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Description : If you use my audio, I would like to hear what you will produce me in credtos also as Backster, my email backsterross@gmail.com
Description : electronic heres my version https://soundcloud.com/new5ense2015/inside-the-box
Description : that for those who have producing an electro bass I add in the credits of the track Backster ross
Description : if you use my voice like dfe listen, acrecente me in the credits as Backster Ross
Description : EDM or House heres my version https://soundcloud.com/new5ense2015/everybody-wanna-party
Description : Intended for EDM, rearrange however. Free to use, however I'd love to hear what you come up with. Tag as feat. Dinn Thanks xo
Description : All new vocal and for inspiration https://soundcloud.com/omenrecords/be-with-you
Description : Tiny verse I made. I got rid of the background noises so it's not as noisy lol. Trying to upload more and more verses! Try sending me lyrics that I can sing because I'm not the best at making lyrics lol.
Description : This acapella is from my latest song "Acoustic Daydream." If you use this acapella, make sure to have the song format as "Corruption - Acoustic Daydream (ARTISTNAME Remix)." Be sure to comment what you made, I would love to hear the results. Also, I will select my three favorite remixes to put on a remix album. The original song is here: https://soundcloud.com/pugetsoundproductions/corruption-acoustic-daydream
Description : Great for electronic music.
Description : EDM or house for best results I suggest some editing to fit your song. Enjoy heres what I made. https://soundcloud.com/new5ense2015/fade-away
Description : Requirements for FREE use. -Non profit (must be official remix tagged to sell)* -Title "Michael Mayo - Workin Hard (Yourname Remix) -May not be sold unless confirmed E-mail: Mayosbeat@gmail.com -Link the original -Please link me https://soundcloud.com/mayo-music/workin-hard or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yf5tNHDHaNY https://soundcloud.com/mayo-music/workin-hard
Description : The blessings of eternity be with you all. Saecula Saeculorum Amen - acapella by Shamoozey. Perfect for the Christians attending the club scene! BPM 128. Get in touch if using for 'commercial gain'.
Description : Just a freestyle lyric for maybe a hook I made off the top of my head. I have no clue what the BPM is, sorry :(. You don't need to put featuring me if you don't want to. But, comment the track you used it in! I love seeing them! I new to all this btw :P
Description : Alternate Take on Back Here again, this is a much older track. When I first started doing vocals. http://facebook.com/knowkontrol http://soundcloud.com/knowkontrol
Description : Very old track that I did't realize was not up here.https://soundcloud.com/knowkontrol/back-here-again-mcbird http://facebook.com/knowkontrol
Description : Track I had started but never finished. http://facebook.com/knowkontrol http://soundcloud.com/knowkontrol http://www.youtube.com/knowkontrolmusic contact before selling
Description : Gypsy Rover by Shamoozey. Another rap love song. BPM 128. Any Key. This would suit the EDM Genre, or God knows what! Get in touch for commercial release!
Description : Just heard that my buddy Johnny Logan of Eurovision fame had his leather jacket and wallet stolen on a European train, so this track is dedicated to him, its called "Whats Another Year" BPM 115.
Description : Just have fun with it guys. Make sure to credit me, put something like "ft. Mac Jaiyod" or something similar in the title. :) For commercial release or any questions, please email me (macjaiyod109@gmail.com). Thank you guys, again, have a lot of fun with it. :) :)
Description : You can use the acapella as long as my name is attach to it. Make sure to tag me on my Soundcloud if you upload your sound there. And make sure to write "ft. Mac Jaiyod" in the title. :) For commercial release please contact me (macjaiyod109@gmail.com). Thanks guys and have fun producing. :) Please leave a link here so I can hear it too.
Description : Its only fitting that there should be an App Jingle so here's the one and only Shamoozey up to speed with his new 'original' App Jingle acapella. BPM 120. Any Genre. Producers/Labels - If you want to use this acapella to make money, or release commercially, please contact Shamoozey to get license or exclusive rights. Thanks.
Description : do not try and sell without contacting me. http://www.facebook.com/knowkontrol http://www.soundcloud.com/knowkontrol credit please
Description : do not try and sell without contacting me. http://www.facebook.com/knowkontrol http://www.soundcloud.com/knowkontrol credit please
Description : Electronic vocoder vocal (revised). 80bmp but could use 160bmp. Please credit me and send me a link to your finished track.
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