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Description : booty song bounce vibe
Tags : 127 bpm | Dance | 1.29 MB | Male | Singing
Description : 'Party in the Everglades' 127 BPM. Original acapella by Shamoozey. Get in touch if by chance you use this acapella with your music for commercial purposes. Meanwhile, please ft. Shamoozey in your title remix. Thanks!
Description : Brand New Acapella. Property of anyHow Records. for business enquiries email
Description : Just a happy vibe!
Description : An original 'Oooh Ahh' with a down n dirty 122bpm by the great Shamoozey Raw! No effects. Perfect for DJs and the dance floor genres. Splick it n Mick it. As always get in touch for 'commercial' use of this acapella and please (Ft. Shamoozey) in your 'title' REMIX.
Tags : 46 bpm | Dance | 1.31 MB | Male | Singing
Description : Random lil song I came up with.. Be sure to use (Ft. CHIS) in the title and comment any tracks you use this in below :)
Tags : 140 bpm | Dance | 1.03 MB | Male | Singing
Description : Indie/ Popish acapella great for any mixes avalible, Pleace contact me if used.
Description : Funky Techno Powerful Inspirational Soul and Spoken Word! You'll have a blast with this song because "You Got Da Power".
Description : Uptempo Hip House track. Postive and motivational vocals by Kamal Imani Check tempo
Description : Hip House Lyrics originally intended for dance music. Slow tempo Check tempo Kamal Imani
Description : You will have fun with this one! Spoken word intended for use with house music. Background music noise Check the tempo
Description : Electronic vocal. Chords G D D D A D D D G G G G D D Bm A D. Please credit me and send me links to finished tracks. If you want to use this acapella for a commercial release you will need to contact me.
Description : GENRE: Pop, EDM, trap, hip hop For Free use name must be "Michael Mayo- Goodbye (Remixed By YOURNAMEHERE)" That is the format for all my songs. Second, the original can be found here: HERE ARE CURRENT TOP TEN REMIXES: **I WANNA SEE YOU ON THIS LIST TOO! Additionally Download stem: *** BY DOWNLOADING STEMS YOU AGREE TO ONLY USE IT FOR THIS SONG REMIXING PURPOSES AND YOU ACCEPT LEGAL ACTION*** (People on my mailing list skip right to the download page!) join here * YOU WILL NEVER BE SPAMMED AND CAN ALWAYS UNSUBSCRIBE IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT!*
Tags : 140 bpm | Dance | 1.35 MB | Male | Singing
Description : Raw Rock/R&B/Funkish Track Fit for any mix. Contact if used.
Tags : 127 bpm | Dance | 1.13 MB | Male | Singing
Description : 'Buiochas Le Dia' 127bpm. Feat Shamoozey in your title remixes and get in touch for commercial exploration of this acapella and all Shamoozey vox........ FYI, the Gaelic translation means: How are you, I am fine, 'thanks be to God'= (Buiochas Le Dia) That's your Gaelic lesson for today! woo-hooo!
Tags : 140 bpm | Dance | 1.81 MB | Male | Singing
Description : A rock/expeirimental/indie pop'ish fit for any mix. Please contact me if used.
Description : Electronic vocal. Please credit me and send me links to finished tracks
Tags : 127 bpm | Dance | 1.14 MB | Male | Rapping
Description : 'auld lang syne'. BPM 127. A classic narrated by Shamoozey. Suit various genres. Please feat. Shamoozey in your title remix.
Description : Another Shamoozey original acapella 'Blast Off' in the weird genre. Please feat. Shamoozey in your title remix.
Description : A powerful layered and vocoded track fit for any mix. Contact me if used.
Description : An alternative/indie pop'ish fit for any mix. Please contact me if used.
Description : Layered vocoded track fit for any mix. Pkease contact me if used.
Description : fun pella summer vibes!!
Description : Free to use for NON-commercial projects (no selling!). Don't put 'Original' in your title and please give me credits in the title (Ft. Sehya). If you are interested in commercial usage -> contact me. Key: Bb Major Bpm: 128
Description : a freestyle song I made to my EDM beat. I would say it fits well for my song; . Hopefully, it fits just as good in your song, peace.
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