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Description : EDM or deep house with effects combined and seperate recorded to a click auto tune. heres what I threw together with it https://soundcloud.com/new5ense2015/me-and-you this will be my last upload here as I am chosing to work more exclusivley. I hope you all have enjoyed my work and found it useful thank you and peace
Description : I can't think of anything to write.
Description : Here's a Shamoozey experiment sing along on YT version of the golden oldie from the Eagles 'Original Hotel California' 147 BPM, but that's suspect!. Please 'share' a copy. If you use this acapella put ze great Shamoozey in 'title'. Cheers!
Description : (Tempo is 108.200) These are the vocals of my latest colaboration with the South African Singer 'Demi Vera'. Definitely check out the original track to get some inspiration: https://soundcloud.com/wearezerol/summer-this-lovefeat-demi-vera (I will add all future vocals if possible, so follow me on soundcloud if you like what you here) I'd like to hear your remix, please share your tracks with us. For non-commercial use only and make sure you name your track the following: Zerol feat. Demi Vera - Summer (This Love) (Your Remix)
Description : The vocals your inspired by David Geutta's music and the vocals you for personal usage only
Description : Tempo 100 - 110 not sure || Leave a Link :)
Description : Free to use for NON-commercial projects (no selling!). Don't put 'Original' in your title and please give me credits in the title (Ft. Sehya). A second verse is available to be used in the commercial release. If you are interested in commercial usage -> contact me. Key: G Major Bpm: 128
Description : I decided to make this one free so long as there is no commercial use. Contact me if you plan on selling it and we can make an agreement!
Description : Part 1 of 2 |
Description : Part 2 of 2 |
Description : a fun happy song I made really good for edm or house. I haven't made my own version yet but when I do I will post the link. Enjoy! the original pella took some editing come to find out but I remade it this way Im sure youll find it more usable :) heres my version https://soundcloud.com/new5ense2015/la-la-la-la-lie
Description : Just have fun with it guys. Make sure to credit me, put something like "ft. Macii" or something similar in the title. :) For commercial release or any questions, please email me (macjaiyod109@gmail.com). Thank you guys, again, have a lot of fun with it. :) :) Please share with me your wonderful work!!
Description : Sounds alright || Second part from "Your Mine - Acapella || Show me what you guys can come up with || Add some stuttering effects x chop it up or something || I do not have the dry version without the reverb sorry || Thank you! :D
Description : Simple short clip | Not sure what the bpm is | Send me a link if you decide to use | thank you!
Description : electronic heres my version https://soundcloud.com/new5ense2015/feel-good
Description : From a song I am working on. I wanna hear what you guys can come up with using it :D Thanks -
Description : add me credts how Backster ross
Description : Electronic heres my version https://soundcloud.com/new5ense2015/slow-it-down
Description : Saying Goodbye (Just Alone)VOCAL If you want to use this vocal send me a e-mail to: jpaesnelson@gmail.com
Description : Hey guys! I've been using looperman for a while now and thought I'd do something back for you guys! Here is an acapella I did for my track 'Memories'. Use it as much as you want for non-commercial use, contact me on soundcloud for commerical use! Please link your work in the comments, would love to hear it!! chords: A - G - F - (F/D) check my version on soundcloud! https://soundcloud.com/playingaround-243099951/memories?in=playingaround-243099951/sets/hku-ep/s-Hml5o
Description : If you use my audio, I would like to hear what you will produce me in credtos also as Backster, my email backsterross@gmail.com
Description : that for those who have producing an electro bass I add in the credits of the track Backster ross
Description : if you use my voice like dfe listen, acrecente me in the credits as Backster Ross
Description : EDM or House heres my version https://soundcloud.com/new5ense2015/everybody-wanna-party
Description : Intended for EDM, rearrange however. Free to use, however I'd love to hear what you come up with. Tag as feat. Dinn Thanks xo
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