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Description : You can remix/use the acapella as long as my name is attach to it. Make sure to tag me on my Soundcloud if you upload your sound there. And make sure to write "ft. Mac Jaiyod" in the title. :) For commercial release please contact me ( Thanks guys and have fun producing. :) Please leave a link here so I can hear it too.
Description : Hello my name is Saul Cross, This is a track I have written in E flat major at 128 bpm. The vocal are sung by : Justin Quinn aka JJ. 3 uk top tens! check on web. Full audio is available just contact me. It was recorded for Laurent Wery check on web. But never release. ***If you want to release this track for free/money you need to contact me first!!!*** I also have the original audio parts add libs and backing vocals as audio separation.
Description : Spoken Word: (original Song) About conquering life's problems and goals you have set for yourself. [if you decide to remix/use this, link the audio in the comment so I can hear it too. Thanks. Also if you do use this credit me]
Description : Spoken Word: (original Song) About not letting yourself be held down by criticism, stereotypes, labels, etc. [if you decide to remix/use this, link the audio in the comment so I can hear it too. Thanks. Also if you do use this, credit me]
Description : Things Will Get Better is a soulful/gospel house track with singing reminiscent of Teddy Pendergrass and Colonel Abrams, sung by Vulenzo with inspirational spoken word and production by Kamal Emanuel aka kamal Imani. Available in online stores!
Description : vocal hook loop for electro house tech-house etc... 128BPM Cmin 32bars
Description : Voice & lyrics by Igor Pose. Here is bunch of vocals united by one idea. Make your own order of its following and the choise of those you really need. Some of them could be used as back vocals. Any existing genres.
Description : Was for a collabo for an EP, user said it was too slow (I am sure it was also but I am learning the house thing) . So here it is for someone else to use. love to hear what becomes of it.
Description : Lyrics & voice by Igor Pose.
Description : This was originally an exclusive type vocal for a was good, but was deleted when the user created a new account so I figure free for use now. It was one of my first vocals that was not heavily heavily processed and where I realized... I could possibly do a vocal with out playing a ton of games to spice it up (even tho I still play some) That said... that is the reason for alot of clipping and such... I have even less clue what I was doing then I do now. It could quite well be the first time I wrote my own lyrics also.
Description : dip full can you make something better :)
Description : we about to blow explicit version
Description : move your body alternate hook and bridge
Description : plz try and take some time to edit the vocals a little free to use but Do not sell these vocals, do not flag other peoples remixes as infringing copywrite, and ALWAYS credit me in the song title as '(feat. Goldtea)' or something similar. I am available for collaborations, so please If you leave a comment linking to your mix, I'll be sure to check it out.
Description : This is from a collaboration that never went anywhere or got finished. As always love to hear your stuff. I like the lyrics... maybe I'll use them in something else someday.
Description : Using the KORG Radias (M09 - Comb-Coder) I vocoded rhythmical noises. Processed and added FX in FLStudio11. Designed for House tracks but can be applied anywhere. This sample is in G minor. Here is a link to where this sample came from:
Description : Just trying to be Groovy Please feature me in all mixes as Felicia Santilla Interested in other collaborations? Message me on my soundcloud. Thanks
Description : Another JD vocal. Was trying my hand at writing a deep house song, or something. as always I love to hear what people do with it... even tho its not the best of vocals.
Tags : 95 bpm | House | 7.62 MB | Male | Singing
Description : Lana Del Rey cover of Summertime Sadness. Please add Dylan Ogle in the description and please share your work.
Description : I wrote this for someone's song on here that I heard once but now I can't remember their name so if you have a song called "Memories" and this fits the sound, it's probably you. Anyways, I figured I'd share with you guys. :)
Tags : 60 bpm | House | 5.12 MB | Male | Singing | Key : E
Description : Original composition. Please add Feat Dylan Ogle in your work and please contact me for commercial use.
Description : Cover of Steve Forbert's Im in love with you. Thought house producers could do an interpretation of this. Please add Feat Dylan Ogle in your work and please contact me for commercial use.
Description : anyone can use this voice ... but in the title should be ...( Your NAME ) feat MinaaL - (track name) thanks in advance good luck
Description : Lyrics & voice Igor Pose.
Tags : 135 bpm | House | 1.13 MB | Male | Singing
Description : 135 bpm suitable for many genres.. Pls show me your creations if u use it
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