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Description : hello I'm posting your projects with my voice on soundcloud join Years send me the link of your music with my voice on soundcloud.
Description : hello friends I'm happy to be using my voice in their projects. let Me your link to see I do not let put ft.José Erthal
Description : my bad heres the vocal and heres the song
Description : Predestination Manifestation Spiritual spoken word vocals fused with future house music.
Description : This one might suit 'deep house' genre. BPM 123. Played in Aminor but any key will do. If you use 'commercially' please get in touch, otherwise have fun dissecting the great Shamoozey.
Description : house maybe trap
Description : house or trap
Description : You've got the choice. Take (only) what you need. Feat. Igor Pose
Description : If your heart does the same, that's for you. Ft. Igor Pose
Description : Gotta fake it to make it, another original by the great Shamoozey. Hands up, who ever faked it. The BPM 120. Not sure of the key, as it was winged. Please be so kind and get in touch if you want to use 'commercially', otherwise have fun and 'feat' Shamoozey in title, or i will find you.
Description : Ft. Igor Pose. Being proud of the result, don't hesitate to present it to me.
Description : house
Description : house or trap
Description : house or trap
Description : a good story and motivator
Description : i made this for the club
Description : something for the club its still rough and can use some polishing up. So if youre interested in this song I can polish it up to higher standards or you may like it as is. Anyhow, enjoy this song.
Description : Ft. Igor Pose
Description : its time
Description : a verse for my previous acapella
Description : delay
Description : back and forth
Description : somethin to party to
Description : this will go with deep house but it would sound dope on a trap beat too.
Description : Shamoozey is looking for "sugga momma" and a Carribean Breeze Down in Belize. BPM 123. Might suit Deep House, i dunno! I done a rough version here so you can hear the Key.
Acapellas 1 - 25 of 146
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