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Description : Dry vocal acapella of "All You Got" without the effects. Short, upbeat acapella. Good for dance or club beat. 85bpm. Please say "feat. Stacy Robinson" in track title. I would LOVE to hear anything you come up with using this, so please send me a link! Hope you like it! :)
Description : This is another my contribution , I hope you like it, if someone do some production with her, would like to hear . add FEAT - HROSS . and send me the link so you can ouvrir or by email hugs.
Description : An upbeat acapella. Good for a dance or club beat. Please say "feat. Stacy Robinson" in the song title. Also, please send me a link of anything you make with this! I would LOVE to hear it!!! :) Hope you like it! :)
Description : Vocals by EMPOP
Description : Spoken by EMPOP
Description : Lyrics by EMPOP
Description : Lyrics by EMPOP
Description : Lyrics by EMPOP
Description : Hype party track !
Description : Please credit all Remixes to Kronstudios and Angela Flemming. Non Commercial use only. For commercial license contact Listen to original version here: If you use the vocal in your project we ask that you leave a review at the iTunes page below. Thank You
Description : here is an acapella if you are going to do a project on it you have to have (Feat.Noemi) Thank you. Add your link id love to check em out
Description : Here's a groovy hook ;) Please post the link in the comments section so I can check it out. Thanks :D **Please write "Feat. Farisha"** Come on guys, I'm posting it for free, anyone can use it. I'm not asking for much, but for god's sake please at least mention my name for credit :P
Description : Hey guys so this is just the chorus of a song I sung and made up,I personally think it would sound best in a Dance type of genre but you an use it for whatever you like. Just please make sure to credit me if using by saying (ft. Anthony Delpiano). Thanks enjoy!
Description : if you smoke in bed your gonna get burn
Description : This is the vocal track of my song "nebula", a Japanese-language (J-pop) dance ballad that was released under the stage name "kevn". Feel free to use it in any of your projects as long as you don't use it for any commercial purposes and you credit me. Please, if you use the track show me how it came out! (^_^)b © kevn 2014 Original song:
Description : You can use the acapella as long as my name is attach to it. Make sure to tag me on my Soundcloud if you upload your sound there. And make sure to write "ft. Mac Jaiyod" in the title. :) For commercial release please contact me ( Thanks guys and have fun producing. :) Please leave a link here so I can hear it too.
Description : Made a beat and recorded something. Decided to upload it and give you guys a try with it since I get stuck on this one. Have fun!
Description : light it up party time !
Description : who is better batman or superman ?
Description : Requested by PyxXed if you would like to make a request please tell me what you want and how you want it in the comments and i will try my best to do it and will try to post it ASAP. you can use this how ever you please :)
Description : Another vocal idea. If you can use just credit me, thanks.
Description : P is for people, A is for alcohol, R is for raving raving raving, T is for total mayhem in the club, Y is for you yes you Lets party !
Description : Pick up the full version here
Description : Track I recorded in 2013. Take parts of it into your songs or remix it and use the #jodieehart tag on soundcloud so I can give it a listen. Remember, this is NOT YOUR original material. So please respect my music and use the "Feat Jodiee Hart" tag in your songs.
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