to feat. Shamoozey in your new TITLE remix. Get in touch for commercial use of this poem and all Shamoozey vocals, tingles and acapellas.
Description : What Is Love - Narration by Shamoozey A spoken word on the meaning of love. As always, please (feat. Shamoozey) in your TITLE remix. Get in touch for commercial use of this vocal by the great one.
Description : Original acapella by Shamoozey called 'I Dare Ya Say It' BPM 120. Please put (feat: Shamoozey) in your new Title remix and be sure to contact Shamoozey for commercial explorations.
Description : A short beautiful little Thomas Moore poem about love called 'Love Wandering Through The Golden Maze' Not sure what this can be used for?, pretty deep! BPM? Send a link if you use in your project,, thanks!
Description : I am champion is spoken word poetry about having the confidence of a champion by overcoming trials and tribulations. Check the tempo contact me on facebook kamal.imani for best results
Description : Love poem 'Quiet Eye' narrated by Shamoozey. FYI: A contract must be signed before any and all Shamoozey Acapellas/Vocals/Narrations are "officially released" for public consumption or monetary gain by DJs/Producers/Labels etc.
Description : In a similar vein to 'In the Face of Silence' in that its about love going sour. I recorded it this evening (8 August 2016). I've used a different microphone so hopefully the quality is better.
Description : A short spoken piece about a love gone sour. I'm not sure when I wrote this piece, but I recorded it this evening (August 4 2016).
Description : Confucius he say............ A contract must be signed before any and all Shamoozey Acapellas/Vocals are "officially released" for public consumption or monetary gain by DJs/Producers/Labels etc.
Description : Hip Hop Poetry motivation, stimulation, mental and spiritual elevation. These lyrics will go well with your beats so have fun. Facebook kamal.imani Feel free to use for promotional purposes. For sale contact me for basic ASCAP credits etc... Have fun *check tempo
Description : Well A Day is a Short Poem narrated by Shamoozey. Off the cuff poem. Not sure of BPM,, slow Piano music might suit. Get in touch for commercial agendas. Be well...a.....day............! Woo-hoooo its a Tuesday!
Description : Spoken Word by Shamoozey on how beautiful life is!
Description : Shamoozey narrates the deep 'Raglan Road' lyrics of Patrick Kavanaugh, another Irish great! Give credit and please send link to his greatness if you use in your project. Thanks and happy hump day!!!
Description : A vocal recording of my daughter from her "Monkey Song". Feel free to use for a project, I'm sure she'd be enthused to hear it.
Description : Description : This is the spoken word acapella from my song "#". This acapella is free to use for non-commercial purposes only (please do NOT use this vocal in a song you intend to sell). Do not sell these vocals, do not flag other peoples remixes as infringing copywrite, and please remember to credit me in the song title as '(feat. Nate Monoxide)' or something similar. Unfortunately I am unavailable for collaborations, so please do not contact me for those purposes.
Description : Female vocals of friend of mine "Pauline". Added effects to the vocals.
Description : Dark vocals I put together. lyrics are about fantasy world I thought of. Use the vocals how ever you want.
Description : James Connolly The Irish Rebel. BPM 128
Description : If you used this in a song then make sure to link it in the comments! :)
Description : Here's an old Irish Rebel acapella in spoken word format. BPM 115.
Description : Here's one for the 'horror' producers out there! It's an excerpt from 'The Raven' and the man himself Edger Alan Poe - what a genius! Hey, its been an off day for Shamoozey who just heard that his vocals smel cat, from a little Frenchman no less. He says meow to that!!
Description : "Expand" is the ideal song for inspiration, celebrations, graduations and motivation! You will enjoy the best of spoken word performance poetry by world renowned poet Kamal Imani infused with a hot hip hop beat with symphonic sounds! ***** Check tempo
Description : Something different from the great Shamoozey in the spoken word category about politics and these nasty liar politicians on the campaign trail where promises are made and then broken, like a bad musical contract.
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