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Description : Long time no see, hope every one is doing fine. I actually had a speaking bit before this piece, but took it away because I didn't like the sound of my own voice, haha. Was inspired to write this after reading a dystopian novel. If you use this in your track - please comment the final link. ^_^
Description : Electronic Vocals. Based around Cm & Gm
Description : Idea from a new project, please credit me if you use, thanks.
Description : http://www.looperman.com/tracks/detail/158348 You put me up on rails Shining lights grow tractor When I look at him Next to on your grave I'm crucified, I am dismayed I won't cheap back Wanting and want to No one cares when you are done to me I love to see them when they're brave You know I'm the best zombie in the yard You don't even know why I can breathe I can read I can see I can lead I can be I can see I can be what you need I can shoot you motherFJ(Fers In your smile cuz you're smilin You now see That you'll never be all the way back home again Death is your home now I am gonna lay her And actually slay her Given back to the ground All the way to the sound And the down, down, down
Description : Electronic vocal. Based around Cm. Please credit me and link to finished track.
Description : A lovely song I just wrote. I love having dreams, they're wacky with endless possibilities. There is a realm that exists outside of our own reality that we can be in, and that's our dreams. If you use this in your song - please comment your final track ^_^
Description : Please credit [fin], would love to hear what you make. This is from an unreleased track. https://soundcloud.com/fin_end
Description : This is an old song that I wrote that made me think of summer and red, white and blue! I thought this song was fun, it's actually something I'd not normally write, but I thought it was cute, haha. If you use this in your song - please send the final link :)
Description : This is a demo for a song that I think would be good for my EP with the right producer. The chorus needs work for sure but I think the verses and the bridge was good. Message me if you need/want WAV. Anyways, I'm an artist who's looking to make an EP this summer. My soundcloud is soundcloud.com/austinonymous if you want to check it out. I want to make pop/electronic/dance music. Posting acapellas on Looperman to see what you guys make and hopefully you want to work together! Contact me if you want to make this into a legit song to sell or anything and we'll talk.
Description : Extensive use of vocoder and autotune. Started off in Cm.
Description : The first ever song I've written, still holding onto it today. Re-recorded it and epic! If you use this in your song - please send me the final link :)
Description : An old song that I wrote, loved and re-recorded. EDIT: Thank you to the people who downloaded this! If you make a song with it, please don't hesitate to send me the final link to it :)
Description : first record in use with autotune
Description : Please credit Miper and Knowkontrol, would love to hear what you make. I have started doing collabos with another artist Miper... here is one of our vocals. https://soundcloud.com/miper/perfect-story-mia-dwayzo https://soundcloud.com/miper/ https://soundcloud.com/knowkontrol/
Description : let me know if u use it
Description : PLEASE GIVE ME THE LINK WHEN YOU USE THIS. Have you ever been out for a night on the town, and suddenly you realize you are completely wasted and wonder, how did I get so drunk? This is what this song is about. I've been working on it for a year, but I think you all can do a better job with it. This song is not representative of my usual style of work, but I was dared to write something funny. I will use the best remix in my Free Music Fridays video series, a link back to the producer will be made, tons of free publicity here. Definitely hoping for a club anthem here. Individual vocal tracks are available here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/70h9jzl6uueq6yz/ilBYfPNl9T
Description : let me know if u use it
Description : the vocals of a song of mine called cold rain...let me know if u use it
Description : 128 dance/electronic vocal. Professional studio recorded. If you want to commercially release message me at soundcloud.com/tristanvocals
Description : a favourite song sung by me
Description : let me know if u use it
Description : An anthem track available to remix & post to Soundcloud. 133.3333 BPM C# MINOR. This acapella is not royalty free. Please send a direct message to www.shaidawn.com for any official release or label requests. Must include "ShAi Dawn & Oscar Del Amor - I Still Believe (Remix by...)" in the song title. All rights reserved. A MEGA thank you to everyone who has used my voice to create something new and wonderful.
Description : https://soundcloud.com/knowkontrol/lie-to-me The BG Loop/Vocal
Description : https://soundcloud.com/knowkontrol/lie-to-me as always love to hear what happens with my vocals
Description : I am uploading 2 version of this track. The second version has yet to be used... I started a track.. but never finished it... but the complete vocal was recorded. https://soundcloud.com/knowkontrol/agony-nthr-pianos-quiet
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