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Description : Alexy Large Ft Kams - Aucun Regret (YOUR NAME Remix) contact@alexylarge.com
Tags : 80 bpm | RnB | 5.32 MB | Female | Singing
Description : Here is the acapella from our project Fever. if you wanna upload your remix online you should credit the track like Sync Diversity - Fever (Your name Mix). For Commercial use contact me first! syncdiversity@gmail.com Commercial releases can also be arranged through our label. the original mix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amLgjvij6vUcheck out our official pages: http://www.facebook.com/SyncDiversity http://syncdiversityrecords.com
Description : Here is the acapella from our upcoming release This Love Inside. if you wanna upload your remix online we have some certain requirements: 1. you should credit the track like Sync Diversity - This Love Inside (Your name Mix). 2. You should not give your mix with our vocals away. (no download options etc...) 3.Commercial use is not allowed!! Remixes of this Acapella can only be released through our own label. Our single release is scheduled for March 2016. If you like to be included in this EP just send us your mix and we can work something out. syncdiversity@gmail.com the original mixes: https://soundcloud.com/syncdiversityofficial/sets/this-love-inside-mixes check out our official pages: http://www.facebook.com/SyncDiversity http://syncdiversityrecords.com Song/Acapella registrated with PRS/SENA/GEMA DMCA Protected ID Youtube verified
Description : This is a quick and dirty version I wanted to release. I have the full song lyrics and vocal available for use. email -jonathancamper15@gmail.com
Description : You guys can use this commercially or non-commercially for free :) All I ask is that you put ft. TVRTLEMVN in the title. And show me your work please. I figured this could be a chorus.
Description : i was just singing for no reason
Description : Feature Techno Treason and Katie Woods in the titl. for a commerical license please message me at technotreasonofficial@gmail.com (Personal Use Only)
Tags : 60 bpm | RnB | 4.51 MB | Male | Singing
Description : R&B track I wrote back in 2012. Let me see what you got! Let Me Know your thoughts!
Description : the acapella of a track i recently recorded. based off DnF by Drake. Free to use for any non-commercial project just title the track 'Lucas Charlie Rose - SnF (your name and remix title)' If you want an exclusive acapella feel free to contact me
Description : a song I wrote that resung it will fit right on top of miguels sure thing instrumental
Description : A hook I recorded & never ended up doing anything with. Free to use in any non-commercial project as long as put (ft. Lucas Charlie Rose) in the title. Can't wait to hear what yall come up with!
Description : simple hook, free styling to a mix
Description : Trans Trenderz is an upcoming hip hop group composed of Lucas Charlie Rose & Jordan Hope Miller. You can use this acapella for all your non-commercial projects as long as: - you label the song Trans Trenderz - Pull Away (Your Name & Name of Your Remix) - you link me to it so I can check it out & I'll repost it on my social media platforms :) If you want to use this track for a commercial project please contact me first & we'll discuss an agreement.
Description : Make A track with this acapella and post link with your work in comment section.
Description : A short hook/pre-drop vocal that I just recorded. One of my favorites I have recorded. Its free, if you use non-profitably and add (feat. LAER) in the title. If you want to use it profitably, email mercediismusic@gmail.com. Leave any link you have below!
Description : sung by Garth Brooks. One of my favorite love songs
Description : Original song here https://soundcloud.com/thenewshoes The vocal track for my song "Babe, Where You Been" have fun, please credit me NEW$HOES and link to soundcloud, message me with a link to the track.
Description : Vox from my new single "Rather Be with You" on my upcoming EP "Apex". Haven't Uploaded vox in quite a while but after hearing thousands of Looperman remixes after the release of my album Full Spektrum I decided to contribute more vox to the talented people of the world. You guys and girls are awesome and I appreciate all of your support, work, and creativity. Every remix made me smile with joy and I've even built awesome freindships, partners from around the globe, and even release periodic mixtape from YOU guys remixes. Go to my Bandcamp.com page and you may just find a mix of yours on my mixtapes "Full Spektrum Revolution: The remixes". With my new Album "Apex" coming out this summer I decided to release some vox from my mixtape "Kamo Season" (releasing April 21st). If you use any vox just please give some cred and put "featuring Kamoflage" as the material written is my own. Cant wait to hear your creations. Love you all.
Description : Me self harmonizing,pulled from a track i never released. Free to use just comment and credit me mkvalentino
Description : This acapella is from one of the songs that was on my latest EP. I put RnB as the genre but the original song is trap. I'm pretty sure it could sound dope in any genre tbh, its up to you now how creative can you be? ;) Free to use it in any non-commercial project as long as you put (ft. Charlie Rose) in the title of your song. And I wanna hear your track when it's done! If you want to make money with my voice hit me up and we'll talk.
Tags : 120 bpm | RnB | 3.78 MB | Female | Singing
Description : I don't know the tempo or the key..sorry.
Description : feel free to use just credit me and comment
Description : A soulful vocal from one of our female vocalists. Feel free to use non commercial.
Tags : 120 bpm | RnB | 6.13 MB | Female | Singing
Description : The unfiltered raw vocals for that track I have called I always will....I don't really know what the tempo is..120 I guess.
Description : I did this a long while back... If you use this please put "ft. True" & I would like to hear what you do with it... BPM: 87.5
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