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Description : acapella a homy one
Description : that's the acapella I've used in my track "Titan" you can use it in your tracks if you want ;)
Description : Acapella - about spring and love - and the ocean stream
Description : It is a lyrical sad acapella. Starts with mi bemol
Description : Shakespeare Quotes by the great Shamoozey
Description : made with love
Description : kiss from a rose
Description : Hunter's Kiss acapella
Description : When somebody looses a person he loved - thus he sings... One more thing - the first stressed note falls on the syllable "sun" in the word "Sunshine" o-o-o-sUnshine o-o-o-mOOnlight - hear my cAlling you sEE- (etc.)but in the refrain: lEt the grIeve bE- plEase, forgIve mE The rhythm is 4/4. The furst treole is out of stress
Description : A vocal in russian about the first rain in spring
Description : Since you guys seemed to like my last choir-esque acapella, here's a tune I composed a while ago. Hopefully some of you can use it and make it sound good :D Please post the link in the comments section so I can check it out. Thanks :D **Please write "Feat. Farisha"** Come on guys, I'm posting it for free, anyone can use it. I'm not asking for much, but for god's sake please at least mention my name for credit :P
Description : I think i have improve :)
Description : Made with love :)
Description : This song is About every one battling with cancer or who lost some one close to the battle of cancer
Description : UPDATE 8.17.11 - This a cappella is no longer available for download.
Description : I recorded this to go along with a compliation video I made for my cat. She died this year and I had her in mind when I sang this song. (I took out the reverb so i recomend adding some for my voice to sound descent)
Description : Sargam Paltey.
Description : Just a line i improvised i mainly sing classical music.. So if you want anything classical just ask hope you like
Description : It's the opening line to a song called Jubilate deo i loved it so i harmonized with myself
Description : First round is just melody. Second round is with harmony. Third round sounds like a voodoo chant (woohoo! lol). Final round is a softer, almost whispered version of the melody. Sung in C minor. One of my favourite Nursery rhymes ever. This was what made me fall in love with the Middle Ages, back when I was just 6 years old!
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