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Description : Dance & Love was going to be released by me in early last summer but something about the song (or instrumental) made me keep this song as a demo. Now I'm giving my acapella to any producers out there to do whatever they want (UNLESS MY NAME IS FEATURED, OF COURSE) - So if you're doing something with this acapella, please hit me up at: iremdehni@gmail.com THANKS!
Description : Robbie Williams song in my performance
Description : Please credit all remixes to Kara Hesse and Kronstudios **Note ** The song is in 3/4 time signature.
Description : The acapella to my 2012 single "Lost me once". The original can be heard on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4DikaZdbKs The lolita remix can be found at: https://soundcloud.com/jodieehart/luke-ross-club Looking for house/Edm remixes to put on my soundcloud giving you promo. Feel free to have a play around with the acapella and if you do end up with something eargasming make sure you use the tag #JodieeHart on soundcloud and I'll check it out! PLEASE, DO NOT USE THIS TRACK AS YOUR OWN. YOUR NAME Feat Jodiee Hart - Lost Me Once. That way, With my google search rankings and using the #jodieehart tag on soundcloud/youtube , I will be able to find your track. Great way for a bit of exposure ;)
Description : Couple more ideas. Please credit me if you can use.
Description : Another hook. Now I do admit that this hook is a bit feminine, as is a lot of hooks unfinished tracks I am finding. I can't seem to find full songs anywhere and when I do I think it's sounds horrible. But I will post full/longer tracks soon. But for now enjoy this.
Description : Me constantly repeating round and round with multiple layers. Enjoy.
Description : Description : This is the acapella from my song "A Pint Or Two". This acapella is free to use for non-commercial purposes only (please don't use this vocal in a song you intend to sell). Do not sell these vocals, do not flag other peoples remixes as infringing copywrite, and please remember to credit me in the song title as '(feat. Nate Monoxide)' or something similar. I am not available for collaborations, so please do not contact me for those purposes. If you leave a comment linking to your mix, I'll be sure to check it out.
Description : Another tack I gave up on. Just the hook and chorus. Enjoy!
Description : I know I am never going to do any with this track, so I thought I would see what someone else could do. It's basically the whole track (verse 1, hook, chorus, and verse 2 in that order) I'm not sure what mic I was using at the time. But any way enjoy.
Description : Listen to the original track here: https://kronstudios.bandcamp.com/track/lonely Feel free to remix . Post your mixes p.s i forgot the bpm
Description : I have no clue what style this would fit. It was just randomness I came up with. This is also my first attempt, so if my vocals suck or I did anything wrong, please let me know. I would hate to subject anyone to unnecessary torment. Thanks so much if anyone actually uses it.
Tags : 70 bpm | Pop | 3.77 MB | Male | Singing
Description : A song about a man cheating on his wife and flies away. . .
Tags : 73 bpm | Pop | 3.27 MB | Male | Singing
Description : A song about being bullied by a girl on the playground. . .
Tags : 75 bpm | Pop | 3.52 MB | Male | Singing
Description : A song about being bullied by a girl on the playground. . .
Tags : 75 bpm | Pop | 3.52 MB | Male | Singing
Description : A song about being bullied by a girl on the playground. . .
Description : Just a silly song freestyle. . .
Tags : 120 bpm | Pop | 1.74 MB | Male | Singing
Description : A song about becoming a star and paying the women who I wrote a song about. .
Description : A song about how life changes
Description : This is a lyrically funny song. . .
Description : You know I've got to feel alive Don't deny me Tell me I'm alive Let my eyes see Trust I am the man Code inside me Can you understand? That my eyes see Feel alive and I want the light inside Feel the burn you hide Bear the might in stride
Description : Letting someone take the fall and go to prison for something a group of people did. Everybody's up n of the G thing Everybody knows what it means When you flash green Amphetamine their spleen Oh it hurts, oh my spleen Oh why you gotta be so mean? Everyone is being where they been Everyone understands just what they're seeing Everyone is a going and agreeing Though nobody wanted to be the one to do it themselves They all agreed to put you on the shelf Box you F&9k you on the street corner outside Leave you alone with no ride
Description : For Commercial Purposes holla at tha_suspect1@yahoo.com
Description : sounds like a pre chorus
Description : pop melody.
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