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Description : For you EDM lovers out there. Enjoy! Please send me your song (in mp3 format only) before posting online. Once approved, please ft. eSoreni. If you don't hear back from me you can post your song, but please do NOT feature me. Acapella is for non-commercial use only.
Description : heres my version
Description : I'm back! Raw vocals. Non-Commercial use only. Please don't post without my approval. Send your song (in mp3 format only) via email to and within 24-48 hours you will receive a response back stating if it was "Approved." If you don't get a response, you can still post, but please do not feature eSoreni. Thanks
Description : I try to make songs that you all can actually use, full complete songs. In saying that, I noticed better quality vocals from recording from my phone :( sad but true. Anyhow, this vocal was recorded from my phone and then I mixed it on my DAW. Here's my version peace.
Description : Credit me and Zano in your production if you use our voice! #KaCajun #Zano The Party Track! Everybody Jump Up to get down 1 OF 14 acapellas you can get Now on
Description : 'What The Faugh' is another moon-raking original acapella by the great Shamoozey. BPM 125, make your own key gumbas! Feat. Shamoozey in your new title remix and send Shamoozey a copy for review. Tickety-boo! of your musical/beat addition. Above all else, have fun!
Description : please dont put my vocals with any other artists it complicates things.
Description : This acapella is titled "Take my time." Use Genre of your choice. This has been pieced together, so if you just download and place in over your song, it will not sync well. There are two tracks because I wanted you to hear potentially where you can place back vocals (effects added). The main vocals are raw. Also, please, try to match key and pitch as best as you can without having to make me sound like a man or a chipmunk. I want the people to know the real voice behind the name. I know I'm not the greatest singer, so I understand if my voice do not work well with your song. In that case, it is better to just not use my vocals at all. For those who want to take the risk, please ft. eSoreni and do not use commercially. There are instructions on my website to find out how to conveniently use my acapella commercially. Details: I used the following bass chords Cm Dm Gm Gm 4/4 Vocal keys D C A# C C A# A G A# A G A A# Thanks and sorry for being so picky.
Description : new song heres mine
Description : This acapella is called "The best days" and I am hoping for a simple mix. I was inspired by this track because of its simplicity but yet awesomeness. No pressure gals/guys! Please ft. eSoreni. Not for commercial use. Vocals are raw.I've tried a slightly different vocal style. Hope it is not too awful :D Chords used: Gm D7 Bb F Gm D7 Bb F Beginning Vocal keys D C A# D C C D D D C A# F
Description : another freestyle song I put together heres my version
Description : party type song heres my version
Description : Spoken word Not sure what title to give. I will let you decide. Please ft. eSoreni For raw vocals please contact me. For commercial use please email me or visit my website for more details.
Description : Original acapella by Shamoozey called 'Under The Mistletoe'. Acapella 120 BPM. A Christmas heart-breaking schmoozer! Suit many genres. This is the dry version, put the kettle on and wet it yourself! As always, ft. Shamoozey in your remix title. Contact Shamoozey for commercial use of this acapella and all Shamoozey vocals. Thanks!
Description : quick song I put together. heres my link
Description : Please ft. eSoreni. For commercial use, please visit my website for details.
Description : This acapella is called "Dosage." Just was having fun. Please ft. eSoreni. This is for non commercial use.
Description : The title of this acapella is called "Storm." There is an actual storm heading to where I live and I took a chance to record this quick vocal while I wait. Please ft. eSoreni. Chords used: G Bm G Bm G Bm G Bm G Bm G Bm Em Bm Em Bm Em Bm Em Bm D Em D Em Vocal notes: I'm crippled.... B B B A B B B B B B D B B A B B B B C# B B A B In the Storm D F# G E B D F# G
Description : 'Deep Down'. Original acapella by Shamoozey. 122bpm Key AM. Suit Deep House genre and more... Ft. Shamoozey in your 'title' remix. For commercial use of this acapella please get in touch!
Description : 'We Got The Sound' 122bpm. Key Aminor. Suit many genres! As always, credit Shamoozey in your 'title' remix and get in touch for all Shamoozey vocal sales.
Description : 'Who I Am'. 122bpm. Original soothily boomba acapella by Shamoozey. As always, feat Shamoozey in your 'title' remix. Get in touch for commercial sale of this acapella.
Description : 'Don't Stay Too Long'. 122bpm. Key of Am. Don't forget to wear your overcoat! As always, please (feat. Shamoozey) in your 'title' remix. Ta ta and have a nice day!!
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