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Description : These are the vocals of my debut song featured on the Get Set EP. Definitely check out the original track to get some inspiration: https://soundcloud.com/demi-vera-moodley/let-go-demi-vera (More to be uploaded soon, so follow me on SoundCloud if you like what you hear.) I'd like to hear your remix, please share your tracks with me. For non-commercial use only and make sure you name your track the following: Demi Vera - Let Go ("your name" Remix)
Description : This was going to be used for a track but the guy said he couldn't work with it. Maybe one of you can get some use out of it. PA: PLEASE DO NOT USE/REDISTRIBUTE MY VOCALS FOR PROFIT WITHOUT MY PERMISSION UNLESS YOU PLAN ON DISCUSSING ROYALTIES.THANK YOU.
Description : A new song I wrote called "Starstruck." It's a rough recording. Feel free to chop it up and mix it or whatever. I'll update it later. Just make sure to give BabyGee credit! Please and thank you. As usual, I don't know the bpm..I just write stuff. xD
Tags : 140 bpm | Pop | 1.99 MB | Male | Singing | Key : F#
Description : Just an idea, a bit terrifying though. Please credit me if you can use.
Tags : 128 bpm | Pop | 3.26 MB | Autotune | Male | Singing
Description : Requirements for FREE use. -Non profit (must be official remix tagged to sell)* -Title "Michael Mayo - Paradise (Yourname Remix) -May not be sold unless confirmed, please E-mail: Mayosbeat@gmail.com -Link the original -Please link me https://soundcloud.com/mayo-music/paradisewithme (You may post remix link as a comment!) The key idk
Description : I don't care if you use it, just put "ft. Jozy" First attempt at an acapella. Thoughts?
Description : This vocal is without an original track...Can be used for any genres of music. Lyrics by Irene Mykhailova. You can feel free to use it as non-commercial track. Please, don't forget to put the credits "feat. Lily und Wolf". For any further information and for commercial proposal, please, contact us: ywolf1969@hotmail.com
Description : Hey everybody! This one I'm super stoked about! Super electronic/house! Love to hear some great work on this. Commercial use is by request only and you can email robbyhart@robbyhartmusic.com for more details! Woohoo!
Description : Something a bit different. Please credit me if you use.
Description : acapella is about warm summer evenings in the seaside it is 4/4 the key is fis - fa# minor - fa# moll.
Description : Acapella Loop If U use it, I'd love to hear your track ? show and subscribe :-) https://www.youtube.com/user/knusperkruemelchen
Description : Acapella Loop If U use it, I'd love to hear your track ? show and subscribe :-) https://www.youtube.com/user/knusperkruemelchen
Description : Pop/Rock style vocs. Just my take on a song from the 80's
Description : vocals to my song 100 Questions
Tags : 100 bpm | Pop | 434.71 KB | Male | Rapping
Description : the amount of support and feedback I've got on here has been amazing so i just wanted to say thanks
Tags : 90 bpm | Pop | 734.71 KB | Male | Singing
Description : Brima & Ben Udin - To close to you (hook)
Description : pure raw-recording no vocal effects whatsoever
Description : Acapella Loop If u use it, show and subscribe :-) https://www.youtube.com/user/knusperkruemelchen
Description : This is a raw acapella with no effects added, autotune free. Good for DJ/Producers who wish to remix and add autotune themselves or for whatever reason.
Description : This is the vocals for my original song I Believe In You BUT PLEASE DO PUT FT. JOHN ROBERTSON Post you're track below so i can see what you're creative mind comes up with...
Description : If u use it, show and subscibe :-) https://www.youtube.com/user/knusperkruemelchen
Tags : 90 bpm | Pop | 466.13 KB | Female | Singing
Description : Hi just a random one i did real quick. Contact me if used. Follow Me on Instagram :Noemi.music My Like Page on Facebook : Noemi G
Description : If you do something give a link in a comment. With best wishes. BY LUCAS MOUNTAIN
Tags : 43 bpm | Pop | 1.07 MB | Female | Singing
Description : Please give credit to DJJACKIEJACK if use.
Description : I used this record for my Song "Now I'm free" (if you want, you can watch it on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFZIX3vZDVQ&;feature=youtu.be
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