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Description : Rise to fame...
Tags : 1 bpm | Rap | 2.31 MB | Has Lyrics | Male | Rapping
Description : Some rap
Description : A short verse just about weed...
Description : Troubled heart, troubled mind, troubled soul, he feels like he's dying on the inside, so he locks himself up, breathing in air thats shouldn't be there...
Description : Not sure about the tempo but, it's something you can work with if you'd like. . .
Description : Who's up for a bit of "Road Rage Rap"? I just wrote this rap song about some of my crazy fellow auto drivers with the dreaded RR. Hey, they're out there!! Anyway, the BPM is 140. Key of Em. As always give me a holler if you use and stay safe. Cheers and Thanks!
Description : The race to get outta prison and give payback to his enemy for putting him there, so he pops pills to try to get him to see clearer and find the way faster, which is called 'dose of reality' it's hard for him to not only love his enemy, but also anyone else because he feels like there are chains binding him from doing so because of after all he went through... the more he walks that road the more he finds the world stresses him...
Description : Bet you cant guess what this rap is all about! lol BPM 120. Remember to sip it!
Description : Keep on rollin' through the road of life... dry vocals... no effects...
Description : Keep on rollin' down the road of life... Has autotune but a natural pitch correcter...
Description : Street life with a gun at your side... dry, no autotune or effects...
Description : Street life with a gun at your side... with a slight T-Pain autotune in the track here...
Description : Latest original from the great Shamoozey "think outside the box". BPM 130. Key of "C". Remember, TOTB!! Good luck!
Description : Started this out in the D Chord but the great Shamoozey took over and rapped out Bobby McGhee.The BPM 160. Cheers and have some Monday fun!
Description : Story of the small town I'm from. small town rap
Description : Anyway, here's another Shamoozey original rap song called "How Does That Make You Feel" All about psychiatry. BPM is 120. Any Key! Oh, be sure to contact me if you use. Cheers and have a great day!!
Tags : 120 bpm | Rap | 1.87 MB | Male | Rapping
Description : Lyrics by Willie Nelson. BPM 120
Description : Here's another original acapella all about searching. Its called "search for perfection". BPM is 170. Let me know if you use. If interested in commercial release please get in touch. Cheers!
Description : This acapella is from one of the songs that was on my latest EP. Free to use it in any non-commercial project as long as you put (ft. Charlie Rose) in the title of your song. And I wanna hear your track when it's done! If you want to make money with my voice hit me up and we'll talk.
Description : Here's and old song called "Sam Hall" that i turned into "rap" This should be good material for rappers! Ha! The BPM is 120. Had fun doing this one! lol
Description : Shamoozey enters the world of Rap with "Yo Bro" BPM is 120. Have fun now, y'hea
Description : My "Sign Here Please" has been such a popular pella for me that i decided to do another "Rap" song with a positive message. Its called "Thanks, You're Welcome!, No Problem, Don't Mention It" The BPM is 120. Its all in the beat! If you wish to release this track commercially please get in touch with the great Shamoozey. And Thanks, You're Welcome!, No Problem, Don't Mention It. Should i delete My Sweet Una?? My poor Una, nobody likes her.
Description : *** THE TEMP IS AN ESTIMATE, ADMITTEDLY I DON'T KNOW *** This is the verse I put onto Dudja's "Burning Down The Hate" You can use this verse for any project you choose. Be sure to give credits to Xseven & if you use it be sure to email me the final project - itsxseven@gmail.com You can listen & Download the full song here: https://soundcloud.com/itsxseven/burning-down-the-hate
Description : Enjoy! I'm on a roll tonight! Not sure what category this falls into :P CHORD PROGRESSION: Fmaj, Cmaj, Amin, Gmaj
Description : It's just like the story of my life, it never seems quite, to work out as I, had planned it, right? it's just like the story of my life, st-story of my life. . . Another one I had laying around, figured I'd record it and get it up here for the looperman community. Always interested to hear what you come up with. Thanks
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