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Description : Chopping up a song I wrote w my singer
Description : "meow little pussy" BPM 128. Chords ~ Dm, Am, G. If you want to use this acapella commercially please contact the great Shamoozey.
Description : Original song by Shamoozey called "The Narcissist" BPM 128. Key of Em. Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for admiration and a lack of empathy for others. But behind this mask of ultraconfidence lies a fragile self-esteem that's vulnerable to the slightest criticism. A narcissistic personality disorder causes problems in many areas of life, such as relationships, work, school or financial affairs. You may be generally unhappy and disappointed when you're not given the special favors or admiration you believe you deserve. Others may not enjoy being around you, and you may find your relationships unfulfilling. Narcissistic personality disorder treatment is centered around talk therapy (psychotherapy).
Tags : 128 bpm | House | 3.69 MB | Male | Rapping
Description : Here's another original Shamoozey acapella wrapper called "let it go". Might suit the "House" genre with a 128 BPM. I will also be singing this at a later time but for now here's a little spoken word/rap. Remember, take a deep breather (inhale) and... let it gooooooo!
Description : BPM 190 - Chords - D, G. A
Description : Not all is rosey in Fred's garden! BPM 125. Key of C.
Tags : 120 bpm | House | 1.21 MB | Male | Singing
Description : A Vocal idea that needs a text, and of course a new singer. :) My voice is just temporary. When you want to work this out, just do it. And contact me. Have fun :)
Description : U can use it how you want. I woul love to hear it, what you do with it. have fun The tempo isnt 120. I dont know it sorry.
Tags : 121 bpm | House | 5.51 MB | Male | Singing
Description : Description : Please add Feat Dylan Ogle in the track description if you intend on using. Please contact me for commercial use and please share your work. Demo track can be found below created by NSDA 2:10
Description : This Acapella is to a Swedish House Mafia remix (originally called Miami to Ibiza). So the vibe is housey but my rap is hip hoppy.Haven't Uploaded vox in quite a while but after hearing thousands of Looperman remixes after the release of my album Full Spektrum I decided to contribute more vox to the talented people of the world. You guys and girls are awesome and I appreciate all of your support, work, and creativity. Every remix made me smile with joy and I've even built awesome freindships, partners from around the globe, and even release periodic mixtape from YOU guys remixes. Go to my page and you may just find a mix of yours on my mixtapes "Full Spektrum Revolution: The remixes". With my new Album "Apex" coming out this summer I decided to release some vox from my mixtape "Kamo Season" (releasing April 21st). If you use any vox just please give some cred and put "featuring Kamoflage" as the material written is my own.
Description : Here's a happee little pella called "this little light" The beat is 180. Key of D. Have fun!
Tags : 110 bpm | House | 6.87 MB | Male | Singing
Description : Please add Feat Dylan Ogle in the track description if you intend on using. Please contact me for commercial use and please share your work. Check out the super talented Toricos. And ToumiX
Description : You can remix/use the acapella as long as my name is attach to it. Make sure to tag me on my Soundcloud if you upload your sound there. And make sure to write "ft. Mac Jaiyod" in the title. :) For commercial release please contact me ( Thanks guys and have fun producing. :) Please leave a link here so I can hear it too.
Description : Spoken Word: (original Song) About conquering life's problems and goals you have set for yourself. [if you decide to remix/use this, link the audio in the comment so I can hear it too. Thanks. Also if you do use this credit me]
Description : Spoken Word: (original Song) About not letting yourself be held down by criticism, stereotypes, labels, etc. [if you decide to remix/use this, link the audio in the comment so I can hear it too. Thanks. Also if you do use this, credit me]
Description : Things Will Get Better is a soulful/gospel house track with singing reminiscent of Teddy Pendergrass and Colonel Abrams, sung by Vulenzo with inspirational spoken word and production by Kamal Emanuel aka kamal Imani. Available in online stores!
Description : vocal hook loop for electro house tech-house etc... 128BPM Cmin 32bars
Description : Voice & lyrics by Igor Pose. Here is bunch of vocals united by one idea. Make your own order of its following and the choise of those you really need. Some of them could be used as back vocals. Any existing genres.
Description : Lyrics & voice by Igor Pose.
Description : This was originally an exclusive type vocal for a was good, but was deleted when the user created a new account so I figure free for use now. It was one of my first vocals that was not heavily heavily processed and where I realized... I could possibly do a vocal with out playing a ton of games to spice it up (even tho I still play some) That said... that is the reason for alot of clipping and such... I have even less clue what I was doing then I do now. It could quite well be the first time I wrote my own lyrics also.
Description : dip full can you make something better :)
Description : we about to blow explicit version
Description : move your body alternate hook and bridge
Description : plz try and take some time to edit the vocals a little free to use but Do not sell these vocals, do not flag other peoples remixes as infringing copywrite, and ALWAYS credit me in the song title as '(feat. Goldtea)' or something similar. I am available for collaborations, so please If you leave a comment linking to your mix, I'll be sure to check it out.
Description : This is from a collaboration that never went anywhere or got finished. As always love to hear your stuff. I like the lyrics... maybe I'll use them in something else someday.
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