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Description : Sample to be mixed into your track with the words "FEAT. VENUS LOVE" bpm 128ish
Description : K19 does impressions of Big Sean,2 chainz,lil wayne,rick ross,ludacris and future. This was just for fun. Feel free to use. Put ft.various fake artists. for collabs email me at k19younggreat@yahoo.com original reference https://soundcloud.com/theofficialk19/big-sean-house-bitch-parody-ft-2-chainzlil-wayneludacrisrick-ross-and-future
Description : Wrote this poem about some chick.
Description : Here is the original https://soundcloud.com/jediswift/the-pharaoh if you use the acapella, let me know id like to hear it.
Description : Fun little diddy that you can you use in a chorus.
Description : every girl wants you to put a ring on it so here is something for that.
Tags : 23 bpm | Hip Hop | 2.24 MB | Male | Rapping
Description : it was originally rapped on Fabolous instrumental >> I'm ill. ________ Sorry i don't know the correct tempo or bpm. _____ please Spell my name correctly, its 2 separate words, dont join them together: "Point Reazon" **** Twitter: @pointREAZON **** SoundCloud: Point Reazon **** Facebook: Point Reazon OR Facebook: point reazon. ____i've noticed that most people work to produce and put out songs without promoting or pushing them. Guys, its not cool. You dont expect a dope song to just fly or pop like that, you need to constantly share/promote it, at least thru social media. How do you get discovered and if you dont advertise or promote these songs/works?
Description : New vocals from Qua Hooten. For Original Reference https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLdKUCJ0bCE
Description : Jadarrell links up with K19 for a fresh vocal. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a82PjjHld0E
Description : One of our more experienced artists "The Gifted Wun".
Description : Feel free to use.Email for collabs. For original reference. https://soundcloud.com/dsa_young_dr3/young-dre-underrated
Description : 14 Year old Young Dre wants to be rich. Email for collabs. For reference hereis the original track https://soundcloud.com/dsa_young_dr3/young-dre-i-wanna-be-rich
Tags : 82 bpm | Hip Hop | 4.36 MB | Male | Rapping
Description : A story about the abuse of the word love. for an original reference https://soundcloud.com/theofficialk19/a-new-word-for-love-by-k19 Email me k19younggreat@yahoo.com
Description : I just wrote this song, its called "Party Time" Shamoozey style! I guess it can be used in a variety of genres. Anyway, the BPM is 140. Key of A. Give me a shout if you use it. Have fun! its party time! lol. Cheers!
Description : lil TREY put this together for his opening acapella on this site. It's okay by it's self, but with a good beat, in my opinion, this becomes quite a great acapella. Don't belive me? Try it. Stay Royal -Jay Legend
Description : If you started rapping in 1992 or were born in 1992 this chorus is for you.. Post What you do with this track!!
Description : I recorded someone a while back for fun, but never used it. Would like to see what yall would be able to do with it.
Description : Another one of the hooks that will be on my upcoming EP. You can find the original track here: http://www.looperman.com/tracks/detail/163898 || Free to use in any NON-commercial project. (as long as you put ft. Charlie Rose in the title of your song) || Hit me up lucascharlierose@gmail.com for commercial use or any other inquiries.
Description : Deep voice Hip hop sound contact me at bzmusic.arhits@gmail.com if you use vocals, if used in a track give B.L. Credit
Description : What's up fam? I've been working on my next EP and I will be uploading acapellas on here as I record them. Feel free to use them in any non-commercial project. All I ask is that you put (ft. Charlie Rose) in the title of your song. || lucascharlierose@gmail.com for all business inquiries. || This is a cool hook you can use in any hip hop song, might even work with some edm, how creative are you? ;) I will upload the verses as well.
Tags : 90 bpm | Hip Hop | 4.17 MB | Male | Rapping
Description : in the lab again putting together this album and got inspired by some of my loopers tracks....enjoy
Description : Hip Hop Chorus/Hook for Collab, Raw file. 110 bpm PLEASE Credit by putting Feat. Venus Love on the track thanks. I'd also like to hear how creative y'all can get with it! Peace
Description : Something from a previous project..needs a small trim at the end and maybe a bit of compression on the vox. I made the original to have an echo on the last word "Down" might work for other projects as well.
Description : In the studio drilling
Description : One of our better lyricists! email us at weare4rheal@gmail.com for collabs
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