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Description : R&B/POP Lyrics I wrote can be used just add me in credits Vanessa Henriques. For commercial use please contact me vanessahenriques2009@yahoo.co.uk Please leave comments in box, and if you use please post! thanks
Description : R&B/RAP Lyrics I wrote Just Verse and a chours can be used just add me in credits. For commecrical use please contact me vanessahenriques2009@yahoo.co.uk. please post comments if using! THANKS
Description : R&B/POP lyyrics written BY P.Edwards and vanessa HENRIQUES can be used just add us in credits. For commercial use please contact me vanessahenriques2009@yahoo.co.uk - please leave comments for your work as well.
Description : R&B/POP/SOUL/FUNK Lyrics I wrote that can be used just add me in credits Vanessa Henriques. For commercial use contact me below or Vanessahenriques2009@yahoo.co.uk. Please post below your comments!! thanks
Description : R&B/SOUL/POP Lyrics I wrote that can be used, just add me in credits Vanessa Henriques. For commercial use contact me in comments or Vanessahenriques2009@yahoo.co.uk. Thanks, Please post if used as would like to hear final outcome of your project.
Description : Originally by the group Shai. Would like to see a more uptempo beat to it.
Description : Free to use for whatever. Don't own the lyrics or song; just thought I upload to see if an up tempo version can be made. Cover done by Prinze Marrero, Edgar Dickey, & Kevin Emotions
Description : I don't care for the rap part but you can see where I was going with it. Sang it off jamie foxx fall for your type beat.
Description : This is a Kronstudios Acapella Feel free to remix kronstudios.org
Description : the song by 112. I did the lead and the background vocals
Tags : 100 bpm | RnB | 6.84 MB | Male | Singing
Description : Original Song
Tags : 64 bpm | RnB | 2.45 MB | Male | Singing
Description : Original Song
Description : By Jon B. I always wanted to do this cover by him. I think I did pretty good. What you think?
Description : A quick song I did. A hook for a love song.
Description : Song By Joe from the early days when R&B was good. One of my first covers I did. Feel free to use and whatever you do Id love to hear it. If you want me to re-sing it on your beat let me know.
Description : Original song by Prinze Marrero and Trademark
Description : sounds R&B-ish?
Description : original song i wrote. Feel free to remix. Love to hear what you producers come up with
Description : Prinze Marrero and Kevito Emotions Track. You can remix to it or whatever. Please send us what you do if you do remix it. We would love to hear it.
Tags : 60 bpm | RnB | 8.86 MB | Male | Singing
Description : Acapella of my track. http://www.looperman.com/tracks/detail/156244#plays Please add Feat Dylan Ogle in the track description if you intend on using. Please contact me for commercial use and please share your work.
Description : The acapella from the latest track I've made. Looking for a rapper to fill a verse in this song so if you're interested hit me up. This acapella is from an RnB song but I'm pretty sure it'd sound cool in an EDM mix. Get creative with it! You can use this wherever whenever as long as I'm properly credited (Add ft. Charlie Rose in the title of your song) and as long as you send me the final work. ;D
Description : Here's the acappella to a track I recorded yesterday. It's a song I wrote for my Mom. I will post the track on looperman later today. Hope you enjoy it! If you decide to use whichever part of this file in your project, go for it! All I'm asking for is that you put (ft. Charlie Rose) in the title of your song & send me the final result :D I eventually want to release a mixtape with all the remix people do with my acapellas so go for it people it's open season!
Description : Looperman has been oh so good to me and I'm giving back. Here's the acapella for my last track 'Don't Let It Go To Your Head' that you will find here: http://www.looperman.com/tracks/detail/155098 The track is a dubstep track but this instrumental can be used on RnB, Hip Hop, House, etc... No limits! You can use this acapella in whichever project as long as you credit me (ft. Charlie Rose) and send me the final result!
Description : Original song. Made about 5 years ago. Did nothing with it.
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