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Description : Made a beat and recorded something. Decided to upload it and give you guys a try with it since I get stuck on this one. Have fun!
Description : light it up party time !
Description : who is better batman or superman ?
Description : Requested by PyxXed if you would like to make a request please tell me what you want and how you want it in the comments and i will try my best to do it and will try to post it ASAP. you can use this how ever you please :)
Description : Another vocal idea. If you can use just credit me, thanks.
Description : P is for people, A is for alcohol, R is for raving raving raving, T is for total mayhem in the club, Y is for you yes you Lets party !
Description : Pick up the full version here
Description : Track I recorded in 2013. Take parts of it into your songs or remix it and use the #jodieehart tag on soundcloud so I can give it a listen. Remember, this is NOT YOUR original material. So please respect my music and use the "Feat Jodiee Hart" tag in your songs.
Description : Its the fireman time to out this fire !
Description : I can never finish a full a track. So here a basic hook.
Description : Here is something else. Just the chorus I could never come up with any verses for it. Enjoy!
Description : A simple hook I did back in 2012.
Description : Just an old hook I found laying around. I will posting up old un-finshed songs soon, since I never really post any more.
Description : This is an acapella from Angela Flemming Debut Ep Feel free to remix and send us a copy.
Description : just a short idea !
Description : Have no fear the car wash man is here !
Description : the girls dem hero
Description : Description : This is the vocal track of my song "Hot Night", a Japanese-language (J-pop) dance track that was released under the stage name "kevn". Feel free to use it in any of your projects as long as you don't use it for any commercial purposes and you credit me. © kevn 2014. Please, if you use the track show me how it came out! (^_^)b
Description : This is an acapella for a collaboration with MSoundTech. You can remix/use the acapella as long as my name is attach to it. Make sure to tag me on my Soundcloud if you upload your sound there. And make sure to write "ft. Mac Jaiyod" in the title. :) This is not for a commercial use since it's a non-commercial collaboration. Thanks guys and have fun producing. :)
Description : accapella
Description : Just a crazy drinking track one more round
Description : femelle back vocals
Description : Beast Mode is another EDM Acapella that I wrote for fun. I think this one really has potential! If you use it you must comment the link! There are multiple takes of the verse and the chorus on this clip. AS well as some random vocal cues. So there is plenty to play with!
Description : Brand New Soukos/Makossa Acapella written and produced by Tha Suspect. contact for COMMERCIAL REMIXES ONLY
Description : what happens in vegas stays in vegas !
Acapellas 1 - 25 of 290
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