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Description : this song i uploaded online last week and it got so far on spotify 300 000 views and many top charts in many countries and i am planing to upload an album of remixes for it, and a opportunity for producers to get known or even signed my record label. original song u can find it on this link: http://www.looperman.com/tracks/detail/180414 or on Spotify. Please note that any remix i found online made for commercial use will be followed by my label and sued. please show your remixes on my comment box and the remixes i choose it will be online with ur name on ,,, on more than 45 music platforms including spotify, itunes , shazam and many more. thanks for ur time !
Description : Came out nice. Did a 100% Improv to a EDM type beat. This was the fruition of that session. Figured since I get mixed to EDM type beats a lot, why not just make vocals that actually match it. Willing to work with and write out actual work of labor with a good producer. Can hit me at keith89115@yahoo.com with you work. To hear version I did to original beat here http://www.looperman.com/tracks/detail/180037
Description : A narrative version of old blue eyes 'Somethin Stupid'. BPM 106. Give ol' Shamoozey a credit in your title remix for preservation. Send MP3 copy for Shamoozey private stash. This should be interesting!
Description : Electronic vocal. Ch A G F#m E
Description : Check out 'Cheeky Monkey'. 128bpm. Key of 'Cm'. A short 'Hook and verse' original acapella by Shamoozey. Suit various genres!. Room for producers to break it up and explore!! Credit Shamoozey in your title remix. Get in touch to purchase this acapella. Thanks!
Description : I have not posted or recorded anything in along time. Figured I would put something out. do not try and sell without contacting me. http://www.facebook.com/knowkontrol http://www.soundcloud.com/knowkontrol credit please
Description : 'I Got Love'. 125bpm'. Original acapella by Shamoozey As always... Please (Feat.. Shamoozey) in your 'title' remix.. Get in touch for commercial sale of this acapella or any Shamoozey vocals.
Description : Contact me at the email on my profile for commercial use! Used this loop, by DesignedImpression: http://www.looperman.com/loops/detail/99345/borough-guitar-loop-by-designedimpression-free-140bpm-hip-hop-electric-guitar-loop for inspiration.
Description : 'Vegas'. 120bpm. Please (Feat. Shamoozey) in your Title remix, thanks!. Please also,, get in touch for purchase of this acapella or any Shamoozey vocals.
Description : 'Ready or Not' here comes Shamoozey. Please (Feat. Shamoozey) in your Title remix. Please also,, get in touch for purchase of this acapella, or any Shamoozey vocals.
Description : Id love to see what you guys make with this
Description : May be useful for someone. If you do something give a link in a comment. Credits:- Ft. Ankit sharda contact me if there is any problem Email:- nktshrd1234@gmail.com fb:- https://www.facebook.com/punjabi.ankit https://www.facebook.com/ankitshardamusic For commercial use contact me.
Description : Electronic vocal, in E minor. Please send me links to finished tracks
Description : Another original acapella harmonizing by Shamoozey called 'Mother Mo Chroi' Mom of my Heart! Has a electronic feel to it but its all about interpretation of the creative artist. BPM 'not known'. Lets hug a music label manager today, God knows they need it! As always hugs, please put (feat Shamoozey) in your Title remixer. Get in touch for commercial projects!
Description : Original acapella by Shamoozey called 'Bunnell Boogie' BPM 120. Please put (feat: Shamoozey) in your new Title remix and be sure to contact Shamoozey for commercial explorations.
Description : Electronic vocal. Please credit me and link to finished tracks
Description : Electronic vocal. Ch C minor & G minor. Please credit me and link to finished tracks
Description : EDM or deep house with effects combined and seperate recorded to a click auto tune. heres what I threw together with it https://soundcloud.com/new5ense2015/me-and-you this will be my last upload here as I am chosing to work more exclusivley. I hope you all have enjoyed my work and found it useful thank you and peace
Description : For collaboration, visit www.esoreni.com
Description : Here's a Shamoozey experiment sing along on YT version of the golden oldie from the Eagles 'Original Hotel California' 147 BPM. A contract must be signed before any and all Shamoozey Acapellas/Vocals are "officially released" for public consumption or monetary gain by DJs/Producers/Labels etc.
Description : (Tempo is 108.200) These are the vocals of my latest colaboration with the South African Singer 'Demi Vera'. Definitely check out the original track to get some inspiration: https://soundcloud.com/wearezerol/summer-this-lovefeat-demi-vera (I will add all future vocals if possible, so follow me on soundcloud if you like what you here) I'd like to hear your remix, please share your tracks with us. For non-commercial use only and make sure you name your track the following: Zerol feat. Demi Vera - Summer (This Love) (Your Remix)
Description : The vocals your inspired by David Geutta's music and the vocals you for personal usage only
Description : Tempo 100 - 110 not sure || Leave a Link :)
Description : Free to use for NON-commercial projects (no selling!). Don't put 'Original' in your title and please give me credits in the title (Ft. Sehya). A second verse is available to be used in the commercial release. If you are interested in commercial usage -> contact me. Key: G Major Bpm: 128
Description : I decided to make this one free so long as there is no commercial use. Contact me if you plan on selling it and we can make an agreement!
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