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Description : Something I wrote a while ago. lol.
Description : Fun Chorus for a cute summer Pop song I wrote. Dry, Needs FX. Don't forget to credit with FEATURING VENUS LOVE on your track and please share in the comments or inbox me so I can hear!! thanks
Tags : 90 bpm | Pop | 2.89 MB | Male | Singing | Key : D#
Description : Here is my Pop/Rock-vocal from my own track "The Dream Of My Life", but im sure it can be used in any genre. This acapella is free for non-commercial and non-profit use (such as Facebook, SoundCloud, YouTube etc.). Just credit me in the title (feat. Martin Gunnarsson) For commercial purposes (iTunes, Spotify, Beatport, label releases etc.), please contact me for License Agreement. Email me at: GunnarssonMusic@gmail.com Thank you and enjoy!
Description : Some more vocals to drop the bass to. Its free as long as you give credit, (feat. Laer), in the title. Also, when your done, leave me the link! If you desire to monetize this track (sell it) email mercediismusic@gmail.com.
Description : Here Are stems from an upcoming single. Feel free to make a remix and mail me the results. Looking forward to hear :-)This is from an original mix, so this is for remix use only :-P Original mix can be found here: https://soundcloud.com/stepakofficial/keysintokyo
Description : This is a song I wrote a little while ago. Original is up on soundcloud.com/robbyhartmusic . Would love to hear a different interpretation of this bouncy tune! Please don't just steal the vocal fx on this. If used in a non-profit project please credit Robby Hart. If using for commercial use please contact at robbyhart@robbyhartmusic.com... :)
Description : Key: G Minor Tempo: 140ish (I Think!) **You may use this how you like as long as you include ft. Stephanie Kay in the title. All I ask in return is for a like on my Facebook page, where you can also share your remix! http://www.facebook.com/stephaniekaymusic
Description : Please, put "feat Lily und Wolf" in credits and put the link in the comments. Feel free to use it as a non-commercial track. For commercial use, please, contact us...
Tags : 120 bpm | Pop | 1.05 MB | Male | Singing | Key : A
Description : Just another idea, please credit me if you can use, thanks
Tags : 120 bpm | Pop | 2.17 MB | Male | Singing
Description : When Shamoozey opens the valves there is no key bro, just happiness. Today is "Happy Acapella "day so accept this offering of happiness among you. Go forth and keep thou twinkle in thou eye! Its called being happy!! The BPM is? Key? Not for commercial use, just elated happiness!
Tags : 110 bpm | Pop | 1.20 MB | Male | Singing | Key : A
Description : Just a song idea, please credit me if you can use.
Tags : 100 bpm | Pop | 3.61 MB | Male | Singing
Description : recorded with my handy. just a song idea. Please give me a review in the comment. You can use it and also put a real text on it and put an other singer etc. . JUST LET ME KNOW YOUR WORK PLS.
Tags : 140 bpm | Pop | 4.76 MB | Female | Singing
Description : Improvisational acapella vocal with Creative Commons License. You may use this material but you must feature Courtney Odom in the title of your work
Description : Let's fly (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMv_B19ywbQ) is a pop song written by Austin Elynne (https://twitter.com/austinelynne) and myself. Enjoy this acapella and feel free to use it for your own tracks, just please give me credit and link to the original track on SoundCloud or YouTube. https://soundcloud.com/ethreepoh/sets/lets-fly-austin-elynne-studio-mixdowns
Description : Anja Enerud and I has made a new acapella for you guys! Dry, without echoes. Hope you like it! BPM is 140, key is F minor. Can't wait to see what you come up with. Give me a link in the comments. Soundcloud is of course very welcomed, but please include "ft. Anja Enerud & Lapette" in the title. Thanks a lot! For Spotify rights or any streaming service you might make money of, please contact me for further information. Here is my personal try: https://soundcloud.com/lapette/ Not nailing the dubstep vibe quite yet though ;)
Description : Nice bars for a pop song. if used: CONTACT me at bzmusic.arhits@gmail.com ALSO give CREDIT. im open to FREE collabs as well
Description : Just some quick Harmonies.
Description : This is the acapella from my song "Film Noir". This acapella is free to use for non-commercial purposes only (please don't use this vocal in a song you intend to sell). Do not sell these vocals, do not flag other peoples remixes as infringing copywrite, and please remember to credit me in the song title as '(feat. Nate Monoxide)' or something similar. Unfortunately I am unavailable for collaborations, so please do not contact me for those purposes.
Tags : 115 bpm | Pop | 2.32 MB | Male | Singing | Key : G
Description : Just an idea please credit me if you use, thanks
Description : An idea I got from someone here on Looperman, but I can't seem to find him! :(
Description : This song about The Moscow City...
Tags : 122 bpm | Pop | 3.50 MB | Female | Singing
Description : This song about love, relationship problems and happy end.
Description : Next up on the turntable is a catchy original from the great Shamoozey. Its called "Sweet Lullaby". The BPM is 125 in the Key of G (Capo 3rd Fret) Chords for Verses - G,C,D. Chords for Chorus - C,F,D,G. Have fun now and let me hear that sweeeet lullaby!!
Description : If make any work with this acapella, please put the link on the comment section.
Description : CHORD PROGRESSION (TRANSPOSED -3 SEMITONES): Verse: Cmaj, Fmaj, Cmaj, Fmaj, Gmaj Chorus: Amin, Gmaj, Fmaj, Amin, Gmaj, Fmaj, Gmaj
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