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Description : Here's another Shamoozey original in the Reggae genre called "My Momma Loves Me" BPM is 80. Chords D, G, A. The right touch on this one and it might be popular. Give me a shout if you use in your musical creation. Cheers!
Description : Moses appeared to Shamoozey last night in a dream with a Bob Marley hat! This was the result - full version. BPM is 110. Key of "C". Chord change @ 1:10 mark-up one fret. Must have an early night! Cheers!
Description : You ever get the feeling that nobody ever listens? I know that feeling and have come to answer the call with my new kapella! "Nobody Listens At All" Anyway, back to the business at hand. I hear a little Raegge maybe?, or funk-fuzz, maybe some electronic house stuff? Well, i let you decide on that. The BEAT is 120. Key of C. Chords C, F, G. As ever, if you want to make dinero on this acapella., see el Shamoozio for mucho information. Porfa vore. I learning Spanish!
Tags : 120 bpm | Reggae | 1.57 MB | Male | Rapping
Description : New acapella in spanish to see what you can do with ... free to use
Tags : 120 bpm | Reggae | 2.51 MB | Male | Rapping
Description : sorry that is in Spanish lot of people ask me for :)
Description : Reggae very soothing music the song is also featured on my Best Believe album and African tears mixtape be sure to look it up you will not regret your time
Description : A blend of Hiphop & reggae very soothing music the song is also featured on my African tears mixtape be sure to look it up you will not regret your time
Description : A little Reggae vibe i laid down on a wet afternoon, kinda Sean Paul style. Feel free to use it, would be cool to hear what you Looper posse come up with ! - i have another version with some beats and bassline if you want something with more sounds to work with too soon come !
Description : song about husband and wife confusion
Description : ugly girls better in bed
Description : This is for people who fall in love online
Description : girls tune
Description : song i wrote about unity we are all the same no segregation
Description : dancehall tune about how them big artist spend money
Description : song about saving my mamacita not sure what style it fits
Description : diffrent take on the komissor tune
Description : song about life in the ghetto
Tags : 90 bpm | Reggae | 4.21 MB | Male | Singing
Description : A reggae feeling but could go with what ever..
Description : Non-commercial please leave link here, incl. feat. Patricia Edwards in title please. Commercial, please contact me directly. Enjoy!
Description : A club reggae & hiphop type of acapella
Description : Pallaso DanceHall style clean vocals
Description : Pallaso & ak 47 in a wicked combination on a dancehall tune
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