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Description : here is the hook we used for a hiphop/trap project. Feel free making your own mix out of it if you wanna upload your remix online you should credit us like your track (feat. Sync Diversity) . For Commercial use contact me first! syncdiversity@gmail.com. our official pages: http://www.facebook.com/SyncDiversity http://syncdiversityrecords.com
Description : Acapella you can use for you Hiphop track. -= Please Share your creation =-
Description : All reverb/delay/EQ removed. Hear the original at https://soundcloud.com/justinstcharlesmusic/lights-rising-they-hear-us
Description : All reverb/delay/EQ removed. Hear the original song at https://soundcloud.com/justinstcharlesmusic/lights-rising-things-are
Description : All reverb, delay and EQ removed! Enjoy! Hear the original at https://soundcloud.com/justinstcharlesmusic/lights-rising-heave-and-pull
Description : In light of recent and current national and world events we the people must find new ways of encouraging the governments to try peace and diplomacy! Conscious Hip Hop Lyricist and Spoken Word Performance Poet Kamal Eman, AKA Kamal Imani tells us to "Put the peace sign up" as he breaks down the problems and solutions for our world with this Arabic laced hip hop track! *Check the tempo!
Description : All reverb/delay/EQ removed. Hear the original song at https://soundcloud.com/justinstcharlesmusic/lights-rising-just-before-im-gone
Description : All reverb/delay/EQ removed. Hear the original song at https://soundcloud.com/justinstcharlesmusic/lights-rising-remember-this-1
Tags : 94 bpm | Hip Hop | 8.73 MB | Male | Rapping
Description : All reverb/delay/EQ removed. Hear the original song at https://soundcloud.com/justinstcharlesmusic/lights-rising-take-the-reins
Description : New vocals from K19 and Reno Jr's Hit "Blessings". contact k19younggreat@yahoo.com for collabs. Original reference https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4b7sW3SdewE
Description : smooth freestyle
Description : Description : 175 bpm London Mc Style Vocals, good for dnb, 1.Do not sell your songs using my vocals!!!!!!!!! 2.Put GadManDubs - in the Title of your song. 3.add me on soundcloud- http://soundcloud.com/gadmandubs 4. If you want original vocals from me for your track? i have a fee, contact me to speak about this!! 5.please check out my other acapellas, enjoy!! GadManDubs ISRC UK3671500089
Description : Great vocal sound to add you track email -jonathancamper15@gmail.com
Description : This the beginning of a song I made. If you would like to help me and do some collab for the FULL song, that would be great. If you like the song and use it please be kind enough to put your track in the comment section. email -jonathancamper15@gmail.com
Description : Dirt-Digga (2013)
Description : All reverb, delay and EQ removed! Hear original at https://soundcloud.com/justinstcharlesmusic/lights-rising-we-wont-fall
Description : All reverb, delay and EQ removed. Hear original song at https://soundcloud.com/justinstcharlesmusic/lights-rising-sound-of-the-risen
Description : attitude
Description : something for the club
Description : Dirt-Digga
Description : A deep rap about memories about the hood that raised me, and how the time have changed its people and estructures...thinking in time by L2G. dry_All Effects/VST ALLOWED - "Creative Common just name L2G" Club Mix, Remix,Special/Alternatives/OGs/News Versions...Feel Free to sell, share & do your best thang.
Tags : 80 bpm | Hip Hop | 8.28 MB | Male | Rapping
Description : All delay/reverb and EQ has been stripped. Hear the original at https://soundcloud.com/justinstcharlesmusic/lights-rising-harvest-time
Description : Do Wit As you Please?
Description : "Living Under Water' has a phat hook, dope conscious lyrics and a jazzy hip hop beat. For those who love real hip hop! I feel like, were living under water the tempertures getting warmer all the time
Description : an actual rap song
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